Draco slowly opened his eyes, not sure what had woke him up. It had been several weeks since Voldemort's death, several weeks to get everything worked out. He had his restrictions lifted, more on Harry's say so than the Ministry. At that point they would have given him anything he wanted, there had practically been dancing in the streets when the news of Voldemort's final demise had gotten out.

Oddly no one had been able to find his parents, and if the stories they were told by the captured death eaters were true, his parents had fled their manor after learning of Draco's death. Perhaps it has been a ploy by Dumbledore, or perhaps the death eaters were lying, but Draco couldn't deny the small bit of hope that maybe his parents hadn't really abandoned him. He was sure if that was the case they would eventually show up, and even if they didn't, he didn't think it hurt anything to believe they had never really meant to leave him behind.

It was comforting to have his wand back, and he found that when he did spells he could actually tap into Harry's power through the bond, if Harry allowed it, and it gave his magic a jolt that he never would have had on his own. Though he had wanted to give a few good ass kickings out when he was allowed to fight again, he had learned a little better how to get along in the last couple months. Though he had punched Ron in the nose, just once. Never mind that the red head had just laughed at the glancing blow, he had gotten his point across.

Back to what had woke him up, he glanced around and groaned as he saw Harry sitting on the bed, nearly bouncing. He was much too cheerful in the morning. "Go away Harry." He pulled the blanket over his head, hoping the other would leave him alone and that he could go back to sleep.

The blanket was yanked down again though, and Harry was clambering over him until he laid on top of him, kissing Draco's nose. "Nope. Time to get up. I have something special for you."

That got his interest and he grudgingly sat up, pushing Harry off him. "What is it? Something expensive I hope."

That made Harry smile as he grabbed Draco's hand and pulled the other boy out of the bed. "Of course. Now get your butt moving and get dressed. I can't do this here."

He wanted to ask more questions but Harry pointed towards the bathroom, "No more questions. Shower and dress. Meet me downstairs." Though he could have pushed it, an order was an order and the bond perked up a little, suggesting Draco should follow it. He rolled his eyes at Harry but did as he was told.

He didn't know what Harry was planning, the other boy was always full of surprises. He wondered if Harry remembered they were supposed to meet Blaise, Goyle and Crabbe after lunch to discuss a few things. All was not peaceful in the world, even now, and Harry was not willing to give up his army as he fought with the ministry over policy and war criminals.

When he headed downstairs Harry was nowhere to be seen, the common room nearly empty except for Ron playing Seamus at a game of wizard's chess. He wordlessly sat on the couch next to Ron, curling his leg underneath. Some things were still on the heal, and most days he was still timid around other people and he tended to stick to those that he knew would protect him, Ron being the first person he went to when Harry wasn't around.

Ron glanced over at him, smiling, "Any idea why Harry practically floated through the room when he came down?"

"No, he said he had something special for me. Was nearly bouncing off the walls upstairs."

Ron almost looked startled as he gave Draco his full attention. "He told you he has something for you, did he? About damn time."

"You know what he has?"

"I'm not going to ruin his surprise."

He shoved Ron, "I hope you lose."

Seamus was frowning as he glanced up, "Not likely to happen."

At that moment Harry came into the room, yanking Draco off the couch and spinning him around, making him blush. Harry had been like that since Voldemort had been destroyed, excitable and playful, making Draco wonder if part of Voldemort's darkness had always lodged itself in Harry. "Put me down!" He was blushing as the other did just that, pulling him into a deep kiss.

Ron made a gagging sound from the couch, "Take that elsewhere. Manly game of wizards chess going on over here. Don't need to see that."

"We're going, we're going." Harry grabbed Draco's hand, pulling him out of the room and through the castle, nearly dragging the smaller boy.

"Harry slow down, will ya? I can't keep up."

"I'm sorry, I'm just excited."

Draco couldn't help but smile at the carefree look on Harry's face. It was nice to see. Harry led them outside, casting a wandless warming spell to put off the cold breeze. He stopped once they were a good way from the castle, near the lake. "Alright Harry, what is this about? Why do we need to be outside?"

"I just wanted to get away from everyone for a little while." He sat down, pulling Draco to the ground with him. "I don't really know how to go about this, so I'm just gonna plow right through, okay?"

"Like that is any different than how you always are."

Harry smiled and reached up, and Draco nearly gasped when he pulled off the collar around his neck. He reached out and grabbed his wrist, "Harry, you know you can't do that."

"Shhh, I would think by now you know I can do anything I want. I did some research on exactly how you need to be marked."

"I know you can do whatever you want, but unless you plan on burning a brand on-"

Before he could finish his sentence Harry was holding out a plain platinum ring, stopping Draco in his tracks. "I thought you could wear this instead."

Draco's breath caught in his throat, "Oh, Harry."

He met Draco's eyes, timidly reaching into his other pocket with his other hand, pulling out an identical ring. He put them in one hand and held Draco's up so he could see it, "It still says property of Harry Potter but… I thought, I thought that I could wear this one." He held that one up and smiled, "See, this one says property of Draco Malfoy, that way… that way we can belong to each other." When Draco didn't answer he looked nervous, "I checked the books and I checked with the Ministry about bond laws, they said as long as I do a spell to make sure they can't be taken off without a counter spell, they satisfy the requirement. If you… If you don't want to wear it…"

"Of course I will wear it Harry! I'm just… you do know what rings usually mean, don't you?"

Harry grinned at him, sliding the ring on Draco's finger, a quick spell making it permanent before letting Draco slide his on his own finger. He pulled him into a long kiss before pulling back, "Yeah, I know. I love you Draco, and I plan to for a very, very long time."

Author's Note: Well… that's all that there is folks. This story… this story that I've been idly working on for 10 years and here you go. The closer it got to the end the more I panicked but … this is my story, the way that I saw it, mostly unapologetically. :-) It's terrifying to mark it complete and I hope you have all enjoyed it and I didn't let you down.