I've been wanting to write this for a long time. This is the first chapter and I hope that it's okay! Warning: THIS IS A DISABILITY FIC. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, PLEASE DON'T READ! Thanks and happy reading!

Title: pRoBiE

Summary: When Tony and Tim's life takes a sudden turn, it's up to Tony to be there and help keep the pieces together.

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Characters (Main): Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo and Timothy "Tim" McGee

Characters (Secondary; To Come): LJ Gibbs, Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Donald "Ducky" Mallard, and Jimmy Palmer



Anthony DiNozzo looked over from the couch over at Timothy McGee who was contentedly playing by himself on the floor. He hadn't been paying attention to the TV since he and Tim went into the living room after dinner. His mind was running, racing. Ever since the day of the accident.

The case they had been on was just like any other. Some psycho serial killer out for blood because of a family dispute with their dead Naval officer. Tim had been kept in the office for most of the case like normal, but when a lead turned big, Gibbs wanted everyone on board. So Tim came with.

Needless to say, the bullet that pierced his brain was damaging enough. They couldn't repair everything and half of his brain nerves were dead and removed. The tissue was swelling and dying away. Tim was no longer himself. He was now with a mental disability. He could no longer fend for himself.

Tony was devastated more than anyone. A year had passed since they had begun a romantic relationship. Now that was all thrown away. By a bastard and his gun. Yet against Gibbs and the doctors' wishes, he took Tim in for his own to take care of. There was no way he was shoving the man into a facility. No matter how advanced and skilled they were.

Tim now needed help doing daily things. Dressing. Eating. Brushing his teeth. Everything was a steady chore. He wasn't completely helpless, Tony knew that. He just needed help.

The worst part about everything was Tim's random bouts of fits, his playing with toddler toys, and his sometimes incoherent ramblings. Tony found himself frustrated on many occasions but able to keep them aside for the sake of Tim. He would cry everything out later when Tim was out for the count at bedtime.

Tony watched Tim rock slowly as he played with a set of shaped blocks, putting them in the correct slots on a table. Today had been one of Tim's good days. No fits, no struggles, no shouting or screaming from the younger man. Tony liked Tim's good days. It meant he didn't have to worry as much and it was less crying and stress on him. Plus it meant Tim was in a good mood and always smiled a lot more.

"Tony," Tim's soft voice broke through the agent's thoughts and he looked down with a smile.

"Yes, Timmy?"

Tim held out a star block, still rocking slowly. "Help. Can't-can't fit…won't…wont' fit." Tim put on a deep concentrating face and tried fitting the star into the slot. Only he was holding it wrong so it wouldn't fit.

"Okay," Tony smiled and got down on the floor next to him crossing his legs. "Here," he held his hand out and Tim dropped the block into it. "First, hold it like this, okay?" Tony held the star correctly, making sure Tim was watching. "Got it?"

Tim nodded and reached over taking the block from Tony's hand. He held it right and tried sliding it into the slot again. When it went through, Tim's eyes lit up and he gasped in delight. "Worked!" Tim grinned at Tony and clapped happily. He giggled when Tony shared a grin back.

"See? You got it," Tony softly rubbed his back.

Tim grinned and held his head to the side, tangling his fingers together and rocking his hands back and forth. "Tony play," he giggled gleefully.

"You know I love playing with you, Timmy," Tony smiled and picked up a triangle block, sliding it into the right slot. Tim watched and giggled again. The simplest things made Tim happy since the accident and Tony knew just what those things were.

Tim untangled his fingers and leaned forward picking up a block. "Play, too." He dropped it into the right slot and grinned looking at Tony.

Tony grinned back, doing a damn good job of hiding his heartbreak. He picked up a block himself again and put it in the right slot. He watched Tim take his turn and thought about the future a little. About how this was always how it would be. How simple and yet complicated life would get. How much Tim had changed. But at the same time…how much he really hadn't.

Reaching out softly as Tim continued playing, Tony stroked his head where the shot wound was still healing. One little bullet was all it took to change their lives forever. One little bullet was all it took for Tim to take a complete 360 degree turn in his life. Just one little bullet changed him from a successful, grown man into a child-like state of mind.


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