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"Kiss, kiss fall in love, Maybe you're in love"

When the song ended a stranger pass out in the hallway of Ouran began to stir.

"Wha… What? Who's singing? Can't they see I'm trying to sleep!" Rolls over. "Huh? Where's my bed?"

Bolting up I look from left to right.

"What? Wasn't I home in bed like 5 minutes ago?" I asked.

'Where the fuuuu…' my thoughts were cut off by a voice behind me.

"Sempai, why are you sitting the middle of the hall?" asked the mystery person.

"Ummm… that's a good question." I replied rubbing my chin.

"Say umm, where is the place?" I asked.

Finally getting to my feet I turn around and faced the person who spoke. It was a boy. He had big round glasses and a head of messy brown hair. He wasn't very tall, he barley came up to my shoulder. 'He looks kind of familiar…(mental gasp) Harry Potter!' (me: Doesn't Haruhi kind of look like Harry Potter from the movie sorcerer's stone?)

"Are you kidding Sempai? This is Ouran Academy. YOU HAVE A UNIFORM!" Harry Potter screamed pointing at me.

"I DO?" I asked confused. Looking down the boy was right. From the blue blazer to the black shine shoes my clothes had completely changed.

'Huh? Who stole my pajamas? WAIT! Did he just say this place was thee OURAN ACADEMY!'

"Ouran Academy! REALLY?"I asked grabbing the Harry Potter look-a-like. Shaking him back and forth.

"SEEENNNPAAI!" Harry Potter look-a-like screamed (me: OH come on! You know it's true! X3)

"Sorry..." I said sheepishly releasing him. Clearing my throat. I looked back at the boy standing in front of me.

"Hey kid, what's your name?" I asked tilting my head slightly to the side.

"Oh I'm Haruhi Fujioka." she said.

"(O.O)..... Hrauhi Fujioka?" i asked in shock.

"Uh huh." she answered

"(O.O)….. And you said this school is Ouran Academy, right?"

"Yeah…" Haruhi said with a raised eyebrow.

"(O.O)…..Host Club?" I squeaked under my breath, turning pale.

"Senpai are you okay?" Haurhi asked with worry in her voice.

…Silence….Wind blowing….Cricket, Cricket…

'I've been teleported into the manga HOST CLUB? B-But how? How is that even possible!' I mentally shouted.

"Ahem of course I'm fine." I replied waving her off. "So, Haruhi where were you headed too?" I asked. 'Well if I'm stuck here I might as well have some fun, right?' My inner self argued back.

"Oh I was on my way to the market to buy some things for the host club."

"Really? Can I come?" I asked. Clasping my hands together.

"Ha sure senpai. (^-^)"

...~Time skip the walk to and from the market~...

*munch, munch, munch*

"So Haruhi why did you have to go shopping for the Host Club?" I asked through a mouthful of Twinkies. (I bought them while Haruhi was shopping)

"I mean can't they go buy their own snacks?"

"Well…" Haruhi swallowed her Twinkie before continuing. "I kind of owe them money for accidently breaking an expensive vase of theirs. And now I'm working as their dog until I pay off my dept."

'OH I SEE! I'm still at the very beginning of the manga. Haruhi's not even a Host yet.' My inner self exclaimed.

"Ha-ha really? That sucks Haruhi." I laughed out as we neared music room 3.

"Senpai not to seem rude but what's your name? (^_^")" Haruhi asked as she reached for the door handle.

'Crap, what do I say! Do I tell her my real name is Valerie? Wait I'm dressed as a guy so do I give myself a dude's name? Come on Valerie think! Think, think, think …LIGHTBULB!'

With a name in mind. I turned and face Haruhi.

"Just call me Vince." I replied just as she opened the door.

*Door opens. Blinding light. Soft music. Girls giggling and talking*


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