"I didn't expect this of either of you; but much less you, Kanda," a whisper fell on his ears alone.

Dark eyes stared up at the Chinese man who was peering down at him with judgment clear in his equally murky eyes. There was an accusatory glint covering up the disdain that the younger man was sure the scientist was feeling. It was unfortunate that it had come down to this. Really. They'd been careful, but with the inspector around…everything held a degree of recklessness. They'd been pushing boundaries until it eventually collapsed and exposed them for the abomination that they were.

"You should know better."

He'd only heard that from six or seven people now. The two bodies that were currently holding him down by each arm had been certain to drill it as hard into his head as they could…when they were lashing him with chains. Sodomy is a sin. Face damnation. He'd heard with every slash of metal across his skin. The sting of his flesh splitting open wasn't enough to cause him to make a single sound. No matter how much they'd screamed in his face and beat him into the ground. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of breaking down.

Nor would he regret anything he'd done. The Black Order be damned, the Church be damned. He didn't give a single fuck as to whether or not the European jackasses considered his actions worthy of the punishments they were threatening him with. They'd never sentence him with death, but only because he was an accommodator. They'd simply find other ways to torture him and probably Allen too.

His mind wandered over to Allen, wondering how that beansprout was faring. Hopefully better than he was. The damn brat didn't need to really see how superficial the Black Order was. A place where they deprive people of their original death in cruel inhuman experiments, then turn around with punishments for something as harmless as love—simply because both people were male.

Sadly, none of this surprised him in the least. Well, maybe Komui's strange detachment did. Being Asian, it came as a bit of a culture shock that Komui would view this as harshly as the Europeans who brought their homophobia to the regions that didn't once sentence death for it.

Suddenly he wanted to kill Howard Link with his own hands for reporting them. It was such a shame that he'd been stripped of his innocence and right to walk without having two incredibly large CROW members keeping him firmly held captive as he was forcibly kneeling before not only Komui, but the entire division of higher ups.

"You know what you are being charged with?" One of the bland faced bastards sneered.

"Fuck you."

To be Continued.

A/N: This is a hypothetical/what if situation that takes place between Brain Damage and its sequel. This one doesn't follow the canon up to current like I'm trying to make Brain Damage do. I've also written this to be entirely readable without Brain Damage. But for those who follow that story. This is a loose tie in/alt possibility.

It's also replacing Conversation With Fists in my "shit to update". As such the chapters will be closer to drabble length, but it will be a consistent story. As in, each chapter picks up after the last.

My attempt at a realistic time line response to Kanda and Allen's relationship.