When the morning came, the sun shone brighter than it ever had. Beams of light cut through the trees and cast upon Zelda. She regained consciousness once she felt the sun's warmth on her skin. Her eyelids were tinted pink, until she opened them. Her hand was resting against her stomach as she laid on her side. She noticed that her companion had too slept on his side and maneuvered his arm around her to clasp his hand over hers. He was calm and very still. She payed close attention to his hand; His skin tone was a bit darker than hers and the size of it was a bit larger compared to hers. She then felt his hot breath on her, causing strands of her hair to tickle her ear. Her heartbeat felt so loud she was afraid it would wake him up.

Link was too modest to lay close to her during the night; She figured he must have turned over in his sleep. It was already a bit strange to sleep next to a man; And even stranger to be held by one, especially in such a private place. Yet, it felt so right in his arms. She wished that moment would never end. With every deep exhale he made, she cringed a little. Goosebumps ran up her arms and legs. Slowly, she turned her hand, being careful not to wake him and slid her fingers in between his. She was surprised when he tightened his grip on her hand as a result.

"You're awake?" She questioned, turning her head slightly towards him.

"Yeah, Kind of." He mumbled with eyes still closed. She took into account of the curves of his lips as he smiled a little bit; Eyes still closed.

"How long have you been awake?" She asked; Getting no response this time. She waited a few seconds before turning back over to indulge the moment as long as she could.

It would be short-lived; She had suddenly sneezed. Alarmed, Link sprang up immediately. Zelda sat up and placed a reassuring hand on his leg. He looked down at her and held out his hand for her. She grabbed it and he gently pulled her to her feet.

"You look a bit pale." He stated, placing his hand on her warm forehead. "You're warm. Do you feel okay?"

"I'm fine."

"I think you're getting sick. Maybe you should rest for today." He recommended, picking up a plank of wood.

Zelda ignored what he told her. Instead, she watching him hammer away on some boards and then decided to walk into the kitchen. She pulled out of her bag some of the pumpkin seeds her father gave her and the hoe and began to level out the ground outside. She dug next to the kitchen's far wall, where Link was going to build a door for better access. One by one she planted a seed, making sure they were evenly parted for them to grow. She laid the hoe against the wall and walked back into the room. Water from the flower pot Link had gave her went to water the seeds, and she replaced the water with some from the small pond to the north.

When she arrived back at the house, She placed the pot back on the floor and sat down next to it. She pulled the bag her father gave her towards herself and pulled out it's contents. Their bread supply was running low; She wished her father would have brought more of it. If he brought her more seeds she could make her own bread once her and Link built got an oven made. That would be a long time from now. She took out a bottle of soup and pealed off a piece of bread to give to Link.

When she handed it to him he thanked her and put down his supplies so he could properly enjoy his meal. The two friends sat down next to each other on the wooden floor.

"We are running out of bread." She stated, trying to make small talk.

"You could have gave me soup then." He replied; With food in his mouth of course.

"I thought you were getting tired of soup."

"No." He began. "I'm just tired of Pumpkin."

Zelda thought for a moment. There had to be some undicovered fruits or plants on the surface; But how would anyone go about finding these foods? And then there's the chance of it being poisonous.

"Where do you think we could find new food?" She questioned, hoping to get some clues.

"I remember the kikwis eating a large yellow fruit. I think I saw some not to long ago."

Link beckoned her to follow him as he passed under a nearby arch and under the limbs of Faron's tree. They followed the path up this hill until they reached the waterfall bridge. There was a tree adjacent to the entrance with two yellow fruits hanging from it. He threw Zelda a bow and arrow and walked underneath the tree.

"Shoot the stem so the fruit will fall and I will catch it." He said with his arms out.

"I've never used a bow before." She said. He laughed and walked over to her, matching his body to hers. He put his head on her shoulder and his hands on both of hers and controlled her like a puppet, showing her how to hold the bow properly.

"Hold it just like this, Keep your elbow straight." He demanded. With his hand on hers he pulled her right arm back and they both let go, causing the arrow to lodge itself into the tree where he had her aim. It seemed so simple, she was able to perfectly shoot the stem with no problems whatsoever. She must have used it in her past life, as Hylia.

With the fruit retrieved, the couple headed back to the house. Once there, Link took out a knife and cut into the fruits tough skin and carved out a small piece for the both of them. The fruit tasted very soft, and extremely juicy.

"It's a bit tangy." Zelda stated with a sour face.

"But more appetizing than pumpkin." Link added.

"I just planted a bunch of pumpkin seeds though. So we should eat this until we get tired of it." She laughed.

Suddenly there was a loud cry from the sky. A dark grey loftwing appeared from the sky, screeching as it got closer to the ground. Groose was waving from above and jumped off his bird once he had gotten close enough. Without even a word he ran and sat down with Link and Zelda with a big goofy smile on his face.

"What are we eating?" He joked. Zelda stared at him, unsure what to think.

"I think the question is, what are you doing here?" She joked back.

"What? I can't come see how my old buddy is doing?" Replied a defensive Groose, placing a hand on Link's shoulder and shaking him. "It's not like he comes to visit me!"

"We promised each other we wouldn't leave; We have to watch over the Triforce." Link said, pointing to the bright glow in the distance where the head of the goddess statue could be seen.

"Yeah, Yeah. It's lonely in Skyloft without you two bozos, so I want to stay down here for a while."

Link and Zelda looked at each other with smiles on their faces. At one time, Groose was annoying and they hated being around him. Since the whole ordeal they've grown to enjoy his company and Zelda was enthralled about the two men becoming friends after all the years of fighting.

"How long have you been building?" Groose asked, looking around at what Link had done.

"It's been a few days."

"You may be a better fighter than I am, but I'm still a better carpenter. " He boasted with a smug smirk on his face. Link shook his head, laughing all the while.

"I can help! After all I did build the Groosenator in one day! What else are you building? one bedroom? Two houses?"

"I want two bedrooms, one house." Zelda replied.

"Why do you want two bedrooms?" Asked a dumbfounded Groose, looking at Zelda and then to Link.

"Don't tell me somethings going on here? No babies yet; right guys!" He said, laughing hysterically.

Groose's comment made them both turn bright red and the situation extremely awkward. Zelda simply walked away, ignoring what he just said.

The rest of the day consisted of Link and Groose continuing to build the house, just how Zelda wanted; A living room to the right of the kitchen, a hallway arch on the left side of the room by the kitchen that lined the width of the living room and connected to two bedrooms. In the middle of these rooms was a large bathroom. With Groose helping, the house was nearly complete. The living room was finished and so was the hallway the two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Included in their building was counters for the kitchen and a table and chairs. Even Link was impressed at how much Groose was able to do without help. All the usual household essentials were built for the house. By the end of the day, they all said their goodbyes and Groose left for Skyloft; Promising to return sometime within the week.

Now that Link and Zelda had their own rooms and beds, there was no need to sleep together. The thought of not sleeping next to her any more deeply worried Link. The thought of some obscene scenario taking place in the middle of the night, any thing could happen to her. In just a second she could be dead and he couldn't bring her back. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked up at Zelda, who was sitting across from him at the small kitchen table. She was slowly eating some more of the Kikwi fruit. When she noticed him watching her she offered him a peice of her fruit, which he declined.

"Are you okay?" She finally asked.

"Yes." He said laying his palm against his cheek. "Just getting my daily dose of you before I go to bed."

Zelda giggled at his response and gave him that smile he loved so much.

"You'll see me in the morning, silly."

"That's eight hours of you being alone, unprotected from danger!" He exclaimed, taking a piece of the fruit.

"Alone?" She questioned. "You won't be alone, Link. I'll be just down the hall. We have two bedrooms now."

"That doesn't mean we can't sleep in the same room."

"You know how my father would feel. Whether you saved my life or not, he would dissaprove. If he were to find out we were living in the same house, Let alone laying together in the same bed! He would be furious!"

What Zelda said was true. Living together without a ceramonial get-together would be a transgression. Even though the surface was theirs to control, the young couple wished not to ignore crutial Skyloft traditions.
That would mean that the two would have to partake in ritual called the Lover's Sacrament. Link had only seen such a ceramony once, when Jakamar and Wryna coupled. The setting was under the Goddess statue. The man and woman involved had to spend three days and three nights away from eachother to produce a mask. That mask would be presented to the opposite sex on the fourth day and they would join into a single one, the couple's mask. It signifies that the two creators were married. The thought of actually performing this ritual with Zelda made Link feel uneasy in the pit of his stomach. He even began to feel heat on his cheeks when he began to think of what comes after that. Copulating the night thereof, that's what he was most nervous about. Not to mention procreation of children! He shook the thoughts out of his head, those moments would be a long way to come.

Building another home wouldn't be much of a problem for Link, especially Groose. The only thing that bothered him about everything was sleeping so far away from his beloved at night. He had grown accustomed to laying beside her and opening his eyes in the morning to see her face. That would be the hard part. For the time being the two of them would have to sleep under the same roof unbeknownst to the people of Skyloft. Link even thought about constructing more homes in the hopes more people from Skyloft would journey down to settle here.

"Link! Focus!" Giggled an excited Zelda with her vibrant smile. He snapped back into reality out of his wondering thoughts.

"I don't mind if we lay together, in fact I was hoping that-" She stopped talking, grabbing his attention.

"Hoping for what?" He asked on the edge of his seat.

"Well.. I was hoping we could lay together the same way we did this morning." She said sheepishly. Link didn't hesitate and quickly nodded his head. Before heading to bed, Link went out and fetched several buckets of water for the new bath. Zelda went first and when she was done he went in to wash up. Once he put on his clothes, a white shirt and pants for sleeping in; He walked into Zelda's room. She was already laying down in her bed. He figured she was asleep because her eyes were closed so he quietly approached the bed.

Link sat down next to her preparing to lay down. He pulled the blanket over himself and slowly rested his head on the pillow. He was hesitant to put his arm around her, but he cautiously positioned himself the same way he was that morning. He took into account how heavenly her damp hair smelled; And how much his body, mostly his hands, were trembling because of how close they were. Zelda turned her body so she could lie on her back to face him.



"Does it bother you? Holding me like this?" She asked with a shaky voice.

"No." He breathed "I love holding you."

"Whys that?" She questioned. She could hardly see his face because of the minimal amount of light in the room but she couldn't help noticing how his eyes sparkled dimly in the moonlight, almost like he was about to shed a tear. She would never find out, for he closed them and planted a loving kiss on her forehead.

"When youre in my arms, I know ill never lose you." He divulged, tightening his grip on her hand and placing it on his chest. Under her palm she felt the fast-paced thumping of his heart.

"Do you feel that?" He asked.

"Of course." She replied, blushing. "But it is always felt like that."

"Thats because I have always been around you. If only you could feel it when your not there."

With those words in mind, Zelda fell asleep with a smile on her face and her hero soon followed.