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It was about 10 minutes that Dr. Shannon had arrived looking angry, she was in her casual but had a bag in a hand. Behind her came the two men, still holding guns.

'where is she?' she asked glaring at Lucas.

'inside here.' He pointed to the room. The doctor quickly went into the room , set her bag down and touched Skye's head, her eyes widened and she huffed at Lucas. She took her pulse and then took out a remote like thing. she switched it and a lase beamed. She scanned Skye's body with it and then it gave a holographic review.

'get me some water.' She said with ought looking up from Skye's scans. Lucas gestured to one of the men and he brought a pitcher and a glass of water to the doctor.

'Pour.' She commanded as if it was obvious. Taking the now filled glass of water, she sprinkled a bit with her hand on Skye. Her eyes fluttered and Lucas drew in a breath ever so lightly.

'L-Lucas?' her, still very weak, voice wavered. Before he could say anything the doctor cut in.

'Skye, dear how are you?' she asked gently, her accent making her sound like piano music.

'Dr. Shannon. Hi. I'm fine.' She came to her senses

'Skye, you have a 103° fever, you look like you've been tortured continuously, you don't look like you've slept in the last 24 hours, you've bandages that don't look like they've been changed since yesterday.. You passed out in a strange man's arms a few minutes ago. And you've not eaten in the last four days. None of this helps your last statement of being fine. So you are definitely not fine.' Dr. Shannon finished her "oh puh-lease!"monologue with a lethal look at Lucas.

Only for a moment Lucas was reminded of his own mother. Then he felt like a schoolboy again, scared of a women standing in front of him, worried he was getting a detention. But then he substantiated that neither situations held. And started defensively angry but voice something else.

'Four days? she's been here only one.' Lucas asked confused

'Well, she was in the clinic for three days, unconscious, thanks again to you. I thought you'd deduce. ' She scoffed.

'Listen, I—' he started but she turned to look at Skye.

'Anyway, you'll be fine okay, here's a pill that you should take, after you've eaten. You might feel a bit cold for some time, this pill has that side effect, but you can just heat the bed, okay; You two,' she looked at the big stones standing beside Lucas. 'come with me. Take some food. Skye, I should get going; the girls are alone. Take care of yourself since there's no one else around to do so for you.' Giving him another look and turning back to Skye, she smiled with a "you take care, he's a moron" look, that is commonly found on mothers.

It was after a quarter of an hour, that the smell of yummy chicken enlivened the room. They sat on the bed with the delicious food that Dr. Shannon had sent. Skye started eating right from the packed box.

Lucas got a plate from inside and got his food into the plate and ate silently. His thoughts were all swirling around the pretty girl in front of him, who was eating like she had seen food for the first time. After her stomach had finally settled a bit, Skye spoke,

'why are you eating with me?' her voice only curious. He seemed surprised with this, as if he himself did not know why. But the next moment he smirked evilly.

'You know you are the ill and stuff and I really don't want that doctor woman to on my ass. So. And anyway, it's entertaining to eat sitting with an enemy. They are right under your nose and you get to know a few tactics.' He said casually.

'since when did I become your enemy?' sadly.

'since you were a betraying bitch.' He answered coldly. Skye's eyes started tearing and she looked down into her food. A small tear rolled down her cheek. Lucas shook his head with sarcastic "really?" look. He lifted his hand near her face to wipe the tear but Skye moved back.

'Please Skye, we both know, it did not mean anything. It was all a—' Skye had looked up with the most hurt and upset look on her face.

'Go on say it' her voice barely above a whisper, her face streaked with tears.

'we don't want you get worse so let's end this conversation here.' He said, getting up and taking everything off the bed. 'go to sleep. We can continue when you are better, and after I've destroyed this place.' He smiled at her from the door, the smile he had when they met in the Sixers camp. It made your heart flutter and yet made you fear whatever was coming.*

At around 12 in the night the lights went out. Within fifteen minutes of that a soldier had come to the command centre and woke Lucas up from his couch by thumping on the door.

He had to go to check the lights and took him about 45 minutes to sort it out. It appeared that the rovers had taken far too much energy than he had thought. It was going to be fixed the way Lucas had explained it to them, but would take a couple hours to get it right. The men had to go out and get some wood. Lucas had not decided what they'd use to replace the batteries and it would be morning till the solar energy could be turned on.

Finally he had come back to the house. He changed to some newly acquired shorts and took his shirt off, because of the heat and was back on the couch, when he remembered Skye. She must be sleeping but why not check on her?

Why am I doing this? he asked himself. It's only because I want her to get back to normal and then hurt her worse. It would be the better and more ironical thing to do. Getting her ready and then attacking her. Like she had done to me. Yes exactly what she had done to me.

'Skye?' he knocked on the door. 'Skye?'

'hhmhmm?' her voice wavered. Was she shivering? The doctor woman said that she'd be cold. Without asking, he entered to see Skye's body cocooned into the blankets. It seemed to be moving. She is shivering.

'w-what hap-happened t-to the electr-tricity?' her voice came muffled from the blankets.

'there's been a problem, producing the new rovers took up a lot of energy, so the batteries are out an we can't charge them until tomorrow cuz they are solar, so a few men ha—'

'Oh, c-cut it out.' She moaned from underneath her layers of heat.

'fine; the energy is used up so it'll be a couple hours till there be electricity.' He said

'crap!' she whined from underneath.


'oh not-thing, ju-just tha- I'll-I'll fffreeze t-till the-then.' She yelled and stammered at the same time.

'no you won't.' he snapped at her, thinking fast.

'I-I will.'

Lucas sighed angrily and berated himself for doing so but his sleepy head did not want to bicker and her shivering was getting to his nerves. He swiftly moved to the other side of the bed, pulled up the layers and got in beside her.

She gasped and his face wrinkled from the loudness of it.

'hush!' he whispered irritated. She breathed in and whispered back, shocked.

'y-you—what are you trying to do?!'

'I'm trying to get you decrease your volume and stop you from getting worse, or you will freeze.'

He put hi arm around her and even though his senses were a little down, he was surprised.

'why the hell are you wearing this?'

'I-I did not thi-think, it'd be thi-this b-bad. P-plus th-there's not m-much sele-lection th-that your m-men have go-got me. M-most of it is l-lace and ski-impy cl-clothes. Ha-half my clothes ar-are s-see-throu-through's. ooh.' She said as yet another shiver ran down her spine. She snuggled closer into him. He did not recede but tightened his arms around her.

'Whats your excuse for washing you hair so cold?' he asked taking in the sweet apple like smell of her hair.

'Hey, don't complain, you wouldn't want to smell unwashed hair and body of five days.' she felt him shaking his head. The stubble tickling her collar.

It was after a few silent minutes that she spoke.

'W-why are you doing this?' she asked once again curious.

'Body heat.' He answered curtly.

'I know that. We've been through this before.'

'Then I am surprised you are you asking.' was the cold answer she received It might have made her shiver but his arms kept her warm.

She knew he wasn't wearing his shirt. She could feel it beneath her own very thin layer of clothing. He was hot, in every sense. Skye blushed at the idea, feeling heat after a long time and drifted off.

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