Tumblr is down and I feel on a roll with this story for now, so here's another chapter for all my lovely readers out there enjoying this story!

Title: pRoBiE

Summary: When Tony and Tim's life takes a sudden turn, it's up to Tony to be there and help keep the pieces together.

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Characters (Main): Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo and Timothy "Tim" McGee

Characters (Secondary; To Come): LJ Gibbs, Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Donald "Ducky" Mallard, and Jimmy Palmer



Tim picked pancakes this morning to eat, which was and always will be his favorite. Tony finished making them and put two on a plate for Tim. Once he had the pancakes syruped and buttered, he cut them into small pieces, holding back tears. The memory had done a number on him and cutting up his food like this was just getting to him more and more since the accident.

"Tony," Tim's voice interrupted him again like always and the older man turned with a smile, pushing aside all his feelings.

"Yes, Timmy?"

Tim held up the plain piece of paper he was drawing on and smiled. On it was a almost perfect red heart drawn in crayon with Tony written on it in black crayon with the "N" backwards and the letters in a mix of big and small.

Tony grinned, sliding Tim's plate over to him with a fork. "Very good, Timmy. Is that for me?"

"Yes," Tim grinned, eyes sparkling with pride and happiness that Tony liked his picture. He handed it over to Tony and picked up his fork.

"I'll put it on the fridge," Tony smiled and took the drawing, putting it on the top of the fridge with a plain magnet. "There. Now I'll get to see it everyday."

Tim giggled happily, continuing to eat his pancake. Tony had a good feeling that today was going to be a good day. He was hoping to make it better.


"Timmy!" Abby Sciuto turned when she heard Tim's ecstatic voice behind her and held her arms out for a hug.

Tony smiled as he watched Tim run over to his best friend and give her a big, squeezing hug. Abby grinned giving him a hug back and kissing his cheek. It amazed Tony that no matter what happened, Tim always seemed to recognize Abby as his best friend. It made everything just a little bit easier.

"How are you, honey?" Abby smiled pulling back so she could look at him.

Tim smiled, softly rocked slowly back and forth keeping his fingers laced together. "Good. Good...had pancakes...Tony-Tony made." He looked over at Tony and smiled tilting his head.

"Really? That's great," Abby smiled and waved to Tony. "Hey you."

"Hi," Tony waved and walked over. "Would you mind watching him for me for a second? Boss said he wanted to see me."

"Sure!" Abby grinned. "No problem at all. I would love to."

Tony nodded. "Just keep him calm. Ask him about his day. We did a lot this morning, so he should keep you busy talking your ear off."

"Don't worry," Abby brought a chair over for Tim to sit in. "I know what to do. I've worked with mentally handicapped people before."

"Yeah, but this is Tim," Tony kept his eye on Tim while he spoke, as the young man was walking around aimlessly humming to himself. "It's different."

Abby shrugged also keeping an eye on Tim. "Just a little. Not too much. It's like taking care of a family member. Like being with my deaf parents again. It just takes some time to get used to and deal with. I'm not treating him any different. Just more carefully."

"True," Tony walked over to Tim. "Don't touch, Timmy, okay?" He gently reached over and pulled a glass test tube from his slender fingers. "Remember Abby said don't touch unless ask?"

Tim nodded looking sorry. "Sorry...no touch...Tim won't."

"It's okay, Timmy," Tony smiled taking his hand and walking him back over to Abby. "I'm going upstairs to talk to Gibbs. You remember Gibbs?"

Tim nodded again. "Boss...Gibbs...c-coffee."

"That's right. You're going to stay here with Abby, okay? Tell her about our morning. If you're good, I'll get you some Nutter Butters, okay?" Tony smiled.

Tim's eyes lit up as he sat down beside Abby and grinned. "Nutters!" He hopped in the chair and clapped happily.

"Yeah," Tony grinned. "But only if you're good, remember?"

Tim nodded, then proceeded to look around Abby's lab in interest, tilting his head and lacing his fingers, moving his hands in a slow rocking rhythm. Abby smiled at Tony and picked up her Caf-Pow. "Anything else, Tonyboy?"

"No I think that's all. Just don't give him any of that," Tony pointed to her drink.

Abby gave him a thumbs up and set her cup down. "Go on, everything is under control here. I guarantee you he'll be perfectly alright with me."

"I know he will," Tony smiled and gave her a kiss on the head before heading upstairs. He knew exactly what Gibbs wanted to talk to him about. And he wasn't looking forward to it.