"What are we gonna do this weekend Jadey?" Cat asked as they were laying in bed early Friday morning. Cat was tracing shapes on Jade's arm with her finger. Jade turned to face her. "I don't know Cat. What do you wanna do?"
"I just want to spend it in bed with you." she said with a sweet smile. Jade smiled and gave her a light kiss. "I just got paid yesterday. Do you wanna go to a hotel?" Jade asked. Cat sprung up and started jumping on the bed. "Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes! Yes! That sounds so fun!"
"Okay okay Cat, go get in the shower, but don't take too long. I'll make some breakfast."
Cat grabbed her bag and went to Jade's bathroom. Jade got up, brushed her hair and went downstairs to make pancakes. She made two for herself and ate them then make two with chocolate chips for Cat. She put whipped cream and sprinkles on them then headed upstairs to see if Cat was finished yet. She knocked on the bathroom door. "Cat? Are you done yet?"
Cat opened the door, "Yeah" she said with a grin. Jade looked her up and down. She was wearing skin tight skinny jeans and a zip-up floral tank top that showed off her perfect C-cup breasts. Her red hair was pulled back in a curly ponytail and her makeup was perfect. "You're so beautiful." Jade said and kissed her on the cheek as she walked past her and into the bathroom. "I made you some pancakes. They're downstairs all ready for you."
"Thank yoooou!" Cat said skipping down the hallway.
Jade took a fairly quick shower and then got dressed. She put on a black skirt, black tights, a black tank top and her favorite boots. She did her make-up then went downstairs to get Cat.
When she got down there Cat was watching Spongebob and really into it. "Cat?" Jade said walking over to her. "You wanna go now?"
"Oh, yeah sure. Im gonna go get my bag. Just a second."
"Im coming too. I need to get mine." They both went upstairs. Cat grabbed her bag and watched as Jade grabbed hers and shoved some stuff into it. She knelt down and pulled out a box from under her bed. She pulled a couple things from it, shoved them in her bag, then put the box back. "Lets go." Jad said almost in a whisper. "Yay!" Cat squeaked. They went down to the car and drove to a hotel across town, stopping for coffee on the way.
When they got to the hotel Cat waited in the car and sang along to the radio while Jade checked them in. When she was done she came out and got Cat then they headed up to their room.
"This is a nice hotel Jadey."
"Are you supprised or something?"
"No, I was just saying."
Jade took Cat's bag from her and set it down by the window. She put her arms around Cat and kissed her passionately. "This is gonna be a fun weekend." Cat said grinning.
"So... What do you want to do first Kitty Cat?"
"Lets go swimming! Please please please?" she said with a pouty face.
"Yeah, sure why not. Did you bring your bathing suit?"
"Of course I did" she said as she walked over to her bag. Jade picked up her bag and pulled out her dark purple bikini. She looked up and saw that Cat had already stripped all of her clothes off and was searching through her bag. Jade just stood and watched. She finally found it and started putting on her pink and orange bathing suit. The top had ruffles and the matching bottoms were a boyshort style and also had ruffles on the butt. When she was done she looked up at Jade with a questioning expression. Jade blushed and continued to put hers on. It was now Cat's turn to stare. Jade removed her boots, then tights, shirt and then her skirt. Cat didn't dare blink as Jade unhooked her bra and threw it onto the bed then sliped her panties off.
"You're so hot. Fuck." Cat whispered. Jade looked over to a basically drooling Cat and laughed. She continued putting her bikini on then grabbed Cat's hand. On the way out they grabbed a couple towels and the room key then headed downstairs to the indoor pool. There was nobody in the pool room and they jumped in immeadiately. They played marco polo for a while (at Cat's request) and then just swam around. Cat started to get a bit touchy and when she grazed Jade's clit she shot her a warning glance. Some younger girls, their parents and some older adults had came in the room about 30 minutes prior and were all going about their own business. Jade noticed that the hot tub was unoccupied and suggested they move there. They both got out of the pool and quickly hopped in the jacuzzi. Cat sat as close as she could to Jade, obviously wanting to touch her.
"Go turn the bubbles on Cat. Then we can play the hot tub game."
"Whats that?"
"I'm going to fuck you. Right here, right now. And you have to act like nothing is wrong. Okay?" Jade whispered in her ear. Cat widened her eyes and swiftly got out, pushed the button, and got back in. She sat back down on Jade's lap and gave her a peck on the cheek then started up a normal and not suspicious conversation. Jade put her hand on Cat's thigh and moved up untill she felt her bikini bottoms. She pushed them aside and went right for Cat's clit. Cat gasped, but took a deep breath and carried on with the conversation. Jade used her other hand to start on Cat's boob. She groped one, than the other. Then she pinched her nipple and Cat's cheeks turned red. Jade then rubbed up and down her slit and stuck a finger in. Cat stuttered in her speech and sounded slightly out of breath, but nothing too noticable.
The whole time people were walking around them. Families leaving, and families coming in. Nobody using the hot tub though, probably because the two in it were obviously "lesbians".
Jade was picking up speed, thrusting in and out harder and harder and Cat was doing fine remaining composed. But that all changed when Jade removed her hand from Cat's nipple and reached to pull something from her bikini top.
All of the sudden there was a vibration on Cat's clit and she stopped talking. She looked like she was going to cry holding it all in and Jade just smiled. Just added another finger to Cat's pussy and went even faster and at the same time increased the intensity on the small vibrator. They could both feel her orgasm coming and when it happened Jade felt stream after stream of cum flood from Cat and onto her fingers. Cat went limp and Jade had to hold her so she didn't slip underwater. She was letting out quiet moans and shaking a bit. After a minute she recovered and grinned at Jade. "Can we go back up to the room so I can get you back?" asked Cat. Jade licked her lips and stood up. As sexy as she could, she got out of the hot tub, dried off and Cat watched as she walked to the door. Jade turned around to Cat who was still in the water. "Hurry up Kitty Cat, don't want to miss anything." Cat quickly got out and ran after her.