"What are you doing?" Uchiha Setsuna asked his younger cousin who was carrying a bunch of Physics textbooks.

"I'm getting a start on the rocket." his cousin replied.

"What rocket?" Setsuna asked.

"Didn't you hear? Madara-sama ordered us to build a Moon rocket, and will kill us if we don't." his cousin said, as he cracked open a book that hadn't been touched in ages since the Uchiha generally had no need for Physics. Most people didn't, but since it was knowledge from before the cataclysm and the near endless wars that had followed, it had been faithfully copied and handed down through the centuries.

"But why does he want a Moon rocket?" Setsuna asked.

"I don't know, he probably hit his head again. You remember what happened the last time, after he fell off that cliff?" his cousin replied.

"Yeah, he was convinced that he was old childhood friends with the Hokage and that Tobirama had killed Izuna. It took him three days to realize that none of that had happened and that Izuna was alive and that what he was seeing wandering about his house wasn't a hallucination." Setsuna said, shuddering at the memory which seemed far more sinister now that he'd started hearing strange rumors around the village.

"So, if he sees that we've at least gotten started on his Moon rocket..." his cousin said, pointing to the Physics books.

"Good idea." he said, snatching up a book which had one of the few existing images of the ancient space rockets that no longer flew on the cover.

Uchiha Reiji groaned in exhaustion as he settled himself outside the hospital room where it looked like his charge Izuna was once again going to sleep til lunchtime in a fit of depression. that had been the third time a nurse had asked him for a semen sample, and rather than following the interesting fantasies that came unbidden because each of the nurses were attractive, each encounter ended with him being led to a small room and handed a cup.

Either someone had forgotten to note on his chart that he'd already given a sample, or...

Holy crap! They were using him to make a passel of Uchiha babies. Madara was not going to like this.

As he stood there desperately trying to figure out how to explain what happened without him getting killed by Madara, the snores stopped and there was some shuffling in the room as Izuna got out of bed. That was his cue to make sure that Izuna didn't fall over in this unfamiliar environment, though that was happening less and less these days as Izuna adapted to his blindness. The early blindfolded combat training that all Uchiha went through as children likely helped with this.

After handing Izuna his clothes and waiting for the other man to dress himself since he wouldn't let him help him do it, he led him to the door, down the hall and out of the building, waving at the receptionist at the front desk as they left.

"Is there anything to eat around here?" Izuna asked.

He winced. He didn't have any money on him, and since they'd just checked out of the hospital, there was no hope of snagging lunch there. He wasn't in the mood to do work in order to get someone else's food today, but it was looking like that was what he would have to do because Madara would kill him if he let Izuna go hungry.

Wandering through the streets of what had started out as a village and then became a small city over the generations since its founding, he tried to find a way out of his predicament. As he was passing a ramen stand, he saw a small sign. Apparently, if you broke the current record for most bowls eaten in one sitting, your meal would be free.

Figuring that there might be a catch somewhere, especially as the person ahead of him had snickered upon spotting the sign, he approached the stand.

"So, what's the record?" he asked, gesturing towards the sign when the owner of the stand greeted him.

"Three-hundred and twelve." the proprietor said with a smile.

"Three-hundred and twelve what?" he asked, thinking he had misheard the man.

"Three-hundred and twelve bowls." the man replied.

Damn, he knew there was a catch.

"Do you need any help in the kitchen?" he asked.

Hashirama sighed as he sifted through the papers that were on the desk, and it seemed it was as he suspected. He'd made a number of wood clones to sort through them since there were too many of them for one person to do alone, and what he and the wood clones found had pissed him off. Apparently, several departments throughout the village had been handing their paperwork to the Hokage rather than doing it themselves.

From what he could see, the Census department had him doing at least half their work, so did the Agriculture department and Supply, and the Konoha Ninja Bank.

"What the hell is this?!" he yelled at the secretary who was bringing in a stack of paperwork that was nearly as tall as he was which was obviously being held together by Chakra.

"What is what sir?" the secretary asked.

"All of this!" he yelled, gesturing at the documents that covered his desk and part of the floor.

"I don't know sir, I'll have to ask the Undersecretary. I'm just the Paper Carrier." the secretary replied.

The secretary who was just a "Paper Carrier" then departed. A moment later, another secretary arrived.

"I'm so sorry Hokage-Sama." the secretary said. "We took to stealing paperwork from other departments in order to keep the Rokudaime occupied in an attempt at getting to cut back on his sealing experiments."

"Well then, remove everything that isn't my responsibility!" he snapped angrily.

The secretary who served under the Chief secretary whose job was apparently to deal with leaders across the continent snapped his fingers and several "Paper Movers" entered and started removing stacks of paper.

When they left, over half the paperwork was still left behind.