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Chapter 7: Everything end here.

On top of the tower, Reicher is there. He overlooks Civitate Dei from there, can't restrain the excitement anymore, and forms an evil smile.

"It's been such a long time."

He lifts up his head to the sky above him, and then to the beautiful moon. He opens his arms, laughs crazily.

"Finally…today!" His face twists, looks totally a different person, scary and mad.

"Darling, I'm here to help too!" A light blue short hair woman walks out from the door behind him and says. She's holding a bow with her, looks like an archer.

"…Why are you here?" Reicher looks at her, annoyed.

"Come on, don't give me that look!" She protests, but then she smiles again. "You know, I'll do anything for you."

"…Whatever you like." He gazes back to the moon, ignores the woman. Anyway, she still smiling, uses to his behavior.

Everything started from here, and so everything end here.

Lily and Lord Vehlendorf, along with Vayne and few representatives of citizens having a meeting in Vehlendorf mansion, discuss the failure of the festival, and the unknown guy that appeared in the festival.

"Miss Lily, please hand us that bitch!"

"Yes, that guy probably has some connection with her!"

"Miss Lily…"

"SILENT!" Lily claps the table with almost full force. She is so sick just to hear this kind of shit. She turns to her father and Vayne. "Vayne-same, father, can you let me handle this farce?"

Vayne nods without any hesitation, but Lord Vehlendorf seems worried.

"Lily, this is not a farce. You know how serious-"

"Please trust me, father!"

"Just let her try for it, Lord Vehlendorf." Vayne says.

Since Vayne says so, Lord Vehlendorf finally agrees with her. "…Fine."

Before Lily says anything, someone knocks the door anxiously, and then opens the door without waiting for reply. It's the imperial soldier.

"Your Highness, we've found the trace of that man." He breathes heavily, seems exhausted. "He's currently inside the Tower of Avenger. The entrance being blocked by a fire mana, we can't go inside. Up until now, there're two soldiers died."

Vayne nods. "…Fine." He looks at Lily. "What are you going to do?"

Lily asks Whim to report this to Roze first. Then she turns to everyone in meeting room.

"About this guy Reicher, I have a threat about who he is. Does someone know?" Lily asks. Everyone look at each other in puzzlement. Look like no one knows about it.

"I'm confusing in the first place, but after I heard the conversation between him and Country Pumpkin, I finally find some hints."

"Then, who is him?"

"He's the one guys scared the most, the man from the tale." Her words is so calm, but enough to make everyone shock.

"Lily, you know how serious this can be?" Lord Vehlendorf is the first to catch his mind back.

"Of course I know, father. But this is the fact we're facing." She looks at Vayne, hoping for his agreement.

Vayne frowns, ponders deeply. He glances at everyone in the room, finds everyone gazing at him.

He sighs inwardly. "…How should I put this?" Why he becomes the attention of everyone? He smiles bitterly. "I don't know much about the story. In fact, I don't care at all. But your analysis is trustable, I don't mind if you think so. I'll just have to take him down no matter who he is."

Lily smiles.

The youths about their age mostly don't believe the tale. She is same as Vayne-sama, doesn't care at all. Yeah, Vayne-sama is right, no matter whom Reicher is, they still need to take him down.

Then they all hear the knocking. Whim comes in along with another two persons.

"R-Roze and Country Pumpkin?" Lily blinks same as everyone. "I told you to stay in the room." After the shock, Lily feels fury rises from her body.

"I need to tell you guys something important." Ulrika looks away, ignores her furious sight. "Is about the tower."

"…What is it?"

Ulrika takes a deep breathe, and then looks straight to Lily's eye. The sudden glaring almost shock Lily. "Reicher is inside the tower right? If he activates the tower, he probably will destroy Civitate Dei."

The meeting room suddenly getting crowded. Everyone's emotions become unstable. Lily and Vayne jus focus on Ulrika, listen to her explanation.

"Can you explain further?"

"The tower was actually an ancient weapon that being left in this land when goddess created 'life'. Reicher took it and set into the system of the tower when he built it. He planned to kill the goddess after took back the maiden. It's just that the tower being discovered before it finished built and leave it like that, so nobody know what is inside." Ulrika sighs after explains it all. She feels a warm hand grabs her; she smiles under her face and grabs him back.

Lily and Vayne exchange a glance. They both seem have same question regarding the tower.

"But…in order to activate such huge tower, especially you said, an ancient weapon…that's mean he'll need a very strong power source, right?"

Ulrika nods. "Yes, he installed it when the internal system done. That power source…" She looks a little awkward when she turns her eye to Whim.

"Eh? What is it…" Whim suddenly gets her, she gaps. "Don't tell me…?"

"…A mana." Ulrika lowers her head. "Mana was born when goddess brought 'life' to this land. They're the most suitable power source for the tower."

Manas are the gift from goddess, and also friend and partner of all human. The thriving and prospering of Tias Kingdom is all rely on manas. Ulrika feels Roze's grabs becomes tighter. He must be angry; she can feel it, Vayne too. She sees it. But everyone just remain silent after hearing the truth. They understand who to blame, that's definitely not Ulrika.

"…Why did you hide these all the times?" Vayne, who remains silent, asks. He has no intention to blame Ulrika, but he needs to know the reason.

"I…" Ulrika bites her lips. "I'm sorry…"

Roze stands out, defends her. "It's not her fault to born in Mulberry. She doesn't need to bear this sin anymore, from now on. Let's do this together, prevent all the possibility that might happen in our city!"

Everyone in the meeting room fall into dead silent, they lower their head, embarrass is clearly visible.

"Count me and Whim in, Roze. We'll take care of that fire mana." Lily crosses her hand in front of her chest, speak confidently.

"Whim is water mana, that's perfect. Roze and Ulrika, you both go up to the tower to release the mana and take Reicher. I'll handle things down here. Once here done, I'll head there too." Vayne suggests, he turns back to imperial soldier, then leave together.

"W-We go to help…" The other peoples follow behind Vayne. They don't even dare to look at Ulrika.

Lily sighs as she watches behind. "Let's go."

Roze and Ulrika follow behind Lily and Whim. Ulrika glances at Roze, and then grabs his hand.

"Thank you, Roze…for everything."

Roze replies her light smile and tighten the grab, which makes Ulrika feels her cheek becomes slightly hot.

When they step out of the mansion, they immediately feel a strong rumbling, and Vayne's shout follow behind.

"Everyone, get down!"

A strong oppress overwhelm them, makes them stun then fall down. Then a mechanical sound follows behind and last, a bombardment.

"L-Look, the tower…!" Someone shouts. Everyone turn their gaze to the tower. The middle outward surface of the tower opens like a flower, inside there is something like a railgun. They believe the bombardment just now was launched from there, to the moon.

Vayne is the first react to the situation. "Evacuate everyone, hurry up! Roze, go to the tower, I'll handle-"

"No way!" A forceful arrow shoots toward Roze, fortunately Roze able to dodge it. "I won't like you disturb darling!"

A blue short hair woman who holding a bow blocks their way to the tower. She sets another arrow on the bow, aim at Roze.

"Go away, Sasalina!" Roze shouts.

"You know her?" Ulrika asks.

"She is a crazy stalker, and also a super fan of Reicher. I'll never think she will follow Reicher to here."

"That's the power of love~! I'll do anything for him, like…this!" She hoots, immediately follows by another few arrows. She is too fast until Roze almost get stabbed.


A hand grabs his collar and pulls him behind. Roze shocks, he only sees a giant shield blocks all the arrows.

"Sorry miss, but your opponent is me." Is Vayne. His left arm equips with a giant sword while right arm is a shield. "Go ahead, Roze."

"Thanks Vayne."

"At least go back after this."

"I know." Roze grabs Ulrika's hand, along with Lily and Whim, go past Vayne and Sasalina.

"Eh? Hey wait!" Sasalina can only watch them go away. She curses and glares at Vayne. "You! How can you?"

"I said, your opponent is me."

"Fine, I'll make you pay!" She sets few arrows on her bow. She raises a cruel smile. "I'll show you my power of love!"

Just like what they expected, the fire mana is guarding the entrance of the tower. Like Whim, he almost looks like human, except he is red color.

The fire mana steps out. "Sorry, no enter." He says, calm and steady but actually alert, which his claw is all ready.

"We're not asking your permission. "Lily replies. "Whim."

"Yes, Miss Lily." Whim takes out her ice axe.

The fire mana raises hid eyebrow. "A water mana, huh?" His lips curve into a light smile. "This gonna be interesting."

"Go ahead, Roze, Country Pumpkin!"

"Thanks, Miss Lily."

"Don't die, Fancypant!"

"Who's gonna die? Baka!" Lily sighs. "It's getting annoying. Take him out, Whim."

"Yes, milady!"

Roze and Ulrika run up inside the tower through the stair. The tower looks so old and ages from outside, but can you imagine how clean and high-tech inside? The whole tower is so beautiful when some silver light flow through the wall up to the top.

When they reach the middle floor, Ulrika suddenly stops Roze by pulling his arm.


"I'm going to find the power source station. We separate here."

"Will you be okay by your own?"

"Of course." Ulrika gives shim a bright smile. "Because I'm not alone. I think you are the one should be more careful." She knows how strong Reicher is, that's why she worry him more than herself.

"I will."

Ulrika sees him off first, and then only she keeps running in this floor. According to their family record, the power source station should be around here in this floor. However, the record didn't note down the way to release the mana. What should she do?

"…Let's head there first."

She follows the only way to the end, and happens to find a room there. She opens the door and goes inside. The room is so spacious, only a giant pillar in the middle of the room. She notices something being imprisoned in the pillar; she walks near to take a close look.

The silver light seems floe out from here to the whole tower. Is that the power of mana? Ulrika thinks feels afraid as she looks at the white mana in the prison.

"Umm….can you…hear me?"

"…Who are you?" The white mana opens his eye. Even he is so weak but he still stays alert with the human girl in front of him.

"My name is Ulrika Mulberry. I'm here to save you." She looks around the pillar but she can't find anything can call switch or something like that.

"You're Mulberry? And you want to save me?" White mana raises his voice. "You locked me here, and now you tell me you want to save me?"

"Say whatever you like. It won't stop me from saving you." She holds directly on the prison, tries if she can find something on it. But, something like volt conduct from the prison and burns her bare hand. "Ahhh!"

"Just give up. You won't be able to break it." White mana says in deep depress.

"No, I will save you! I must save you!"

After separate with Ulrika, Roze continues to climb up to the top. He knows how strong Reicher is, much stronger than him that he knows he has no chance to win against him. But he can't give up, not here, not now.

He sees a door in front of him; he opens it without a bit hesitation. The first thing comes into eye is the sky and the moon, then Reicher who gazing the moon with a crazy smile on his face.

"Can you see it? The moon…is burning!" He opens his arms. "Again…again…one more!"

"Stop it, Reicher!"

The whole city shaking again as the tower prepares another shoot. As it launches another bombardment to the moon, oppress once again overwhelm everyone. Roze also feels it.

"Reicher, stop!"

Reicher doesn't even bother him. He just keeps laughing crazily.

He's totally becomes mad…Roze takes out his Sword of Light, strikes to him.

However, Reicher dodge it.

"Weak…too weak, Roze! Are you going to fight me like that?" His face becomes twist and ugly due to the excitement. He also takes out his own Sword of Light. His sword is different than Roze's, looks more crooked and evil, and a shield on his left hand. "Can you stop me?"

When the tower launches another shoot, Lily and Whim at the entrance also feel the strong oppress overwhelm them, causes the battle temporary break off.

"Another? He's really crazy." The fire mana mumbling while looks at the burning moon. Lily hears him, she asks.

"You're Yun, the mana merchant, aren't you?"

"You know me?"

"Of course, you're quite famous." Lily smiles, she has an idea. "Why are you helping Reicher?"

"For money, of course. I'll do anything as long as someone pays me." Yun playfully answers her, but he is serious with his words.

Lily's smile becomes wider. She walks toward him.

"Miss Lily!"

"It's okay, Whim." Lily gives Whim a glance, and then back to Yun. "Since you said so, why don't you work for me? I can pay you more than Reicher ten times."

Yun raises his eyebrow, looks unbelievable. "…You're not joking?"

"I'm no lie."

"Miss Lily is Vehlendorf future hire, does she need to lie?" Whim put down her ice axe. Li seems the battle over.

Yun put down his claw too. "A deal?"

"A deal."

Ulrika feels most clearly when the tower launches again. She almost falls down as the tower shakes, while white mana screams in great pain. The silver light glows brighter and then burst through the room. White mana screams even louder and painful. His screaming hurts Ulrika. She holds the prison again, and of course the volt strikes her. "Ahhh!" She forces to let go.

She bites her bottom lip. Again, she tries.

"It's no use…"

Ulrika ignores the white mana, concentrates on her trying. She tries it again and again, until her two hand bleeding and paralysis. Yet, she is not going to give up. She lifts up her hand, although they're hurt.

"Why…? Why you're so stubborn?" White mana says sound crying tone.

"I'm not going to give up…everyone is fighting. If I give up, I'll fall back to that deep darkness again." Ulrika says. "I don't want to lose my friend…Chloe, Fancypant, Whim, Puniyo, Vayne-sama…and Roze…"

"Is alright." Suddenly, two arms wrap around her neck from behind. "It will be fine."

It's a kind and warm woman voice. Ulrika stuns stiff, she doesn't aware someone behind her. While she stuns, the person behind has come to her front.

She's exactly just like her warming voice, kind and charming. Her raven silky hair tir neatly behind her head makes her even elegant and noble.

"You're…" When did this woman here?

The woman just smiles. "Don't worry; I'm not your enemy." She kneels down, holding Ulrika's injured hand. "Everything will end here, I'm sure of it."

Then, Ulrika feels some wind brush her hand lightly, and then she notices her wound slowly recover.

"You want to save this child, right?" The woman stands up, walks toward the pillar. She examines the pillar and the prison. She closes her eye.

An unknown song flows out from her mouth as she sings. Ulrika cannot understand the song perhaps that is an ancient song? As her song flows through the room, the prison slowly opens up.

After she takes out the white mana, immediately the silver light disappears. Everything go silent, only few lighting hang on the wall are functioning.

"This child is Soul Mana. He's been locked here by my husband right after he born, and this caused his body stopped from growing up. Now, I leave him to you." She hands the white mana to Ulrika.


The woman gently smiles. "My name is Tetri. It's glad to meet you, Ulrika."

How did she know her name?

"Hey you…" Ulrika can only see her walks out from the room without saying anything else.

Tetri…could she is…? And her husband is…Reicher?

"Ulrika…" The white mana calls her name with weak and soft voice.

"Are you okay?"

"I think so…" Even ho says so, his body is so weak and fragile. Ulrika hugs him tighter. "Ulrika…do you have mana?"

"No…why do you ask?"

He looks away, seems embarrass. "I-I…can I stay with you?" His small face brushes up with two pinkish, suits him cute.

"Why not? Then can I call you Uryu?"


"You don't have named right? I name you 'Uryu', okay with that?" She doesn't give him any chance to protest. "Then let's go, Uryu!"

Roze difficulty uses his sword to hold himself, prevent from fallen down. Some bloods drop from his body while he coughs out another amount of bloods, dyeing the floor with red.

"You're too weak, Roze." Reicher looks at him despise. "This is the far you can go, huh?"

Roze wipes away the bloods around his mouth. "I never thought I'll be able to defeat you. All I want is to stop you."

"How are you going to stop me?" Reicher gives him a ferocious grin.

Suddenly, the tower goes totally silent. The silver light disappears. Everything goes black. Seeing that, Reicher's face once again twists with fury.

"What happened? Who release the power source?"

"So…Ulrika did it." Roze sighs in relieve. At least she is safe.

"Ulrika…you mean that bitch?" Reicher glares at him, wields his sword the entire sudden, like to let off his furious. It almost catches Roze off guard, but somehow he able to dodge the attack.

Reicher attach hasn't stop. He runs to Roze, before Roze able to react, he kicks Roze's stomach, and then a bonus slash. Roze has no choice but takes the attack directly. This end up his left arm seriously injured.


"That bitch…" Reicher walks toward him. Roze notices he's getting closer but he can't do anything.

"I'm the one release that child."

A warm woman voice stops Reicher. He turns back and finds a raven hair woman standing in front of him.


"Yes, is me. I'm back."

Reicher totally blinks while Tetri walks to him. Meanwhile, Ulrika reaches the top with Uryu in her arm. She runs to Roze once she sees him.

"Roze!" She can't help but gasps after notices his wound. "N-No! I'll treat you!"

"…Who is that?"

"She is Tetri; perhaps she is…Reicher's wife, the maiden."

Watching her beloved, Tetri's smile becomes even softer. Reicher scary expression also gone, replace by surprise and soft.

"This is enough, Reicher." She grabs his hand, says softly. "The goddess cannot separate us again."

Seeing her lovely smile, something rises from deep of his heart.


The fear of losing her again.

He clenches his fist tightly. "Not yet…not yet. That damn goddess will takes you back again. You'll leave me again!" He glares at Uryu who now rest in Ulrika arm. "I'll never forget what She did to me!"

"Reicher!" Tetri tries to grabs him back, but he pushes her away, causes her falls down. "Reicher!"

"W-What do you want?" Ulrika stops her treatment to Roze, stays alert with his movement.

"Give him to me."

"He is my mana, I won't let you use him like an item…uhh!" Ulrika groans as he suddenly clutches her throat.


Seeing his scary and twist face, Ulrika feels fear running through her body. Her hand can't stop from trembling. She struggles to let go but only causes him clutches tighter.

"Let go of her!" Roze takes his sword strikes on him but blocks by his shield.

He glares at Roze, intends to strikes back. Before he acts, a raging fire hits his back.

"What the?" The pain causes him to let go of Ulrika. "Yun, you betray me?"

Yun shrugs. "I only work for money." Lily and Whim are behind him.

"Hey, you've lose." Lily says.

"This is enough, Reicher!" Tetri holds his hand, hoping he will stop.

"No…Not yet! Do you want to betray me too!" Reicher has totally gone mad. He uses he Sword of Light and stabs toward Tetri.


A large amount of bloods drop on floor. Tetri opens her eye, gaps when she sees Reicher. Six of the Sword of Light all stabbed into his body. That's Falling Blade.


Reicher coughs out a large amount of bloods, his bloods splash to Tetri but she doesn't mind at all. He finally collapses in her arm.

"You two!" Lily runs to Roze and Ulrika. "Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah…" Roze smiles bitterly, leans against the wall. Although Ulrika uses her healing magic to treat his wound, he still needs time for totally recover.

Just when they feel everything has end, Sasalina runs up to the top.

"Darling!" She gasps, rushes to Reicher's side. She keeps calling him but he can't hear him anymore. "You killed him…you killed him Roze!" She sets an arrow on her bow about to shoot. Suddenly someone knocks her down from behind.

"Sorry, is my careless." Is Vayne. He must be chased after Sasalina up to here. "Well…I guess it's finally over."

Civitate Dei safely went through this almost-being-destroyed crisis. There were some buildings being destroyed, fortunately no citizens was injured.

That night, Vayne took away Reicher's corpse and Sasalina back to castle so he could think of a way to settle down Sasalina, and prevented her from revenge to Roze. Tetri helped Ulrika to explain everything to the citizens and took this chance to settle their misunderstanding and hatred. Vayne and Lily also helped out in convinced them. Finally the citizens admitted her and agreed to let her stay in Civitate Dei.

Now she finally has her own shop and house in Civitate Dei, next to Chloe's. But, she doesn't feels happy at all.

"Puni brothers had back, right?"


The Puni Council did not admit Puniyo as Puni, but they did allow them to get along, right?"


"…" Chloe put down her book, frowns at Ulrika. "Are you listening?"

"Yeah…" Still the same.

"…If you keep this way, I'll wipe you out with my incantation." Chloe warns her.

"…Sorry." A sudden apologize makes Chloe blinks for a while. Ulrika keeps staring her front. "I just can't concentrate."

Chloe sighs. "Is his leaving makes you this sad?"

Ulrika lowers her head. Of course she is sad, she cried for three days after he left. There is no way she can treats it like nothing happen.

Roze had leave.

Without leaving a message, he disappeared. The second day after the incident of Reicher, Ulrika went to woke him up once she prepared breakfast, but she only found an empty room. She went around searching for him but found him nowhere.

He left her.

He said he will always with her…Ulrika feels her eye fills with tears.

"…There's a party held in the castle tomorrow night, wanna catch some refreshment?" Chloe rarely suggests. Well the hell she like this but…just for Ulrika, and only this time.

"What's that party for?"

"To welcome our younger prince's back."

"Younger prince? That's mean the rumor is true?" The rumor that says Vayne-sama has a younger brother.

At least she is interested…Chloe sighs in relieve. "Maybe. He might show up on the party, who knows?"

"You're right though." Thank you…Ulrika appreciates her inwardly.

The next day night time…

Imperial family has opens a part of area of the castle to welcome the citizens to celebrate the party. Almost everyone take part in that; hope to take a look on their younger prince. And of course, the castle is full of peoples, crowded and bustling. Ulrika and Chloe cannot breathes under such squeeze and push crowd. Ulrika feels glad that she doesn't bring Uryu together.

"That's why I hate this…" Chloe groans, but for Ulrika's sake, she decides to restrain all the annoyed.

Ulrika also get sick with this crowded. When she decides whether or not to leave, she notices a familiar figure.

"Ulrika?" Chloe asks her worried.

Suddenly, Ulrika runs forward to the area which not opens for the celebration, leaving Chloe behind.

"Hey Ulrika!"

"Roze, is it you?" Ulrika calls his name. "Roze!"

No respond.

Imperial guards come once they hear sound in this area. They warn her to leave but she doesn't bother with them at all, she just busy searching for him.

Where did he go? She did saw him just now…

"…You said you will always be with me…is that all lie?" She yells out her furious and sadness. Her tone slowly turns to sobbing. "You idiot!" Tears flow down from her eye, she finally collapse due to her heartbroken.

"Miss, please go out." Those guards warn her again, but she just keeps crying. They have no choice but to take her out.

"Let her be." A deep voice interrupts those guards. "She's my friend. Leave her to me." Someone step out behind the pillar.

Hearing that familiar voice, Ulrika quickly lifts up her head. That's no other person than Roze.

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Your…Highness?" Ulrika examines Roze in front of her. He's definitely Roze, but he's wearing the imperial formal uniform with elegant accessories on it, make him a totally different person.

Roze sighs. "I'm sorry. I didn't tell you about this. I'm the younger prince you guys talk about, Vayne's brother Rozeluxe."

Ulrika widens her eye, staring at him.

"I'm sorry I'm keeping it from you."



While Roze blink, Ulrika runs to him and hugs him.

"You really worried me! How can you leave without a message to me?" He hears her sobbing. "…You said you will always be with me…you said it…"

"I'm sorry…" He hugs her slim waist. It's feeling so good just to have her in his arm. "I promise you I'll never leave you again." He leaves a kiss on her forehead. "I love you, Ulrika."

She smiles brightly. "I love you, too."

Roze leans forward, about to share a passionate kiss, but he notices someone is coming, he quickly pulls Ulrika away and hides behind a building.

"What's wrong, Roze-" Ulrika asks him but immediately his lips press against her. She widens her eye, blinks and blushes. Her mind goes blank, and she feels her cheek getting hotter. Then, she hears Vayne's voice.

"Roze!" Vayne runs to the place they were just now. "Did you really saw him?" He asks the guard behind him.


Vayne sighs. "…He really troublesome."

"Y-Your Highness, do we need to search for him?"

"Never mind that. I bet he's not around here anymore." He sighs again, totally gives up on searching for Roze.

After Vayne leaves, Roze let go of Ulrika, her face still red and hot. She punches his chest using her fist.

"You really a jerk." She smiles sweetly. "But is this fine? You're supposing…"

Roze stops her by putting a finger on her lips. "This is fine. He knows me well. Let's go back, to your home—no, OUR home."

She blushes again but smiles happily. She feels sorry for Vayne but…so what?

In the end, the younger prince didn't show up at all in the party. Vayne only remains silent until the end of the party.

But of course, he knows where to find his brother. The next day morning, he went to Ulrika's house, tried to convince Roze but still Roze refused him. He had decided he's not going to be 'the younger prince' but he himself Roze. At last, Vayne gave up on him, with terms as exchanged.

"Roze, you're back early today." Ulrika asks while busy closing her shop since it's evening.

Usually, he should still at the castle with Vayne around this time.

For what?

This is term that Vayne suggested: to assist Vayne to his duty. So recently, Roze becomes his brother personal assistant to help him to settle his works.

"Vayne is busy."

"What do you mean?" She knows Vayne-sama always busy. Judging from Roze expression, something funny is around.

"He recently is being tackled by a samurai girl." Roze giggles, thinking on what he had seen in the castle.

"Eh? Why?"

"For sparring, but…"

"But? Oh…hurry up and tell me!"

"Vayne seems like her. I guess that girl will soon become my sister-in-law." He helps Ulrika to close the shop and lock the door while saying.

"Then the whole city will celebrate crazy for them." She giggles. She doesn't aware Roze comes near her.

"Where's Uryu?"

"He's with Chloe."

"That's just perfect." He pulls her to him and lifts her up, walks toward the room.

"H-Hey, what are you doing?"

"You know it."

She blushes. "…Jerk." But smiles sweetly under her face.

Oh well everyone, we have to leave now. It's better not to disturb them—what? You want to take a peek? N-No!

Uhh…I think just to let the lovely bird having their fun, will you?

Chapter 7 end.

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