~She was so quiet, it scared him~

Iris was being extra quiet for some strange reason. He wasn't sure why. It almost scared him. He was used to her being slightly talkative and bubbly. But this time, she didn't say anything to him. "Iris, why are you being so quiet?" he asked.

She pointed to her throat. All that came out was a guttural growl. It took him a few seconds to realise what was going on. She had laryngitis. No wonder she was quiet! He had an idea! Hopefully, it would work!

He walked away, returning with a whiteboard and a dry erase marker. "So you don't hurt your throat, you can write whatever you want on here."

Iris nodded, quickly writing something down on the board. It said, "Do you want to meditate with me?" A smile appeared on Cilan's face. He nodded. He watched his girlfriend close her eyes. He decided to do the same. He breathed slowly, taking deep breaths. His stress seemed to melt away.

Now he realised he was quiet. He liked this stillness.

It did him some good.

At least Ash wasn't in the area.

It made him feel a lot better.

What made him feel even better what that Iris was with him; her body brushing up against his.

He smiled and kept his eyes closed, living in the moment.