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Skye walked into her room and shut the door behind her to change out of the lab clothes but heard Dr. Shannon call out to her.

'Skye, there is someone here who needs some fixing, could you help please I have to get back to the other patient' she asked from her table.

'Sure Dr. Shannon' she said happily as she anyway didn't want to go back to her house.

She had her day off from Boylan's and her housemates were probably at their internships which would mean that she would be hated being alone these days. Any time that she was alone reminded her of Lucas. Even though it had been two months since she had last, since the time she had helped him get out of the brig where he was locked up and out of Terra Nova. She had occupied herself with her internships at the infirmary and the construction work. Not that it had made her forget him, she could never forget him, but it was a distraction for her mind. But as soon as she would be alone his thoughts would cloud her brain.

She would think of where he was, what he would be doing, would he be alive even— of course he was alive; he couldn't die, no, not without seeing her one last time¬… not without making up with his father…not without giving her one last kiss on her lips…his kiss!…his soft lips taking dominance of her mouth…his tongue in her mouth…his taste…his long fingers gently caressing her body…the night they'd made love…all other nights in the forest…going to sleep everyday annoyed with him…waking up in his arms, though she'd disliked it then, now she would give almost anything in the whole world for that.

In the on and half months after his leave quite some things had changed. Though not completely normal her relation, with Taylor had improved tremendously. Almost all the doubt and suspicion had gone, yet whenever Lucas or his escape came up in their talks or listening to someone else talk of that, Skye feel the doubt and suspicion arise but saw it go soon. Tom Boylan yet remained the only person who knew about what had happened between Skye and Lucas. Josh however was still interested in her. Though Skye tried as much as she could, without getting offensive and letting out her secret, to stay away from him he would always somehow be around.

She tried talking about this to Boylan, but he only said that his job was to keep her secret not give her relationship advises. It made her want to go out into the forest and look for him. She wished she could, but even though all her look overs or baby sitters had been taken off, she found it hard to get away from others' eyes. She was still asked questions about her whereabouts if she were a little late but with pretty less suspicion.

Even now, as she worked on her patient's arm she thought of how she had tended to Lucas. The way he used to flinch but still didn't say much to her. Her thoughts were invaded with the 'ouch' from the patient. She found herself tightly holding onto the broken shoulder.

'Sorry Pete.' She said and inwardly blushed.

'It's fine but can you do this a little faster?' Pete said a little irritated, 'It's been 10 minutes and I need to get back, you know.'

Skye inwardly berated herself and got working as fast as she could. This was the worst part of getting lost in his thoughts. She wouldn't know what she was doing or with who was she standing or even where she was standing. But now again she was distracted with concentration on the broken shoulder. It was fixed into a sling and ready to go. Skye told Pete to rest that arm and not put pressure on that arm at all.

Her duty timing was finished and so she asked Dr. Shannon if she could leave which she allowed her to. Skye went to the locker room and shimmied out of her lab coat and went out into the cool evening and yes what she dreaded was right outside talking to Tasha. Josh. He looked at the door to see whether Skye had come or not as he had done after every minute of the past half hour. Yes! She had come out of the lab wearing a green tank top beneath an open shirt and cargos. She looked just as nice as she everyday did. He quickly said goodbyes to Tasha and came to her.

'Hey!' he said cheerfully.

'Hi Josh.' Skye said with as big as a smile as she could muster.

Skye was really tired at being happy and bright at meeting Josh. She knew that even as she was still friends with him she didn't have the feelings she earlier had for him. All her feelings were only occupied and reserved for five simple letters. L-U-C-A-S.

'So anything up?' josh asked.

'Oh no, nothing just the routine' she answered lazily.

'What did you do today?' he asked a little disappointed by her lack of answer.

'A few broken limbs, some pusses and rashes' she lazily said.

'What is it, Skye?' Josh asked irritated as he was tired of her answering him so wryly. Most of the time he met her she seemed preoccupied and bored to answer. It felt as though she was trying to ignore him. But then she suddenly again would be the friendly old Skye and he would again be back to happiness.

'What?' she asked innocently but knew that her lack of interest had irritated him. It just seemed so hard sometimes to talk to him. Earlier she thought that his behavior was like that because he was new to things or he was just lost because of Kara's death but now she just felt that he was silly and stupid. Earlier she felt all this was somehow cute but after Lucas it just seemed much too naïve. Skye's train of thought was broken when Josh next spoke.

'It's just that you seem so preoccupied and distracted especially when I'm around. Are you ignoring me Skye?' Josh asked sadly.

His sad voice seemed to have got the better of Skye as she spoke very quickly without thinking.

'No Josh, no. I am not ignoring you it's just that these days I get really tired of all the work that I am doing—med- lab, Boylan's bar and all reconstruction work. Any free time I have I just want to rest and sleep. It's just that please don't take it to yourself.' Skye said as politely as she could. She already felt guilty of doing this to Josh even though he was very irritating. He didn't have many friends here in Terra Nova, so feeling ignored by even one of them must feel bad. She wanted to make up to him so she asked brightly 'okay, how about playing a few games of chess with me tomorrow?' they were starting to near her house.

His face brightened at once. 'Sure, after your construction duty?'

'Yeah. That seems just fine.' They had reached her house now.

'Bye then.' She said lightly

Although he was disappointed by not being called inside, he smiled nevertheless 'See you Skye.' He said and bent to give her good bye kiss on her forehead.

Skye very hardly kept from flinching at this. It again remained of how different Josh was from Lucas and how much she yearned that this was Lucas and not Josh. As she shut door behind her she couldn't but think where Lucas was and again in loneliness his thought engulfed her.

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