She had always been his Zelda. He just never realized it before until he had lost her; and he would make sure he never lost her again. He sat there under a makeshift hut, made of twigs and leaves that some kikwii had helped him build. He had gotten up a lot earlier than usual which was strange. Usually he would wake up in the morning and fall back into slumber; However he was uneasy and unable to fall back asleep. Lost in train of thought, Link lowered his head to admire the georgeous young blond resting her head on his lap. Her breath was heavily stirring yet she layed completly still and peaceful. Slowly, the young hero continually whisked his fingers through her silky yellow hair. Her beauty surpassed any other woman on the face of the earth or the islands in the sky. It had literally been just yesterday that he was reunited with his beloved and they decided to stay together on the surface. He couldnt bring himself to take his eyes off of her and he sure didn't want to move and wake her from her deep sleep. So he remained still and patient while he waited for her to get up. She must have felt like this all the time back in their younger, more vulnerable days back in Skyloft. Constantly waking him because she was tired of waiting for him.

Today was the day he would begin building a shelter for them to call home. He was way too anxious he almost thought of waking her up but he couldn't do it. She was exhausted from yesterday; Everyone was in scrambles trying to build this temporary roof for the two of them. Running back and forth with sticks and leaves had tired her out. He didn't have to wait long though, because as soon as he attempted to move her to get up and not disturb her, she turned her head to look up at him.

"Good morning sleepyhead." Link joked, turning the tables on her. She was always the one to say that. Zelda giggled.

"Your silly, Link." She stated, still weary. He grinned as he brushed away a few strands of hair away from her face.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Of course I did. I got to sleep next to you."

"That's a rare occasion." He teased. Zelda rose from her sleeping position and brushed some dirt off of her dress.

"I have a sudden feeling the occasion will become very common." Flirted a blushing Zelda, holing out her hand for her hero. He gladly took it and allowed her to help himself up. She walked a few steps to a small bag filled to the brim with potions, food and tools. It was somewhat of a parting gift from Zelda's father; He promised to drop in and deliver items for them every once in a while. Behind the bag was a large axe that she picked up and then handed to Link. He gave it a test swing while Zelda fetched a small hand saw.

"I hate to start working so sudden." She began. " I want to make this dream into a reality as soon as possible."

He threw the axe over his shoulder and gestured for her to hold his hand. She did and together they walked off into the forest following a dirt path. Link was beaming, he was holding her hand and it felt good. Though their feelings for eachother were quite obvious neither party had confessed these feelings or made a move on eachother. All that ever happened between them was minimal flirting, but they had been doing that for years. Nonetheless, clutching her hand in his made him feel like he was closer to her. She was leading the way as usual, not that he minded; But he did feel like she was passing some good trees. Suddely she stopped at the edge of the forest where a very clear plain of grass and flowers laid peacefully on the ground. Link had never paid attention to this area on his travels. He watched as Zelda dropped her saw and froliced into the center of the the field. It was a small dirt circle at the end of the path. It seemed perfect to begin building, and there were trees waiting to be chopped down just behind them. Once those were gone he would have to venture into the deep woods for lumber.

"It's perfect!" She shouted at him from afar.

"I want the house to be right here!"

She pointed to the dirt circle, where the two of them met walking towards eachother.

"Look over there Link. There are so many beautiful flowers!" She exclaimed happily. "We could build something over there too!"

"You know we would have to destroy all these pretty flowers, right?" Link informed her.

She put her hands on her hips and gave him a strange look. The look she always gave him when she knew she was going to get away with something crazy.

"Nonsense! I forgot to pick up the hoe, so why don't you go get that while I save the lives of these plants!" She demanded as she hopped on a rope and swung over to the other side; Beginning to plucking flowers from the ground. He wouldn't say no to her, he couldn't. He only smirked and went on his way back to the camp. He had managed to reach his destination in less than five minutes. He retreived the hoe and even the rest of the bag in case she wanted something else out of it and then headed back out into the woods. He had been but halfway there when he heard Zelda scream and he took off sprinting. He had dropped everything he held once he reached the feild and drew his sword only to find that she was completly fine. She must have been startled when she pulled a frightened kikwii out of the ground. He sheathed his weapon, picked up the stuff he dropped and casually approched the two of them.

He was shocked to see how much she had got done in the little amount of time he was gone. She was nearly finished when she came across their little friend. It was Lopsa, who claimed he heard loud rustling and dug into the ground. It soon took off back into the forest and left Link and Zelda alone. While she continued to gather her flowers, he started flatening the rest of the ground on the other side with the hoe. By noon, the entire area was evenly cultivated and they were ready to begin. The plants had been put to the side while Zelda obtained small sticks. Link let her be in charge of the entire project, only he would do all the hard work. He wanted her to have the house she always dreamed of; And she knew exactly what she wanted. One by one she placed a stick where she wanted him to start building. He decided the small trees could stay, for he had a different idea for them. It took almost an hour to chop down a large tree. Once it fell, he would cut it into halves and create planks out of it, while Zelda cut off excess limbs and branches with her hand saw. For her the work was hard, she had never done so much labor in just one day. She had gotten tired way before Link had. He suggested she take a quick nap and assured her he would take care of the rest.

By the time she awoke, she found herself in a differant area than where she had fallen asleep. Link must had picked her up and relocated her. She stood up and searched her surroundings. She noticed that he had finished off at least seven trees. He had carefully carved and placed planks of wood adjacent to eachother on the flattened ground, right where the sticks had been placed. He even had started on building walls, though he was not close to finished. Zelda had high hopes for this room he was building; It was to be their kitchen and she could already picture exactly how she wanted it. A sink here, a table there. She hoped Link would agree as well. She looked around, but didn't see him. Where was he? She beconed for him but he did not respond. She started to worry. Again, she called out. This time she saw him at the end of the forest path carrying a bundle of planks on his back. She wanted to turn away to hide her blush. However, she couldn't bring herself to do it. He was shirtless and sweaty. His body was chisled, with defined muscles Zelda found extremly attractive. She felt the need to reach out and touch him and feel every inch of his physique, but that would be inappropriate and awkward.

"Daydreaming again?" Teased a weary Link as he dropped the wood at his feet.

"I suppose." She replied, still gawking at him. He had to have noticed her distraction but he didn't call her out on it. Instead he continued on with putting peices together.

"You've done a lot already." She stated.

"I hope to get at least half way done before the day ends."

"Well don't overwork yourself."

"Don't you worry about a thing."

Zelda pulled out two bottles of cold pumpkin soup from the bag. One of them was already half slurped up. She gave Link a questionable look, he was guilty but he admitted it. He informed her that he had a little bit earlier while he was working. She opened each bottle and poured some into the almost empty bottle to make an equal amount in each.

He sat down next to her on the wooden floor and held out his hand for the bottle of soup. When she handed it over to him their fingers touched ever so slightly. At that second everything was still, even the wind seemed to suspend. They were locked in each others eyes for only a moment. Zelda could have swore he was about to kiss her but she wasn't sure. Just as soon as it started, the perusing gaze was over. He chugged the entire bottle within minutes while she slowly sipped away at hers. He was distracting her from her dinner. She loved the feeling she got when their skin touched. That tingling sensation she felt when their fingers crossed made her heart sour.

"Is something wrong?" Link inquired, snapping her back to reality.

"No, nothing!" She exclaimed, placing her cup on the floor next to her. He was clearly still curious so she tried to change the subject.

"Look at the sun. It looks so far away from here than it does in Skyloft."

He nodded.

"And just look at how the clouds change colors the closer it gets to the horizon."

He was commenting on the orangish-pink hue of the sunset. Something rare to ever see in the sky. It was a beautiful sight.

"It's funny. I never expected to be sitting here one day on the surface." Zelda said as she leaned back, supporting her weight with her hands. Link noticed this and cautiously placed his hand over hers and clamped his fingers around it.

"It feels right." He divulged; and she slipped her fingers through his so they could watch the sunset together hand-in-hand.

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