Title: Money Matters
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none | none | PG
Parings: Established Tony/Ziva
Summary: Tony and Ziva tackle taxes. Dedicated to everyone doing their tax returns.

Money Matters

Ziva was cleaning the bathroom when she heard a groan come from the lounge of her and Tony's apartment. She put the cleaning products down and walked into the lounge room to see what Tony had done.

She found him sitting at the breakfast bar with his laptop, some important looking forms and a pen.

"What happened?" she asked as she moved toward him. She saw his tax return form and on his computer a website explaining how to fill out his tax return.

"How good are you with numbers?" Tony asked.

"Are you asking me because I am Jewish?" she replied.

"No," he responded, "I'm asking you because you got some ridiculously high score your citizenship test."

"Ninety-nine per cent," Ziva replied, "It would have been one hundred but I got the Carolina's mixed up."

"Are you any good with numbers?" he asked again.

"I passed mathematics in high school," Ziva replied with a shrug, neglecting to add that it had been her worst subject.

"Good," he said, "We can do our tax returns together."

"I already did mine," Ziva replied mater-of-factly.

"Of course you did," Tony uttered, Ziva was almost always organised and prepared. Mossad training was similar to Girl Scouts in the respect. "When?"

"When I first got the forms," Ziva replied. "McGee helped me,"

"So you went to the McAccountant," Tony said, he grabbed his phone hoping to call his friend.

"He is visiting his parents," Ziva uttered as she took the phone from his hand. "We will have to tackle this together,"

"Like we always do," Tony whispered.