Title: Stubborn Doctors

Summary: Hank is injured but he's hiding it from Divya and Evan. Why? Hank whump.

Spoilers: As long as you've seen the first and second season – none.

Rating: PG-13

Characters: Hank, Evan, Divya. With appearances by Boris, Eddie R., and Jill.

Pairing: None – pure friendship

Disclaimer: The characters of Royal Pains are not my own; I own nothing. I'm simply borrowing and playing with.

Author's Notes: This is my first RP fic and it is un-beta'd so please be gentle. :) Reviews are VERY welcome!

2: If anyone wants to offer to be my beta, I would really appreciate it. :)

Crickets chirped into the night as Hank stormed across Boris' pristine lawn. The anger and betrayal that boiled inside him provided a stark contrast to the cool summer air that swept past his face. His light blue polo did little to block the almost biting wind and he shivered in spite of his rage. Evening dew had long settled on the grass beneath his shoes, squelching loudly as he walked. He stopped when he thought he was far enough away from the guesthouse not to be heard then proceeded to coolly seethe as he waited for the other person to join him.

Eddie R. Lawson strode quickly behind his son, panting heavily as he tried to keep up with the younger man's speed. He knew from the very moment he'd entered the guesthouse that Henry was angry, not only at Eddie himself but at Evan as well, but he hadn't expected to be dragged out into the dead of night to have a conversation that only the two of them could hear. The cold, calm of his son's anger bothered Eddie and, for a moment he was glad that Henry had become a doctor because that knowledge was the only assurance he had that the man wouldn't strangle him to death right where he stood.

"Why are you here?" Hank asked once Eddie had joined him on the spot. The place that he picked was in between the manor and the guesthouse, giving the pair of men enough light to see one another without actually calling attention to either one of them. He was thankful for the semblance of privacy the spot gave him; it helped him relax enough to know that whatever he said, it wouldn't be heard by neither his brother nor Boris.

"I told ya kid. I was in the neighborhood and wanted to check in on my boys," Eddie R. answered with a sleazy smile that he had deemed charming long before Hank was even born. He reached out and clapped a hard hand on Hank's right shoulder and gave it a small squeeze in a fatherly fashion as he talked. It was so good to see his kids again.

Hank stepped backwards, moving slightly up the slope as he went. Of all the people that were allowed to touch him, his father never even mad the top one hundred. Add that to the fact that that particular shoulder was sore from knocking in doors repeatedly and Hank really didn't want Eddie R. touching him. He stifled a hiss as his father's hand was wrenched off his body, choosing to cross his arms over his chest instead.

"Yeah, you did and I don't buy it. So why don't you tell me what you're really doing here?" he said, defiantly staring at the man before him, daring him to lie to him.

"You know, you're unbelievable," his father declared angrily. He started pacing back and forth before Hank, every so often stopping to gesture wildly. "Ever since I came here, you have been nothing but skeptical of me and I have done nothing but be nice to you. I'm trying to show you that I've changed, kid! I'm trying to earn your trust back. And who do you think you are that you can tell Evan to be careful around me? Not to trust me? I'm his father!"

At his last accusation, Eddie angrily poked Hank in the chest. The younger man stumbled backwards with the force. The minutest of winces creased his eyes but Eddie wasn't paying attention; he was too busy angrily waiting for an answer.

Hank stepped forward, getting into his father's personal space with ease and stepping out of the hole Eddie had pushed him into. He winced again when he put all of his weight on his left ankle but he hid it beneath his mask of anger.

"I'm the one who kept this family together after you left," Hank began. His voice was hard and low as he spoke since he didn't want to draw attention to the both of them. "I'm the one who kept Evan in school when all he wanted to do was go look for you. I'm the one who took care of Mom while she was sick. I'm the one who sat by and slowly watched her die. I'm the one who got a job while still in school to help support us. But most importantly, I'm the one who took over your role when you left!"

Throughout most of his speech, Eddie had the decency to look ashamed and contrite but with Hank's last statement, his hackles rose again and he was back in Hank's face. He pointed his finger into Hank's chest anew, once again knocking him backwards up the slope. "Don't you say that; you could never take my place!"

"You know, you're right," Hank conceded with a wry smile full of mirth. "I could never be as useless as you were."

The two men stared at one another, surrounded by uncomfortable silence and pleasant darkness. In the gleaming of Boris' lights, Hank could see just how much his words had hurt. Normally he didn't like causing someone pain of any kind, but in this instance he felt it was well deserved. His shoulder throbbed in time with his rapidly beating heart and his ankle was sending an annoying sort of buzzing pain through the joint but what was hurting Hank the most was his heart; it ached in a way that made him want to grab his chest in an attempt to soothe the pain away.

The years of abandonment, anger, and pain came rushing back to Hank as he stood looking at the man before him. He almost couldn't believe the gall of his dad, coming in here after so long and just expecting things to be fine. But then again, it didn't entirely surprise him either. His mind wandered around the grounds of where they lived and Hank found that it didn't surprise him at all that Eddie had looked them up.

"Is everything alright, Hank?" Boris' calm voice asked. Hank and Eddie both looked in the direction of the voice, surprised to see the German nobleman standing at the top of the hill. He was flanked by his security team and Dieter, all of whom looked ready to pounce at the command.

Hank looked at Eddie, trying to determine if there was anything more to be said then he looked back up the hill. "Yeah Boris, everything's fine." He looked back at his father, giving the man no doubt in his mind as to what he wanted. Allowing steel to chill his voice, Hank said, "Mr. Lawson was just leaving."

He turned around to walk back to the guesthouse, but Eddie caught his right shoulder as he went and harshly spun him around. Hank did hiss this time as his sore shoulder was pulled on and his aching ankle was forced to pivot without warning.

At the sound of Hank's hiss, Boris' security immediately pulled their hidden weapons and trained them onto Eddie. It wasn't necessary as Eddie had almost instantly let go, withdrawing his hand as thought burned, and was now just staring at his son with apology and hurt in his eyes.

Boris walked down the slope to where the two men were standing, coming to stop only when he and his team were surrounding Hank. He had noticed the two gentlemen from one of the upper balconies of the manor. Not having knowledge of the stranger with his private physician, Boris watched the exchange like a hawk scouting its prey; only when he was sure that something was amiss, did he collect his team and start moving. It appeared that the doctor's estranged father had turned up and Hank was not at all happy to see the man.

Calculating hazel eyes traveled to the left to observe the doctor and, though he would never admit it, he was quite angry to find the man looking injured.

Hank stood between Josef, one of Boris' ex-Mossad trained security officers, and Boris himself. His posture was filled with anger and pain, something that Boris did not like to see in his doctor and friend (because yes, he considered Hank a friend) at all; his left hand cradled his right arm against his chest, guarding either the arm or the side, Boris couldn't tell which. His normally even stance looked a little lopsided as though he were slightly favoring one leg over the other. If Boris had to guess he'd say the younger man hand somehow injured his ankle but he wasn't one hundred percent positive of his assessment.

"I suggest that you do as Doctor Lawson has suggested and leave," Boris coolly stated, focusing on the older gentleman before him. The man looked slightly shocked and was staring at his son inquiringly, silently asking if the doctor was alright. It made Boris feel slightly easier to know that he hadn't meant to hurt his son but the fact remained that he did and that wasn't sitting well with the German nobleman at all.

When it looked like the man was about to argue, Boris continued on, his voice leaving no room for discussion, "My security will escort you out and please be advised Mr. Lawson, you are not welcome on this property without Doctor Lawson's specific permission."

As though that were their cue, the security team flanked Eddie, silently herding him towards the exit. Boris and Hank watched until he disappeared up the hill and out of sight then Hank turned to Boris, wincing slightly as he moved.

"I appreciate you stepping in but it really wasn't necessary," he somewhat thanked, somewhat scolded with his hands now by his sides. "He wasn't going to hurt me."

Boris remained silent, immediately noting the younger man's pained posture which he appeared to be trying to hide. He was sure that while the doctor did appear to be hurting, the physical injuries weren't responsible for the pain he saw in the normally gentle hazel eyes. "I believe he already has, has he not?"

Anger flared briefly in Hank's eyes, making him look as though he wanted nothing but to deny the statement, but it was soon replaced by comprehension and defeat. His heart sent out a spike of pain that stabbed through his hurting shoulder and his left hand immediately moved to cradle his right arm once more. He grimaced with the pain but he didn't allow it to remain on his face as he looked at the German.

"You're probably right," he conceded with a nod. He wanted to say so much more but Hank didn't want to appear ungrateful and he wasn't naïve enough to think that Boris didn't have reason to worry; Eddie R. Lawson was a treacherous leach that latched onto the wealthiest thing it could find then tried to suck it dry. Instead of his normal clipped words, Hank merely allowed his gratitude to come through as he said, "Thank you."

"You are quite welcome, Hank," Boris replied. In a rare show of emotion, his eyes softened with his next question. "Are you able to return to the guesthouse unaccompanied?"

Hank smiled as he translated that to, 'Are you alright?' "Yeah," he looked over at the guesthouse which was lit with welcoming light, "Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Very well," the older man replied with a nod. He strode away leaving Hank to his own devices, curiously staring after him.

Hank continued to stand where he was until Boris had also disappeared up the hill. He didn't know why but Hank just felt better knowing that no one was around to watch him limp back to the guesthouse; he felt almost safer. Of course, that safety wouldn't last once he entered the guesthouse but that was another matter entirely.

His progress was slow as he favored his left leg. The ankle didn't hurt too terribly bad but he was trying to protect the limb until he entered the guesthouse because then he would have to act fine. It was probably ridiculous to refuse to admit that he was injured but he didn't want to give Evan a reason to dislike their dad; just because Hank loathed the man didn't meant that Evan ever needed to.

Though he didn't fully approve of his brother's relationship with his father, Hank understood the desire that drove Evan. It drove Hank as well but his inner little boy wasn't quite as eager for his father to come back as Evan's was. Hank's little boy was angry at his dad for abandoning them, him, when they needed him the most. His little boy was both disgusted and furious with his dad for abandoning his mother when she needed him the most. But mostly, Hank's inner little boy was just hurt and very unwilling to forgive.

Hank's footsteps changed from uneven to normal once he crossed the patio and he could tell that Evan, who had his back to the door as he cooked, thought it was Eddie R. coming back. His brother's head perked up at the sounds of his entering and it broke his heart to know that he would be causing that same look of disappointment on his brother's face.

"Hey Dad, so–" Evan stopped in mid sentence as he stared at his brother. Shock and disappointment were the first things to register on his face before anger quickly covered them. "Where's Eddie R.?" he asked lightly, managing to sound as though he didn't already know the reason why the man hadn't come back.

"He had to leave," Hank answered stepping fully into the guesthouse and sitting down at the table under the pretense of having work to do. Behind the screen he let out an almost silent sigh as he was able to sit down. Forcing the weakened joint to take his full weight probably hadn't been the smartest idea and it was letting him know that.

"He had to leave," Evan repeated dryly. "Funny how that need suddenly arose after you requested to speak to him privately, don't you think?" He paused, waiting for an answer that he knew would never come. Behind him, the pasta water boiled, splashing little droplets of water over the stove. He took a moment to add said pasta before he turned his attention back to his brother. Evan's eyes widened when he thought he'd come to a conclusion, "Oh my God, you didn't punch him again did you?"

"What? No, of course not," Hank defended not even a little insulted since he had already done that. "Boris spotted us talking and requested that he leave, alright?"

"Boris wouldn't have intervened if he didn't think something was wrong to begin with," Evan argued, stubbornly refusing to let the subject drop.

Hank peered over the computer screen at the man in the kitchen, his eyes showing exactly what he thought of that statement. "Or, he knows who Eddie R. really is and didn't want him around."

Evan had to agree, that made sense. But the feeling that something else was going on wouldn't leave him alone. Across from him, Henry sighed and massaged his right bicep and Evan's resolve to be angry at his brother for obviously chasing their father away faded as though it had been snow falling on the warm ground.

"Is your shoulder still hurting?" he asked, unable to cover the concern in his voice. Evan had been there earlier in the day when Hank had used his right shoulder to bust through two locked wooden doors to get to his patient who lay unconscious on the other side. It turned out that the patient had simply fainted as a complication of their condition but Evan had watched worriedly as his brother continued to favor the arm throughout the day.

He watched for a moment as Hank's hand continued its massage before he turned around to pay attention to the food. It appeared as though the events of the day were finally catching up to Hank and the shoulder was letting him know it wasn't happy about the abuse it had taken.

"Yeah," Hank answered with a grimace as he leaned forward to respond to an email. Any use of the shoulder was currently a bad idea but as it was Divya alerting him that she would be stopping by after she visited their first patient of the day, he felt he should answer her. He smiled at her ability to make it sound like she just really loved her job when she was actually trying to take care of him. Apparently Divya had also heard about his little strong man stunt earlier and was now making sure that he was able to get some extra rest before the start of his day.

"You should take some Ibuprofen or something, dude," Evan stated, watching his brother in barely concealed unease. Not having gotten a medical degree, he was never sure what to do when Hank, or anyone for that matter, was injured and this situation was no different. He drained the linguine, still watching his brother at the table, and added the sauce to it.

The sound of the lid to the laptop shutting echoed through the main floor and Hank carefully leaned back against the chair in a tired slouch. He closed his eyes, trying to decide what he really wanted to do before he opened them to find Evan watching him closely. Offering a small assuring smile, Hank answered, "No, thanks, I'll be fine. I think I'm just going to go to bed."

"Yeah, makes sense, busy day tomorrow and all that," Evan chatted absently. "You sure you don't want to eat first?" he called as Hank proceeded to walk away.

"Good night Evan," Hank said with enough finality in his tone that even Evan knew it was pointless to argue.

He watched Hank go upstairs with increasing worry; something was off about Hank's gait, he just couldn't see what it was. It annoyed him to no end that his brother refused to admit when he was in pain and it often made caring for the man much harder. Deciding that it was best to let Hank get some rest, Evan kept his mouth shut and settled in for a good flick and some tomato linguine.

There'd be time for questions in the morning when his brother would, hopefully, be in a better mood.

Hank awoke to the sun beginning to shine through his window, a stiff shoulder, and a phone ringing off the hook. Although he wasn't sure exactly what time it was, he was sure that it was too early for him to be called.

"Hello," he answered groggily, wincing when he had to stretch his shoulder. He had to stifle a groan when he looked over at the clock and saw that it was barely a quarter after six in the morning.

"Hey Hank," Jill greeted hurriedly. "I'm sorry, I know it's early but there was a huge accident in town. All of the injured are being delivered to Hamptons Heritage and I was wondering if you and Divya could lend a helping hand. We could really use a couple of competent doctors and I would sure appreciate it."

The intercom screeched over the phone yelling about emergency assistance needed in the ER and Hank winced. He really didn't want to do much today but he knew he wouldn't refuse the request. As a doctor is was nearly impossible to refuse help in a crisis and as it was Jill asking, it was even harder.

"Yeah, we'll be there," he answered tiredly. Remembering Divya's email, he quickly amended his statement, "Well, um, Divya actually has an appointment this morning with a patient but I can have her stop by afterwards."

"Great!" The relief in Jill's voice was palpable and Hank was glad that he could help. "So I'll see you in, what, twenty minutes?"

"Give or take, yeah," Hank granted, thinking that if he hurried he could maybe make that. Normally he didn't have such trouble getting up and getting ready but he knew the sore stiffness in his shoulder and the steadily growing ache in his ankle would hinder his agility.

"Okay," Jill said, not having heard the doubt in his voice, "see you then."

She hung up before another word could be said. He didn't blame her really; things had been awkward between the pair of them lately. While they'd both agreed that they should slow things down then eventually stop altogether, their hearts didn't seem to want to listen. It had hurt when she'd called it off officially, it still did at times, and it made working together that much harder for him. Still, he was a professional and this wasn't his first office romance. He could handle it; he had to.

Before he set his phone down, Hank sent Divya a text, letting her know that HH needed their help and to go there after she was done with the patient. After his phone blinked that the message was sent he set his phone back onto the bedside table. A deep throb pounded through his shoulder with the movement drawing a hiss from hissed groan throat.

Hank sat up to begin his day, slightly coddling his hurting arm as he went, all the while thinking things couldn't get worse from here. Oh, if only he could have known just how wrong he was.