Title: What Goes Around

Rating: Very Adult

Pairings: Harry / Draco (of course)

Warnings: Oh boy. M/M, abuse, forced, noncon, slavery, D/s, anal, oral, dark harry (kind of) , bad language, some oocness, some AU, currently complete, and requires an open mind because it sure as heck isn't gonna be complaint… see author note* If you find errors / name spellings, etc please let me know and I'll be happy to correct them. : )

I'll clarify a bit, I'm always over cautious with warnings because I don't want anyone offended. The forced/rape part is not Harry and Draco (the graphic sex parts are Harry and Draco) , the abuse part is Harry and Draco (and some abuse at the hands of others). Stick with me though, you'll see. : )

Also blatant disregard for cannon character heights. My Draco is ALWAYS short.

Author's Note: Okay… so here is the deal with this story. It is on and off compliant with the books/movies for a very good reason… I've written this story over 10 years. It will not be compliant with the way the books end and I'll be taking my liberties with the characters. Lastly, Harry seems very OOC towards the beginning but there is a reason, ya just gotta trust me. Happy reading!

Summary: Everything happens exactly as it's meant to, even when it's hard to see, even when everything seems out of control. For Draco things are not looking up.

The decision was made in a simple room with white walls, but there was no time to dwell on it. There were plans to be made, situations to be created and circumstances to be arranged.

"Father?" There was a long pause as Draco set down his bag and looked around the front room of the mansion. He wasn't happy, his father had obviously forgotten that he was coming home and had not picked him up at the train station. He had to take the filthy knight bus home and his father would buy him something expense to make up for it.

He stamped his foot, his voice rising, "Father!" Still nothing. An uneasy feeling was starting to rise in him, a house elf at least should have greeted him at the door. He left his bag where he dropped it and moved further into the house, looking for any sign of his father or mother.

"Mother? Father didn't pick me up!" He stopped moving, realizing there was no sound anywhere else in the mansion. He cleared his throat, "Uh, house elves?" When none appeared he realized that something was very wrong.

He broke into a sprint heading for his father's bedroom, somewhere that he was rarely allowed to go, but he had a sinking feeling that it wouldn't matter anymore. He reached the room and flung open the door, his jaw dropping.

The closet door swung open revealing that though some clothes remained many had been taken. There was no jewelry on the dresser, everything worth anything in the room was gone. He raced from it to the adjoining room, his mother's. It was in the same state as the previous – most of the clothes gone as well as everything that would be worth anything.

He moved to the hallway and sat down hard, not caring when his head thunked against the wall. They were gone. He didn't know why they had fled, though he had a good idea. They must have been found out by the Ministry and fled rather than be caught. Something as simple as taking along their only son wouldn't have crossed their minds in their panic to save their own skin.

He started when he suddenly heard a crashing sound from down the stairs and his eyes widened. It couldn't be the Aurors, they should have already been through the house, even if they hadn't... what were the chances that they would arrive as soon as he got home?

He didn't bother to hide, or even to stand up. He just sat on the floor and waited for them to find him, he really didn't have a reason to run. He may have been considered by and large a junior death eater but he had never actually used dark magic. He was surprised when, after he was spotted, he was suddenly surrounded by at least three Aurors all pointing their wands at him.

He raised an eyebrow at them before pushing to his feet, moving slowly as one of the Aurors twitched a little. He would hate to get hexed because someone was a little jumpy. One moved forward, obviously in charge and quickly started speaking, "Draco Malfoy, you are under arrest for the use of dark magic, for use of 3 separate unforgivables and for the possession of materials used in dark arts."

"Wh-what?" That was an official arrest, but he had never used an unforgivable before. He put up his hands, not sure of what he was gonna do but rushed to speak as the twitchy Auror moved his arm up quickly.

"Freeze! Don't move Malfoy, we will not hesitate to use magic to bind you. Hand over your wand."

He looked at the leader again, and with a snort of laughter realized that it was one of the Weasleys though he couldn't recall exactly which one. He looked him up and down before answering, "I don't have it, it's in my bag."

Weasley nodded towards the stairs, "Go make sure." Two of them left, heading to check his bag and Weasley faced him. "Put out your hands."

He incredulously watched the muggle handcuffs go around his wrists and looked up with a grimace on his face, "Why couldn't you just bind me?"

The remaining Auror sneered at him, "I like these better, are they too much for your delicate little wrists?"

"Lorenz. Knock it off."

They returned with his wand and he watched impassively as they held it, preparing to check it for the use of he unforgivables they had accused him of. He grinned, "I haven't done anything Weasel, just wait till my father hears about this violation." The words came without thinking and he was surprised by the sudden laughter around him.

"Where do you think we found out about your activities Draco? Before your father cowardly disappeared into hiding he sent a letter placing all the dark magic in this house on you."

"What?... but..."

He didn't have time to respond to that as they held up his wand glowing red, showing that unforgivables had been committed using it. He didn't understand, he always had his wand with him and the only other person that he would allow to use it was... his father.

He barely paid attention as they led him out of the mansion and apparated to what appeared to be a detention center.