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Lucas got down from his tree house. It was early, but this time there was no blush pink horizon to greet him but a dark purple-red sky that met his eye. It had been pouring cats and dogs for the past 4 days. He remembered, while he stood holding the railing of the tree house, his father had once told him, "Beware of purple, son. It's the color of poison". Yes, poison. It was what he had become a poison that was going to burn terra nova down to ashes, his father's terra nova, Skye's terra nova, all of it was going to be ashes, exactly what they had made him. He shook his head trying to leave thoughts and get into action.

As he came down briskly a phoenix soldier came to him stone faced, and started saying.

'Sir we are ready to leave.' The soldier said holding his gun, as they started walking towards the clearing where people were getting into the bigger rovers of the phoenix group, to leave for terra nova. He saw Mira talking to another soldier, this one seemed to have some authority though, probably discussing some strategy. She looked up and saw Lucas smirking at her. Her lips curled and her face twitched, as she glared at him.

'How long will it take us to reach under this weather?' Lucas asked turning to look at his escort, who walking indifferently beside him. He wanted to get to terra nova ASAP. He felt that they should reach there by the next night so that they had an advantage of stealth.

'Sir we should be there by tomorrow evening, nearly sun set by the looks of it.'

That was perfect timing, he thought, he would have a good advantage over the terra novans. The malicious part of his brain thought of how every one of them would be sleeping happily, not a care in the world, n how they would wake up 2 c that their whole world had crumbled to his feet. He thought of Skye and how she would wake up to see everything upside down. Just like what she had done to him.

'Get me the checks and the surveys of your rovers and also the surveillance records of terra nova. And make it quick.' he said. Lucas looked around the camp as the soldier scurried away. The whole clearing was bustling. People were getting into the bigger rovers.

Lucas suddenly looked around trying to find ginger, he had to look for some time until he saw her, in line to get into the big rover, clinging to an older man, whom Lucas assumed to be her dad. For the past four days, he hadn't talked to her. He'd been too busy.

He knew she hadn't deserved his rashness the other day but at that time everything had seemed bad. He had been so frustrated that every1 seemed to b against him. Everyone was. Everyone but ginger. And he had been so harsh to her. After whatever had happened, the little fondness or the purer part of his heart was still because and for ginger who had promised to stand by him with her benign and undamaged heart. No, he wouldn't be mean to her. He would try to b friends with her again.
Just as he thought of going and talking to her she turned her face-the face that he loved-looking sleepy due to the early hour. Her eyes-beautiful eyes-widened a little and became sharp as she looked at him. There wasn't a clear expression as her face went from surprise 2 smile 2 remembrance anger 2 annoyance 2 flustered in a period of seconds.
Lucas smiled at this a little hopefully. But she just turned her head in jerk pride. He knew that getting her to talk to him wasn't going to be easy but he would coax her somehow. After all ,she was his best and only friend. It was funny how he had found emotional refuge in a "six and a half" year old.

'Sir?' The soldier had come back with a plex.


'The data and the reports you asked for are here. Everything is mostly according to the plan.' He said.
Lucas liked it that everything was going by the plan. He knew from numerous painful experiences that the things that went by the plan were only fruitful.

'Good then, just try to eliminate the "mostly" '

'Yes sir,'

'Now what are we waiting for? Aren't we late enough?' Lucas asked looking around impatiently as few final people got into the rovers. Ginger had disappeared, Mira too was walking towards the line of rovers. He too looked at the rovers and asked to the mute soldier beside him.

'Which ones mine?'

'The first one, sir'. Neat. He liked being first.

'Hey genius,' Mira's voice said harshly from behind.

'Mira.' He said through his teeth.

'We are reaching by tomorrow, and I still don't know what your plans are except "invade and shoot as many as possible but bring skye and Taylor to me"' she mimicked his voice with annoying arrogance.

'For once Mira can you just obey?' He said sarcastically, she scowled at him. 'don't worry, I'll let you know when we get there.'

'So its gonna be a spontaneous attack?' she asked disbelievingly.

'Seriously, Mira, do you even use your head?' he asked coldly.

'Well I do, but I don't think you have any space left in yours after the arrogance. God only knows what you'd do with that kind of an attitude.' She retorted just as frostily.

'Yeah, but even with the arrogance I'm not a fool to invade that colony without a strategy, coz like it or not they do have a good security. And we won't attack spontaneously. If the reports are right, we'll be there by tomorrow evening. And we are taking on terra nova at midnight, when the duties change. Get it?' he asked her as though she had hard time understanding.

She was still scowling at him but only said,

'Let's just hope that this plan of yours is better than your other plans.' She smiled at him unfeelingly, gave a little nod to something behind Lucas and left to get into the second rover in the line. Lucas turned his head again to face the soldier.

'Sir,' he turned and made way to let him in to the rover. Now Lucas realized why the soldier had been next to him for the whole time. This must be his new assistant that Mira had placed with him. Though he might come in handy. Lucas, too, gave him a nod and sat in the passenger seat.

This was going to be another journey. But this journey would end in his victory. When he would have everything that he had ever wanted.

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