A/N: This is for a GKM prompt:

'Sebastian wants to be Blaine's dom, but Blaine and Kurt are a package deal. He acts indifferent towards Kurt until he realizes it's been hurting him, and that Kurt isn't a threat to him and Blaine, and starts to love them both equally.'

Warnings: d/s, polyamorous, h/c

This story is Sebastian/Blaine/Kurt set in an AU D/S world.

Chapter One

Blaine sat at the Lima Bean, nose buried in a novel and half a cup of coffee sitting cold and abandoned on the table by him. He had been there for several hours, but as it hadn't been busy, the staff saw no reason to bother such a good customer. Someone else had no such qualms.

"What's could be so good in that book, that it would encourage you to hide that pretty face?"

Blaine looked up and saw a blonde man had slid into the chair opposite. He beamed at him and held up the book.

"Just something my friend recommended. I'm Blaine,"

Blaine held out his hand.

"Sebastian, charmed," the blonde slipped his hand into Blaine's and gave him a sexy smirk.

Blaine returned it with a wide grin of his own and put the book down on the table.

"...we sat there talking for hours about everything you could possible think of. We have so much in common. I wish you could've met him Kurt, he was -"

"Amazing?" asked Kurt smiling down at Blaine.

Blaine looked up from his position lying on Kurt's lap and bit his lip.

"I haven't been talking about him too much have I?"

Kurt shook his head and laughed, running his fingers through Blaine's hair reassuringly.

"No, of course not. I'm just afraid he's going to steal

you away from me. Where would I be if you two ran away together?"

Blaine laughed reaching up and running his fingers down Kurt's cheek.

"Never. You know I couldn't leave you, we'll just have to find someone who will take us both otherwise I'd

never look at them twice. Anyway, Sebastian isn't interested in me like that, he was just being friendly. He never even mentioned seeing me again,"

"I bet you anything he'll call by the end of the night to make plans,"

"Anything?" Grinned Blaine slyly, "How about a back massage?"

"You're on," Kurt leaned down and kissed Blaine hard on the mouth.

Sebastian sat staring at the computer, filing all of the information away. Dalton Academy's main page was loaded on the screen.

"Dalton Academy hosts Ohio's largest Submissive training facility. We specialize in multiple partnerships, teaching our Subs how to share responsibilities in their future households..."

Sebastian smiled, this why he had moved to such a lame town, but he'd never thought he would be so lucky as to meet the perfect guy during his first few days here. Blaine was charismatic, smart and funny. Not to mention gorgeous, those eyes, that smile and that body. He just had to convince Blaine that he was the perfect Dom for him and that would start with a phone call.

"...Alright Sebastian, I'll see you then. Bye,"

Blaine hung up the phone, not bothering to look over to where Kurt was sitting on their double bed no doubt with a smug look on his face.

"So got yourself a date, huh?"

Blaine swung around in the desk chair and pulled a face.

"It's not a date. We are just going out for coffee again. I'm telling you he isn't interested in me like that,"

"And I'm telling you that you owe me a back massage,"

"Shirt off and lay down,"

Kurt gleefully unbuttoned his shirt, handing it over to

Blaine to hang up. Blaine came back to the bed and straddled Kurt, running his hands softly up and down Kurt's spine a few times before kneading his shoulders.

"Do you remember what you thought when we first met?" asked Kurt, laying his head down on his folded arms, relaxing beneath Blaine's nimble fingers.

"I was so sure you didn't feel anything for me. You were- are so perfect and I was convinced you wouldn't

even look twice at me. Plus we are both subs, you know the chances of being part of a paired sub group are,"

"How could I look at anyone but you? I was so shy, remember I couldn't even be in the same room as you, let alone talk to you. I'm so lucky to have found you,"

Blaine held himself up so Kurt could flip over beneath him.

"And now you've met Sebastian. Just answer me this, do you like him?"

Blaine looked down biting his lip. Kurt slid their hands together, interlocking their fingers.

"I do. I think he could be really good for us. I can't wait for you to meet him,"

Kurt smiled sweetly.

"If you like him, I'm sure I will too but maybe you should get to know him better first. He might not even want to have two subs, a lot of people can't handle that,"

"Just-just wait until you meet him. I'll talk to him about you tomorrow,"

"Well until then..."

Kurt grabbed the front of Blaine's shirt and pulled him down for a heated make out session.