A/N: This is my first Mana Khemia 2 fiction. The original I wrote it in Chinese then only I translate to english since my english level not allow me to write directly in english. So I have to write it down with my own language then to the english. There is one thing: since I write in Chinese I write Roze instead of Raze. For me to easy translation I just write as Ro(Ruo) ze(Jie). And one last thing is that I know my english suck so I will like to apologize in advance.

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Chapter 1: A Girl and A Story.

On a nice and cool day, as the sun hides itself behind the cloud, at the periphery of Tias Kingdom capital city Civitate Dei, there is a small wooden cabin, a blonde walk out from there. She wearing red outer clothing with some white color line around the sleeve, under the outer clothing is a piece of white dress. Around her hair, there is a red color scarf, her golden long hair ties into two pony tail, beautifully sway behind her. In short, the girl showing a cheerful and positive appearance.

She take a deep breathe, smiling to the blue clear sky.

"Today yet a brand new day. Let's start working!"

Her mouth curve into a bright and cheering smile, then she turn back to the cabin.

She starts by washing the clothes and then cleaning the house. After all of this have done, it is time for her real job.

She gather the tools and equipments and next the ingredients to the workshop beside the cabin. Before she starts, she checks the order list first.

"Super nectar 10, green soup 10…okay!"

She starts by putting the ingredients into the cauldron, waiting for their melting; she goes out take other ingredients for later use.


She finds something wrong. In front of the cabin, it seems like someone lying on the ground. She slightly gasp, runs toward the person.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Of course, there is no respond.

She gives a deep sigh as she starts to check the man's body, find a sharp cut at his abdomen, mostly cause by sword but not fatal wound. The man collapse probably because he losing too much bloods.

She does not waste any time, carry the man inside the cabin.

He doesn't know how long he had sleep. For a moment, he felt someone carried him on the shoulder, he only smelled a delicate fragrance from the person near him. Oddly enough, deep down his heart he felt relieved as he was safe. Then he fall unconscious again.

He slowly opens his eye, meeting unfamiliar scene of the room. He blinks for a while but then interrupt by a voice.

"Oh, you are awake."

A girl almost same age like him standing near the door, holding some medicine and bandage with her. Her emerald eye shows relieve and relax. She close the door behind her and put the things on the table at the side of the bed where he lying.

"This is good you finally awake. You just stupor in past two days, I'm wonder if I need to call for a doctor." She giggles, half joke, pulling a chair for herself.

"Where…am I?" He ask, feeling the pain from the abdomen hit him. He frowns.

"You are in Tias Kingdom capital city Civitate Dei, but you are in my house now. My name is Ulrika. What about you?"

Tias Kingdom capital city Civutate Dei? He widens his eye as he hears her words. He struggles, wanted so much to get down from the bed, but his over action cause his wound more ache than ever.

"H-Hey, you can't get down!" Ulrika reprimands him; hold him back to the bed.

"…Sorry." He groans as he endures the pain from the wound.

Ulrika checks up his wound and find out the blood start oozing. She gasps, quickly rub out and later she brings a pot of clean water. She helps him to clean the blood, and then apply medicine and new bandage.

"Don't try that again. If you dare, I'll kick out of this cabin!"

"…Thank you, and my name is Roze."

He looks at her, remember she asked his name.

Ulrika does not reply him, but rather glance at him and give him a smile as she busy clean up the place. He slightly moves his body, shifting a direction and asks her.

"Do you…ever see a gray hair man, wearing a blue coat passing by? Or he had gone into the city?"

Ulrika slightly tilts her head, thinking, but no luck.

"No. I don't see anyone except you; even I went to deliver goods to the city yesterday."

His tense body immediately become relax. As he is, he eye on Ulrika, thinking he see no one except her in the cabin.

"Do you live alone?"

"Yup. My parents past away in past two years. I'm the only one live here now."

She doesn't bother to look at him, continue her works while answer him with her vividly voice.

He fell silent. He thinks the possibility and reason for a girl to live alone at the periphery of the city but he gets none.

Won't she feel lonely? Why she live here by herself?

He thinks a lot of the questions like this inwardly, not bother to ask.

Seeing her still busy with works, he starts to feel sleepy.

When Ulrika finish all the works and back to the room, she finds Roze fell asleep again.

"I'm just about to ask him if he want to have lunch…"

She utter, closing the curtain so that he can sleep nicely.

His name is Roze, right? She smiles. It's been a long time she has be this close with other person. She was a little worried and nervous just now but…she guessed she was alright with that.

She carefully closes the door, so it won't wake him up.

Roze sleep until the next day morning. Once he awake, he hear voices outside the cabin. He try to wake up from the bed, gentle and slowly, not to hurt the wound, walks toward the window side. He opens the curtain, the flash of sunlight blind him fir a while. When he finally adapts the light, he sees Ulrika doing laundry outside.

She sees him too, waving her hand to him.

"You can wake up already?" She stops her works on hand, run to him.

"I'm fine. I'll be more careful with it."

Ulrika check up the wound, not really believe in his words. But she finds nothing wrong with it, just as fine as it use to be.

"I can't believe it. It looks just fine!"

"That's thanks to you. I've been through the worst before. I have to says, this is nothing."

Roze says, Ulrika widens her eye more.

"Really? Just what kind of things you have done?"

Roze smiles lightly, try to ignore the question. Well, Ulrika never has intention fro his answer though.

"Well, you must be hungry, right? I'm going to prepare breakfast. Wait for me ya!"

Without hearing the reply from Roze, she already rushes into the kitchen.

"Such an impetuous girl."

He utter, slightly shake his head.

While waiting for her, he goes to take a bath first then only he head to the kitchen , which Ulrika still busy with the breakfast.

There are two plates of fried eggs and toasted breads on the table and Ulrika now scooping the hot soup into a bowl. He finds his stomach starving from hunger.

"It's done. Please sit down!"

"Thank you."

"I should be the one to say thank you. It's been a long time I'm eat with other person…oh well, sometimes I will eat with Chloe and her family, but I guess it's quite a long time ago." She says happily.

"Then…you always like this…alone?"

"Yup. Alone!"

Staring at her smiling face, Roze feel odd and queer. Something is wrong with the girl.

There is no doubt Ulrika is a cheerful and bright person. But how would a person like her willing to live all by herself in a place like this? However it doesn't sound right.

Or maybe the girl has other reason behind her cheerful personality?

After they finish the meal, Roze help her to clean up while she prepare for the work later in her workshop. When Roze finishes clean up, he curiously follow Ulrika to her workshop.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm ready things for my works later." She gathers some flowers and herbs on the table.

Roze gazing at her. He really gets curious with the girl in front of hi. He never and ever felt that way to other person, but the girl totally evokes his curiosity to her.

He looks around the workshop. From the tools and cauldron that set in the room, there is no doubt this workshop is use for alchemy synthesis.

"You learned alchemy before?"

"Well yeah. There is a famous alchemy school called Al-Revis in the city. I'm graduated from there. Same as Vayne-sama." She seems very proud to be Al-Revis former student.

"That Vayne-sama is…" Roze smile inwardly as he hears this name.

"Vayne-sama is Tias Kingdom first prince. He is also the top student among all of us."

Roze nod his head.

Vayne…well, he doesn't think alchemy wills any problem to Vayne. As he can remember, Vayne was very interested in alchemy.

How is him now? Roze thinks.

Ulrika checks the order list, and then she put the ingredient into the cauldron. Roze watch her from side.

"Is it order by someone?"

"Is from Chloe. Her mom will sell them for me." While she speaks, she put in other ingredient.

"Why don't you sell them in the city? Or just open a shop there?" Roze cannot think of any reason for Ulrika to rely on the others to sell her products.

Ulrika pause, hesitate if she want to tell him the truth.

"It can't help since the peoples in the city hate me."

So this is the point. They start to touch the point of the topic.

'Um…more correctly, they hate my family background."

Ulrika shows emotionless, even the smile that she always put on her face. She doesn't seems angry or what, she just calm and quiet. That's make him feel even weird.


"That's because I am an accursed child."

Ulrika smirk, turn her head to Roze.

She take out the end product of synthesize and put into a bottle. Then only she continues.

"Can you see the tower over there?"

Ulrika walks to the window side, pointed out.

Roze follow the direction she pointed. Over the south of the city, there is a tower. Roze has impression of that tower but he doesn't know what that tower for.

"The tower has a story." Ulrika stare at the tower, slowly tell Roze about the story.

"Long time ago, this land covered by cloud and mist. There was no land, and the sky could not be seen. One day, a goddess passed by. She stretched her hand and removed the cloud and mist. From then on, the land appeared, and so the sky. The goddess ten brought 'life' to the land, started with forest, blue sea, mountain then the animals. Last one was the humans. The goddess sent a maiden to manage the land, but the maiden fall in love with a human man. They even had their child. The goddess was very angry; she took the maiden back to the sky, the man and child being left behind. The man then used the power that the maiden gave him to take the whole land by force. After he finally took control of the land, he ordered his man to build a tower, for him to climb up to the sky to save the maiden. However, the goddess found out about the tower before the tower finished built. The goddess was all flare up. She drops the punishments to the land, earthquake, tsunami, and arid happened one after another. A lot of peoples lost their family and friends due to the punishment. They started to blame on the man and his child. The goddess even retook his power. The man lost everything in one day. The man and his child been expelled by the peoples. Due to the land was the place where he and the maiden met. The man decided to stay. Of course, their life was the worst from then on. Not long after that, the man fall in sick. He continued to curse the goddess. Before he dies, he foretold he will come back to the land one day. The tower bears his anger and curse until now, that is why peoples name it "Tower of Avenger"."

The story is finish. Roze only know this story through Ulrika. He totally has no idea of the story before. But it is just a story after all.

"This is not a legend. This is a true story."

Ulrika seems she knows what Roze in his mind. She points at herself. "I am the prove of the story."

A thought flash into Roze's mind, he widen his eye as he look at her.

"You say you are the accursed child. That's mean…"

"Yeah. I am the descendant of that man."

Chapter 1 finish.


Civitate Dei=city of god.

Basically the names come from the story that Ulrika had tell. It is from Latin mean city of god.

Ulrika Mulberry

I try to make it in-character but I guess I fail. There will be some out of character in everyone personality. I make her as cheerful as possible but deep down her heart is quite dark. Her dark personality will reveal in incoming chapter. Citizen of Civitate Dei.


A swordsman come from other place but it seems he know Civitate Dei well. He also knows Vayne, the first prince of Tias Kingdom. His background is still unknown. One more thing, I will make Roze more gentle and elegant to other peoples. Not that cold as he was in the game.


The first prince of Tias Kingdom. He is also the top student of Al-Revis academy. He is very good in alchemy. That is a rumor says that Vayne still has a younger brother. But no one actually see his younger brother. Vayne doesn't deny it either…

There will more and more characters show up later. And I will like to apologize again with my bad and suck english.