*Takes place after the war. Ginny and Harry are back together and Ron and Hermione are together. It has been about a month or so since the Battle of Hogwarts. I own nothing*

Harry Potter awoke to soft lips being pressed against his. He immediately knew whose lips they were and kissed back. The lips then left his mouth and Harry smiled up at the owner of said lips.

"That's always a nice way to wake up" Harry smirked and Ginny Weasley giggled.

Yes, Harry and Ginny are in fact together once again. They have been back together since the day after the battle. They figured that they didn't want to waste anymore of their life. They were going to live their lives to the fullest.

Harry's best friends, Ron and Hermione, also figured that they should not waste another moment of their life. They got together two days after the war. It would've been sooner, but Hermione continued to avoid Ron, afraid of when they had to discuss when she had kissed him during the war.

But everything was great now. Harry was living at the Burrow, but he often visited Grimmauld Place. It stung a little being in there. The memories of Sirius and Dobby all mixed into one place. Then you add in that he, Ron, and Hermione stayed there while hiding from Voldemort during the hunt for his Horcruxes, it wasn't the best place to be all of the time. But sometimes, he just felt like he needed to go there.

"Come on, let's go get breakfast before Ron eats it all" Harry laughed and followed her out of the room.

They walked down the many flights of stairs in the Burrow and finally arrived at the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley greeted them as they sat down and started to serve themselves.

"So, what are you two planning on doing today?"

"I was planning on going to Grimmauld Place." Harry replies "I was going to bring Ginny with me, if she wanted to go" Ginny beams. She hasn't been invited to go back to Grimmauld Place ever. Usually it was just Ron, Harry, and Hermione. She did discuss this with Harry but he simply said that he would take her when he felt at home there again.

"I would love to, Harry" He smiles at her and then they start eating their breakfast. "Are you guys coming?" She asked Hermione and Ron

"Yeah, we are, we decided to have a cleaning day down there. It has gotten pretty dirty down there" Hermione responded.

"As long as it's not like when we had to clean it when we stayed there. That was awful" Ginny shuddered

"That was awful." Ron agreed.

They finish their food and then they all get ready. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all stand in the living room an hour later, deciding if they should Floo to Grimmauld Place or apparate, when Harry walks in.

"Do you guys mind if we make a stop before we go to Grimmauld Place?" They raised an eyebrow and he looked down.

"To where, Harry?" Ron asked

"Grab hold of me, we'll just apparate there"

"Harry, where are we going?" Ginny asked

"You'll see"

They grabbed onto him and they turned on the spot, and then disappeared with a crack.

They landed in a dark alley so no one would notice them appearing out of nowhere. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny looked around, trying to figure out where they were. Harry just adjusted his glasses and started to walk out of the alley.

They followed, having no clue where they were or where they were going. Then Hermione noticed a street sign. She nudged the other two and pointed to it. They looked at it in shock, but continued to walk.

The sign had read: Privet Drive

Harry looked serious as he walked down the sidewalk. The other three were trailing behind him, but Ginny jogged over to him to catch up and grabbed his hand. "Harry, why are we here?"

"I need to make things right"

"Harry, this isn't the smartest idea!" Hermione said from behind him

He stopped and turned around "Hermione, when have any of my ideas ever been smart? Most of them almost got me killed" Hermione didn't have time to respond, Harry was already walking again.

And then the house came into view. The one Harry hadn't seen in months. Harry took a deep breath and Ginny squeezed his hand as they made their way up the driveway.

He rang the doorbell and held his breath as he waited for the door to open. As he did, he looked around the yard that he used to have to make pretty. He sighed as looked at his feet. This was where he dragged Dudley into the house after the Dementor attack and he had puked.

Harry was yanked out of his thoughts as the door opened.