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The End of It All and the Beginning

Something called to her and she knew what it was, the Cronus Stone itself, but how to find it she still knew not. But suddenly she found that it had come to her. She a Goddess who had forsaken her immortality to live among mortals was still considered worthy to have such a divine piece of the earth come to her. Amaryllis could only stare at the immense stone that pulsed with a sort of power only the Gods knew.

With all her strength and that of her family and friends, she pours all of it into the stone and all were blinded by the immense power that resonated through their very being.

It took them all a long time to comprehend what had occurred and as soon as they knew, they forgot.

Amaryllis had altered time itself.

Nemesis and her followers never had the chance to rise, when suspicions of their usurption was discovered, Zeus demanded a trial and Nemesis was found guilty. She and those loyal to her were thrown and locked away into the deepest pits of Tartarus, never again to see the worlds above. Achilles, Patroclus, Hector, and all those who died in the Trojan War never did, Amaryllis took care of that, as well. The war happened, but a change of allegiance divided the loyalties among Agamemnon's armies and force the king to surrender and oblige to a renewed treaty with Troy. Mynes was found and answered for his crimes against Lyrnessus and Briseus' family. Peace is settled in the Aegean and among the Gods on Olympus all because of Amaryll- Amara, daughter of Athena and Dionysus, who gave up was her mortality and life with her love, Damon, for time to be altered.

Now, she stands upon Olympus, looking down and watching the mortals she had befriended when she was mortal, but that was a time that did not even technically exist any longer. And since that time didn't exist, no one but the Gods remembered. Amara feels a hand on her shoulder. Turning she sees her mother's beautiful and wise gray eyes.

"You made the right choice," Athena tells her child.

Offering a melancholy smile, Amara answers, "I know."

Until all the skies turn dark, they stand there and observe the world below theirs, and when the sun is swept away, the two Goddesses turn away.

For many years, the kingdoms of the Aegean thrived.

Agamemnon conquered more lands, but those who are of the Asia Minor are left alone due to their standing of being under Troy's protection. He died knowing that, in a way, he did conquer the entirety of the Aegean. His son Nicodemus would ascend the throne after him, but his reign would not last long, due to his wife's anger for his sacrificing of their child.

Clytemnestra would finally get her revenge with Agamemnon gone and with her lover, she becomes high queen.

Odysseus returned to beautiful Penelope and ruled Ithaca while raising their son and heir while awaiting the children that would come later.

Five years after the end of the Trojan War, King Priam passed, soon followed by his wife, his brother, and his sister-in-law. Hector was crowned king and Andromache, his fair queen.

Damon, who was never lost since no great Queen of Athens claimed his heart, had returned to Troy before the war. And now he stands as commander of the armies of Troy, refusing to marry, while he knew someone already held his heart. Despite everyone else forgetting the world before, the prince did not. His connection with his Amaryllis was too strong and so he waits until the day he may be with her once more.

Melanon and Pramadas would reclaim Salamis as their kingdom. Being the sons of Briseus, by birthright it belonged to them since King Ajax declared no heir of his own before his death. Melanon was crowned king and he took Deidamia, Princess of Skyros as his bride.

Young Patroclus took the Lady Iphis to wife, unable to resist her delicate beauty at first sight.

The renewed Princess of Arcadia, Atalanta, claimed Pramadas as her husband he was made king after King Iasus passed.

The other sons of Briseus traveled throughout the Aegean finding riches, adventures, passing fancies, and finally their own places that they would call home.

Briseis was chosen by Achilles to be his bride. As much as she despised the thought, she relented when Hector convinced her that the union would do well for Troy and later she will find that she would never have chosen a different husband.


The prince whorls around to the sight of a beautiful with emerald green eyes with gray petals and long black hair touched with blue. The only woman who could have such features, the only woman he knew who could look so beautiful and feel so unearthly.


She smiles, "You remember everything." It is a statement not a question.

"How could I not?" He demands rather tersely.

The Goddess purses her lips. "Do you want to?"

"Never," and he emphasizes. "I would rather know you and be apart from you, than not know you at all, Amara."

She flinches slightly. "You shouldn-"

"Call you that I know," he finishes. "But you are not the great Queen of Athens, you are the Goddess of the Stars and fate, I should address you as such. Even if I would degrade you to be the former just to have you with me."

Her eyes are suddenly piercing. "Would you leave Troy behind, knowing that it would be safe, to come to me?"

"If it is possible-"

"It is." She answers immediately.

His tone is vehement and certain. "Then gladly."

The last thing he sees is her bright smile. The next thing he knows, is that he is standing amongst the clouds on what could only be Olympus. Damon feels a hand slip into his. "Welcome home," Amara's musical voice sounds in his ear. He smiles down at her.

From now on, it is not Prince Damon of Troy and Goddess Amara of Olympus, they would be Amara and her husband, the immortalized Damon.

He stood on the path leading towards the ruins, looking around, hoping to catch a glimpse of his family. And just at the point where the sun's rays shined down, Briseis stood. She seemed to feel his gaze on her back as she turned around and looked at him, a loving smile spread across her face.

Her long hair caught in the wind and her blue gown billowed around her tanned legs. He ran towards her and she met him halfway.

"Welcome home," she said adoringly and he leaned down and kissed her, running his hands through her dark luscious tresses savoring this moment for he had missed her greatly.

"Father," Achilles almost jumped in surprise, as a child with brown hair and dark blue eyes came from behind the stone pillar. "You are home, did you bring me anything?" The boy asked eagerly, his eyes wide with expectance.

"Is that anyway to speak to your father when he returns home?" Briseis crossed her hands in front of her, but her warrior only laughed at his son.

He picked the child up in his strong arms and pulled out a pale gold necklace. "I brought you this."

The child pouted, "I'm not a girl father, why would I want jewelry? That's for little girls."

Achilles started to laugh at his child's mirthful attempt at maturity. "Alright, I'll tell you the truth, this is for Iris, but I want it to be a surprise so it'll be our secret." The little boy nodded furiously and his father grinned and set him down. "I got you this," Achilles removed a dagger from his belt and gave it to his son. "You need to learn how to use it to protect your family if ever your parents are not here to help you." The boy handled the blade as though it was going to break, both parents smiled at his naivety.

"Besides, you already have a gift from your father, Achayus," Briseis added, "a new younger sibling." Achilles gaped as his wife gazed back while biting her lip.

"You must be kidding me?" He grabbed her waist and lifted her into the air, spinning both of them as she laughed with glee. "You aren't playing with me are you?" She shook her head and he kissed her passionately.

When they broke apart, she stared at his face. "I am sure, after four children I think I can tell when I bear another."

"I hope it's a boy this time." Achayus voiced. "Having another brother will be more fun than a sister, girls are boring." He finished resolutely.

"They get less and less boring as you grow." Briseis hit her husband playfully at the comment.

"Don't say things like that, he's only a child." She scolded.

"I'm not a child; I'm the greatest warrior in all of Greece." He swung the blade dangerously close to his parents.

Briseis sighed softly and took a step back, knowing full well where Achayus' attitude came from, while Achilles stopped his son. "Not yet you're not, but someday the world will be yours." He repositioned the dagger in his son's hand. "Someday our boundless love for you will make you famous beyond your wildest dreams, Achayus, Prince of Phthia." The little boy grinned and walked away to show his siblings his new possession, a potentially very dangerous act.

"I thought you said you would love me forever." Briseis said feigning hurt as her husband wrapped his arms around her waist. Achilles laughed quietly as he shook his head. "Of course, I'd love you forever and all eternity, how could I not?" The power of those words shocked them both for a moment, but after recovering Briseis smiled at him and broke his embrace to run after their son. She turned and began to walk backwards smiling at him the entire time. "You couldn't because that is the way I love you," she replied proudly. He grinned and ran to her and pulled her close, refusing to let her go as they kissed passionately.

And this, the Aegean's Age of Peace would reign for many years to come... For this was not only an end, but the beginning.

Author's Note: Once more, my sincere apologies. I really did want to finish this story, but lack of time and interest overtook me, so I hope this a satisfactory ending. Thanks for reading and hopefully forgiving me.