~The two loved to fence~

"Touché!" Iris shouted happily, when the foil had hit Cilan on the chest. She had caught him off-guard! Their foils clashed several times before Cilan poked her. She was getting good at this.

"You're getting good at this," Cilan said breathlessly.

"Thanks." Panting, she turned around slightly, to look at the bench. "Cilan, I'm getting hot." He poked her again.

"Touché! Why'd you turn around?" he teased. "You should never take your eyes off the opponent! Fencing is like a battle!"

"Oh shut the hell up with your mumbo-jumbo," Iris groaned. She turned back around, hitting him and taking him aback. "Touché, you stealthy bastard!" She grinned.

The two continued their duel until they collapsed on top of each other. The two took their masks off, kissing each other afterwards. The two were so exhausted that they fell asleep right then and there.

A/N: Cuteness overload..