Madara glared at the newly elected Shodai Hokage across the gleaming wood of the brand new desk that was located in the recently completed office which was located in the newly built administration tower/Hokage residence. His younger brother Izuna stood to his left, and Izuna's guide stood next to him. Izuna was only just beginning to get used to being blind, and while he could still fight with the best of them, he needed just a little help with more mundane matters such as finding doors and trees without running into them. As he opened his mouth to speak, Izuna's guide suddenly gasped. He turned to see the young man who was just out of his teens staring at the window in open-mouthed shock.

When he turned to the window, all he could see were a pair of men in animal masks holding a silent conversation. Their body language practically screamed "What the fuck are we supposed to do?". One of the men eventually pulled out a book of some sort and started rapidly leafing through it. Eventually, he found what he was looking for, because he showed it to his companion who turned away from the window and started frantically signalling someone who was apparently elsewhere. A moment later, a third person in an animal mask appeared, shrugged, shook his head, and caused a pair of shutters to grow over the window, which he promptly closed.

A quick look at his least favorite Senju confirmed that the newly elected Hokage had even less of an idea than he did as to what was going on, and wasn't too happy about that fact.

As he and the Senju stood there individually trying to figure out exactly what to do in this situation, the door to the office slammed open. He and his companions whirled as one to face the new threat.

"Naruto!" A slightly frantic looking brown haired man with a scar across his nose who appeared to be in his late twenties to early thirties and was wearing one of the uniforms that the Hokage had recently drawn up sketches for yelled as he dodged a number of kunai. "Are you okay? Your clones at the Academy just dispelled."

The man registered the fact that "Naruto" wasn't present a moment after he'd dodged Izuna's slightly off throw. Izuna was rapidly improving, last week, the kunai he had tossed would have been embedded in the wall a couple feet away from the door.

"Huh? Well this is new." the man muttered as he held up his hands to show that he wasn't armed and wasn't planning on attacking before turning and yelling "Konohamaru! Naruto's messed up another seal!" over his shoulder.

There was a loud groan and some grumbling from the room beyond in response to this statement. A moment later, a young man with a white coat that had been hastily thrown on over a uniform that was nearly identical to the scarred man's walked in carrying a facimile of the damnable Senju's new hat. The man stalked over to the Hokage's desk without looking up, sat down in the Senju's hand carved one-of-a-kind chair with perfect ergonomic back support and propped his feet up on the desk.

"Hello, I'm Sarutobi Konohamaru, acting Hokage of the village of Konoha in which you are currently located until the current Hokage Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto returns. If you'll kindly turn over your...Holy Shit!" the young man said, having started off on what sounded like a rehearsed speech until he finally looked up and realized exactly who was in the room with him.

Senju Hashirama looked torn between being pissed and amazed for some reason as he looked down at the brown haired young man who - now that Madara thought about it - bore something of a slight resemblance to Sarutobi Sasuke that had taken his seat. It possibly had something to do with the fact that the young man had the balls to claim both the Senju's position and the chair that he wouldn't even let his brother so much as breathe on. The rather shocked looking young man did not remain seated for long however, as he fell out of the chair and lay sprawled on the floor for a second before getting up and running for the door.

"Call for the psych team!" the young man yelled out into the anteroom beyond the office. "Naruto brought Sasuke and Madara back from the Dead!"

Madara turned to his brother who had an expression on his face that was undoubtedly identical to his own, an expression that said "What the fuck is going on, and who the hell is Sasuke?"


Senju Tobirama and some random Uchiha who had gone along with Madara and his brother as backup stood out in the corridor waiting for Madara to finish lodging his latest complaint when there was a bright flash from under the closed door. Upon inspection using the Uchiha's Chakra Sensing abilities it was determined that the men inside the room seemed to have vanished and been replaced by one very powerful person. Tobirama and his Uchiha companion raced into the office, fearing what they would find.

Instead of finding a fearsome opponent standing over the dead bodies of the leaders of the Senju and the Uchiha clans, they found that the office had mysteriously been redecorated some time within the last half hour and that its occupants had been replaced by a trio of identical looking men. Rather than the muted tones Tobirama's brother preferred, the office was now painted in a rather bright and cheerful shade of orange, and there were photographs just about everywhere, covering the walls and the parts of the stately old desk that was positioned near the window that weren't covered in paperwork. The three men - two of whom were dressed in identical orange and black coats, with a third matching coat that had the kanji for Sixth Hokage stitched on the back in orange casually thrown to the side near the third man - were absorbed in separate activities, one was tending to the paperwork on the desk, one was writing something on an important looking scroll in a rather sloppy and somewhat childish hand, and the third was poking at a seal that had been painted on the office's hardwood floor and muttering.

"What do you want?" the man with the paperwork asked, not looking up from the document he was perusing "If this is another assassination attempt, I'm going to be having serious words with the guards. Repainting the walls and replacing the rug is costing money we can't afford to be spending right now, considering the fact that the Academy is underfunded."

This, and the authoritative tone that was very similar to that of Hashirama on a bad day brought the Senju and the Uchiha up short. Had what happened been a straightforward attack, they would have immediately known what to do. This however...This had to be some sort of weird Genjutsu, but who would cast it and why?

"Kai!" both men yelled simultaneously as they disrupted their Chakra in an attempt to dispel the Genjutsu and save their respective clansmen. The room remained the same. However, they seemed to have gotten the attention of the man who had been working on the scroll. The man turned to look at them in irritation. His irritation turned to shock a second later. The man then got up and raced over to the window. Whatever he saw outside seemed to further surprise him.

"Boss!" the man called over to the man who was examining the seal.

"Boss!" the man called again - louder this time - upon being ignored.

"Boss!" the man yelled.

The man by the seal continued to ignore the man by the window. The man by the window, sighed, pulled out a kunai, and stabbed himself in the stomach. Instead of falling over and bleeding to death, the man vanished in a cloud of smoke. The head of the man by the seal jerked up sharply, and he whirled around to face the two men.

"Where's my brother?" Tobirama yelled at the man as the Uchiha yelled "Where are Madara-Sama and Izuna-Sama?"

The man blinked at them before doing some rapid calculations.

"About eighty years or so into the future." the man said looking slightly sheepish. "Sorry."

"Eighty..." Tobirama said, feeling as if he were about to fall over. If this was real...

"Don't worry." the man said in a placating tone "We'll get them back just as soon as I figure out what went wrong this time."


Author's Note: I've had this on my computer for a while, and now I finally know what to do with it. Yes, I know about the changes in Canon and have learned the approximate timing of Izuna's death since I wrote it, I'll be disregarding them for this story and for the sake of humor.