*Takes place after the war. Ginny and Harry are back together and Ron and Hermione are together. It has been about a month or so since the Battle of Hogwarts. I own nothing*

"What did she hand you, Harry?"

Harry ignored the question as they walked back into the alley. "So, we're going to Grimmauld Place?"

They all nodded, and before they knew it, he had spun on the spot and disappeared with a crack

"I want to know what she handed him" Ron said

"Well, then we go to Grimmauld Place"

And with that, they all left with a loud crack and then materialized outside of Grimmauld Place. Harry was nowhere in sight and so they just started walking toward Grimmauld Place. It was a short distance away from where they apparated in, but it felt like a long time until they reached the front door.

They walked through the house until they made it to the kitchen. Harry was sitting at the table looking at something on the table. "Harry?" Ginny asked and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Harry stayed silent as he stared at the table. Ginny looked down and then sat beside Harry. "What are those?"


"Of what?"

"A stag, a doe, a dog, and a wolf" Hermione and Ron's eyes grew large and they walked over to the table.


"I know, Hermione."

"And you said you used to play with these when you were little?" Ron asked

Harry nodded "There was another one but I never played with it"


"Because it was a rat figurine, I never liked rats" Harry growled

Ginny's eyes were now the size of quarters as she realized what they were talking about. "Harry? May I see one for a second?" Harry nodded and she picked up the doe. She held it in her hand for a moment and then began inspecting it. It looks like a usual metal figurine, until you looked at the belly of the doe. It read:


Ginny looks up at her friends with wide eyes. She grabs the stag and she looks at the stomach to see if it was written on as well. Ginny gasped. There was something carved in the metal. It read:


Ginny grabbed the dog and the wolf and flipped them over. The dog read: S.O. B. and the wolf read R.J.L



"Did you know your father's middle name?"

"I think it was Harold"

"Did you know your mother's?"

"I think Sirius said it was Marie"

"What was her maiden name?"


"What was Sirius' middle name?"

Harry thought about this for a while "I don't think he ever told me. But i think it was his father's name"

"What was his father's name?"

"Orion, I believe"

"And what was Remus' middle name?"

"It starts with a J. It was on his briefcase during 3rd year"

"I think it was John. I think that's what his dad's name was" Hermione added

"Look at the bottom of these"

She pushes them toward the other three and they all inspect the statues. "Harry, are you okay?"

Harry let a tear slip down his face "I used to play with these every day, thinking they were just something the Dursleys didn't know were in the cupboard. But all along they were mine. And they were something that my parents, Remus, and Sirius made."

"Harry, you were 11 when you left that cupboard. You didn't know what had really happened to your parents and you didn't know that Remus and Sirius existed. And you clearly didn't know that was written on these, because you would have come back to them, right?"

"I guess you're right Hermione" Harry sighed "But knowing that they once made these makes me feel so sad"

Ginny walked over to Harry and places her hand on his shoulder. "Harry, I'm so sorry"

Harry felt more tears slip down his face. He quickly wipes them away then stands up."I think I'm going to stay here tonight. You guys can go back if you want" He didn't even wait for a response; he simply walked out of the room.

"I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm going to stay here too" Ginny says to her best friend and her brother

"I think I am too" Hermione smiles sadly

"I guess I will too" Ron sighs "I'm going to write a note to Mum and tell her that we are staying here"

"I'm going to talk to Harry" Ginny announces and then she walked up the stairs. She looks in the room that he and Ron shared in his 5th year, but he's not there. She searches the house until it dawns on her.

She walks to Sirius' room and sees the door wide open. Harry's sitting on the bed staring at a piece of parchment. "Harry?"

Harry looks up and forces a smile "Hey, Gin" She walks over to him and sits next to him. "Are you staying?" Ginny looks at his face and knows that he has been crying.

"We all are" Ginny smiled "What's that?" She asked pointing o the piece of parchment

"It's a letter my mum wrote to Sirius when I was a baby" Ginny noticed the sorrow in his voice and placed a hand on his.

"We're here for you Harry" Then, before she knew it, Harry was sobbing on her shoulder. She felt so bad for him so she just hugged him tightly.

"I miss them so much!"

"Shh, Harry, it's okay." She consoles

"It's my fault they're all dead. If I hadn't of been born, they would all be fine"

"Harry, everything happens for a reason"

"I know, but why'd they have to die?"

"Harry, I have no idea how you're feeling, but I know that it killed me when Fred died and I have 5 other brothers" Ginny sighed "I know it hurt when Sirius died, I know it hurt when Dumbledore died, I know it hurt when Remus died. And I'm sorry. But, Harry, they would want you to be happy. You've gone through so much; they would want you to be okay"

Harry's sobs subsided but tears were still streaming down his face. "Thanks, Gin" He wipes his tears away "I love you so much"

She places a hand on his cheek "I love you too" She leaned up and their lips met. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer. They only pulled away when they heard a scream coming from downstairs. They sprang apart and Ginny was the first one out the door. "That's Hermione!"

Harry and Ginny trampled down the stairs and they heard another scream, but this time it had words. "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!"

Ginny entered the room a full 5 seconds before Harry. Her eyes wide as she saw who it was. She pointed her wand at the visitors and looked at Harry as he ran in.

"What's-" Harry's emerald orbs went wide and he pointed his wand at the man closet to him. "Who are you?"