Damn that bitch.

Sherlock was beyond upset, as his bothersome older brother had oh so delicately put it, he was livid. Mycroft had sent him after that Woman and now his blogger was missing. The smiley face on the wall now had a clean hole in between its mocking eyes. Damn him and damn her for taking his John. It was only a phone with some boring pictures. Why did she drug him and then take John? It made no sense. John was no threat to her.

'I doubt the wall knows anything Sherlock.'

Sherlock turned John's Browning away from the wall and pointed it straight at his treacherous brother's unbeating heart. 'If you have nothing to help me get John back then get out or so help me the next bullet I fire will be through you.'

Mycroft's nose wrinkled as he looked down it at his younger brother and the weapon in his hand. 'I cannot help you…'

'Will not.'

He sighed, 'Be that as it may. I cannot help you to recover Doctor Watson.'

Sherlock practically growled at the other man, 'Get out.'

'Now Sherlock…'

His voice turned deadly quiet, 'Get. Out.'

As soon as Mycroft was gone, Sherlock turned the gun back on the smiley face and promptly emptied the clip.

Fine, if he wasn't going to help, then he wouldn't see them again. A deadly smile crossed his lips. The Woman wouldn't know what hit her.

'Mrs. Hudson.'


'Wakey, wakey Doctor.' Irene's voice was a purr as she gently caressed John's cheek with her riding crop. The barely conscious man was tied up and most conveniently chained sitting up against the wall in her new home. She hadn't intended to take him at first, that day that they had met, but the temptation was too great. After all he was ever so concerned for poor darling Sherlock Holmes that she just had to see if she could make a proper sub out of him. Military men made for the most beautifully compliant slaves after all. He would be a gift for the detective. He would be properly broken, so that even the Virgin couldn't mistake his purpose for being returned. She shivered in delight. 'It's time for your first lesson, so that you will be ready for when your Detective comes to fetch you.'

'What?' John's voice was quiet and slurred. He was fighting the drugs that she had dosed him with, with little success. A quick flick of the wrist and his cheek stung from the blow that she had delivered with the crop.

'Silence Doctor.' Irene caressed his cheek with the crop again, delighting in the red mark that was blossoming on his tanned skin. 'You will be addressing me as Mistress from now on. At least until the Detective gets here. Then He will be your Master.' Her tone turned harsh as she grabbed his hair and pulled with fingers that had turned into claws. 'Understand Doctor?'

John blinked up at her, a touch of fear entering his dark eyes, as his scalp was clawed again as she pulled his head farther back.


He had no choice. He had to play her game if he wanted to get back to Sherlock. 'Yes.'

'Yes, what?'

This time it was a strike by the crop to his groin that brought tears to his eyes as his head was pulled still farther back. 'Yes Mistress,' he gasped out.

Releasing him, she patted his head with a soft smile. 'Good boy Doctor.' Settling herself on a chair directly before him, she placed a bare foot directly in front of his lips. 'Lesson One: Obedience.' Tapping his nose with her big toe, she smirked. 'As we have already established you will call me Mistress, at least until your Dom comes to fetch you. For him, you will call him Master or Detective, unless he tells you that he prefers otherwise. Understood?'

John grimaced as he nodded. 'Yes Mistress.'

'Delightful, you're learning already.' She slapped him on the cheek with the bottom of her foot. 'Next time don't give me that look.' Tapping his nose again she continued. 'You will do as I say until you are retrieved, unless you prefer we do this the hard way. Believe me, the hard way is much more fun for me then you, no matter how little I like harming the subs I am training.' She smirked. 'Punishment for disobeying varies with the situation of course Doctor, sometime it will be as now, a little love tap as it were. Other times I'm afraid I will have to be much harsher and then real pain will be involved. Understood?'

This time John was able to keep his face smooth and bland as he answered. 'Yes, Mistress.' God he hoped that Sherlock came soon. She sounded like she was perfectly serious about breaking him.


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