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'Have you been reading that website The Science of Deduction?'

'Bluebell, Greg! Bluebell teneo, scilicet, in-de tenebris lumen evanecens leporis. NATO suus in tumultus.'

Greg rolled his eyes, leave it to his friend to answer him in Latin when bored. He had brought Sherlock along with him to investigate the supposed hell-hound haunting Dartmoor. Trust Mycroft Holmes to use a poor disturbed man's delusions to try to flush out Sherlock. All he'd get of course was he and his cousin meeting with another cousin, while he interviewed Henry Knight on the side. 'Heddwyn, next time please just answer in English. You know I don't speak Latin.'


He rolled his eyes, well if Sherlock wanted to act like a child, so be it. 'Yes well, Mister Holmes sent me out here for a reason. We're here not just because you have an interview with Cousin Josephine, you know.'

'Holmes est asinum.'

Greg couldn't help but laugh. He had a good idea of what that had meant. Any chance to insult Mycroft after all. 'And how does Iain feel about you coming up here with me? Will he be all right by himself?'

'Iain satis est ut bona subiectis domi manere debet. Clamabit ad me, si quaestio est domi. Erit denique solus.'

A female laugh drew the attention of both men to a dark haired woman standing just inside the pub's entrance.

'Josephine.' Greg was happy to see his cousin. She was as elegant as ever. Three years younger than him and still as stunning as she had been when they were teens. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a fashionable twist to compliment her black Armani suit.

'Gregory. How wonderful to see you again.' She placed both hands on his shoulders and kissed both of his cheeks in the French style. 'And Cousin Heddwyn. How delightful to see you again after so many years.'

'Indeed. We were both quite young the last time we met.' Sherlock took her hand and kissed her fingertips. 'You are as lovely as ever.'

'Flatterer.' She sat in the chair that Sherlock pulled out for her and turned her attention back to Greg. 'So you mentioned that Heddwyn needed a bit of work? How can I help?'

Greg motioned to Sherlock and smiled nervously. 'Well as I'm sure you noticed he has good voice. I know that you are a producer, so I thought…'

She smiled knowingly. 'Ah. You are right I did notice.' She turned to Sherlock, her expression turning serious. 'So Heddwyn did Gregory tell you about what exactly I do, or did he neglect that?'

Greg smirked inwardly as Sherlock's eyes narrowed. He very deliberately didn't tell his friend anything about Josephine, because he well knew that the now retired detective would want to discover her for himself.

'Well what I know about you is that you are happily married with two, no, three children. The eldest is in sixth form and nearly ready to graduate and the youngest is still in primary. You are a producer in the audio book industry, rather than one of the more lucrative talent fields. You prefer actually getting to know your talent. Interesting.' He paused for a moment as he considered her. 'And you are pleased with my voice and will most likely hire me, provided I read well of course.'

Josephine laughed, delighted with her new cousin. 'You are right Gregory, he is fantastic.' She pulled a Blackberry™ out of her pocket and a small book out of her purse. A few quick motions and the book was open before Sherlock and the Blackberry was recording.

"Tell the Truth but tell it Slant -
Success in Circuit lies
Too bright for our infirm Delight
The Truth's superb surprise

As Lightening to the Children eased
With explanation kind
The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind-

Emily Dickenson."

Josephine looked as though she could not be more pleased. Sherlock was apparently everything that she had been looking for. This made Greg very happy. It would make John happy too to find out that Sherlock had impressed his cousin and had actually managed to not make an ass out of himself.

'Well, Heddwyn I can definitely say that I can use a voice like yours.' She handed him a pair of business cards. 'One of those is mine and the other belongs to a very good manager. With a voice like yours, you're going to need him.'

'Josephine Brook and William McLean.'

'He prefers Bill, but he's one of the best. Honest too. He'll be able to get you a good contract and help find other voice work whenever you are interested in expanding your résumé.' She cleared her throat. 'Though I do have a question for you.'


'Now please don't take this wrong, but some voice actors refuse to use anything but their real names. I was wondering if there was a name we could use for you, just professionally mind you, such as your middle name, or a name you just like?'

Sherlock looked to Greg confusion etched on his face. Greg shrugged. He had no answer for him really, but it would help add another layer of protection for his friend if his professional name was different. 'Well your middle name is Benedict isn't it? What about that?'

Sherlock's eyebrows drew together for a moment before he relaxed and smiled. 'That could work.' He looked at Josephine again. 'How about I just go by Benedict Lestrade?'

She smiled at both of them and nodded. 'Simple enough. Welcome to Luna Audio Benedict Lestrade, I look forward to working with you.


Translations for the Latin...

Bluebell Greg. I've got Bluebell, the case of the vanishing glow-in-the-dark rabbit. NATO's in an uproar.


Holmes is an ass.

Iain is quite content to remain at home like a good submissive should. He will call me if there is a problem at home. He will be fine alone.