This fandom needs femslash. I felt compelled to oblige. So, I don't imagine this fic will get a lot of response, but I felt it had to be done. If you DO read and review...well, then you have my undying adoration :) There will be another chapter, quite longer than this one. Please enjoy, you few intrepid readers!

Midnight, bats

And little black cats,

That's what Raven Madison's made of

Luna Maxwell—paler and lovelier than the moonlight that shone upon her. Her black ruffled skirt puddled around her quivering thighs like folds of night sky; her kitten-wide eyes were tiny blue super-novas, swirling and mysterious and oh-so-enthralling. Raven couldn't help but stop to stare at the beautiful waif that trembled alone, crouched in the shadow of a dumpster behind Hatsy's Diner. Icy gusts of wind struck the pixie-goth's shoulders and stirred the baby-pink bows and ribbons that adorned her black lace corset, but she was not shivering from the cold; it was an unseen pain that made Luna's lips shake and her lashes flutter up-down, up-down like half-mad butterflies.

"Luna..." Raven breathed, not knowing she'd spoken aloud till a porcelain-delicate face turned in her direction.

"Ray-ray," Those puffy pink lips quirked up in a rueful grin, "mind helping a sister out?"

The tone was revoltingly saccharine, but Raven squeezed behind the dumpster anyway, like a moth drawn to artificial honey. "What's wrong?"

Luna's head tipped back against the concrete wall, baring a swan-like expanse of neck. "Goddam garlic pizza—" a wobbly chuckle, "stupid, stupid, stupid."

Raven thought about Alexander, how he'd responded to the very presence of garlic. "Well, how am I supposed to help?"

"How else, dear?" Luna said in that queer breathy voice. She slanted a meaningful look at Raven's neck.

Raven snorted. "Yeah, right." The goth turned on a clunky industrial heel and started to stomp back down the alley, but Luna called after her.

"God, don't be an idiot," the vampiress rolled her cerulean eyes, "I'm not going to give you love bite."

Curiosity made Raven turn back around. "What then?"

Luna crooked a finger, swathed in the fuchsia lace of her opera glove. "I just need a little transfusion."

Luna looked so small, so fragile to Raven, like a broken doll. Maybe that's why Raven knelt down in the small V made by the vampire's legs and stripped off her black leather jacket. With a little grin, Luna clasped her delicate fingers around Raven's elbow and straightened the dark-haired girl's arm out.

What, Raven thought, chagrined, have I gotten myself into.

Raven stopped mentally kicking herself for her impulsive move and also stopped breathing when the soft pad of Luna's thumb brushed her inner arm. Shivered. It was a sensitive place, a vulnerable place. Luna's eyes sparked with blue witchlight, and the tiny pointed diamonds of her fangs emerged. Raven gave a quick yelp of pain as bubblegum colored fingernails plunged into the crook of her arm, piercing her Cephalic vein. Soft, full lips were soon suctioned around the cut, and a moist tongue danced back and forth over the crescent wounds, absorbing rubies the size of pinpricks with unrestrained fervor.

"Oh, It's been so long since I've had real, living blood," Luna moaned into the crook of Raven's arm. The teenager could feel Luna's smirk against her skin, "it makes me so...horny!"

Luna's head rose, and a sweet stream of laughter burbled from her red-tinted mouth. Her eyes glittered with mischief now, and her pale face was glowing.

"I'm sure Trevor would be thrilled to help you with that," Raven quipped, already starting to edge away from the revived vampiress.

"I believe that," Luna sighed, amused. Just as tension began to drain between the two gothettes, Luna frowned, an uncharacteristic intensity molding her face. "You know Raven...I don't really blame you, for Alexander. I mean, who could resist right?"

"Yeah, well...I don't think we're gonna come up with a truce," Raven muttered, not wanting those sapphire orbs to latch onto hers, not wanting to fall into them...

"I know, but..." Luna leaned in close, so close her long black lashes brushed Raven's own, "I hope we can still be sisters, one day."

"That's not—" Raven's words died on her tongue as Luna's lips, plump and slick and gleaming-red with fresh blood, brushed against her own.

Raven was on her feet in an instant, and bolting the next. Her gym teacher would be so proud. Christ, what had just happened? Gasping, hands on her knees, Raven stopped by a corner, ignoring ogling passerby as was her custom. Her body was on vibrate, her pupils dilated, her brain fuzzed and humming with white noise. She licked her lips, tasting Luna's cotton candy lip gloss and the metallic tang of her her own blood.

Back behind the dumpster, Luna licked her lips and reveled in Raven's unique flavor—complex and bitter-sweet, like dark chocolate. "Oh dear," Luna giggled as a thought struck her, "brother will be so jealous."