AN: So I was browsing around on nanofate .us when I came upon an interesting conversation. What if Vivio had a crush on Fate? Fate is a gorgeous girl who isn't dating anyone despite the fact that she and Nanoha have been living together for what seems like forever (although it can always be argued that they are together). During all this time, thanks to the effects of hormones, it's completely plausible for Vivio to develop a crush on her godmother and since there's nothing stopping her (age ain't nothing but a number) from wooing the blonde, well, things could get awkward…and hilarious. I'm still debating how funny I could make this since I could make this story all angsty too. Although, most of the feedback I get from you guys tells me that everyone thinks my forte is humor. So I'm writing this one shot to see how it goes. Probably shouldn't be writing another story considering I have like four others waiting for me to update, but you got to write when inspiration strikes.

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Someone Like You

It was on a sunny day on the night of her 16th birthday party that Vivio Takamachi realized that she loved her godmother and not in the family kind of way. Watching Fate laughing and enjoying the company of their friends and family only caused the butterflies in Vivio's stomach to go into overdrive. The burgundy-eyed woman had a truly beautiful smile. Hearing that melodious laugh only caused the younger blonde to smile fondly at her godmother. Fate was much older than herself, but the age difference did nothing to deter her feelings. The gorgeous blonde was always kind to everyone around her and perhaps that was what had drawn her to the older blonde at first. Then one incident set off a chain of events that changed her relationship with Fate.

Looking back now, she had come to realize that she'd started to feel something for the older woman when she was a mere 10 years old. She'd been training with her friends but she'd been careless and sprained her ankle. It was a rare week when Fate was actually home resting between missions and thus she'd been the one at home to receive the call of Vivio's little accident. The blonde arrived in a flash. Literally. Fate had donned her barrier jacket and used her Sonic Move in order to reach the gym where Vivio and her friends trained with Nove. Vivio had tried to reassure her that she was okay but Fate was having none of it. She picked up the smaller blonde bridal style and held her protectively against her chest all through their flight home. Vivio though the blush on her cheeks would never disappear after that little incident. She'd never felt so safe in someone's arms before. Sure her Nanoha-mama's hugs had a similar feeling but this one was different. She couldn't pin point it then, but that was the beginning of her crush.

After that, every little show of affection that Fate directed at her caused her heart to skip a beat, her cheeks to flush, and her love to grow. The rational part of her mind always reminded her that it was natural for Fate to kiss her or show her love for her because she was her family, but the love struck part kicked the logical part out and instead encouraged her feelings.

When she was 12 years old, Vivio decided it was time to start doing something about her crush. She decided it was time she stopped referring to Fate as Fate-mama. The heartbroken look Fate had given Vivio after she'd called her Fate-san almost caused the heterochromatic-eyed girl to cry right along with her godmother. Nanoha had even scolded her for being cruel to Fate but Vivio held steady and accustomed herself and Fate to the change. Every now and then, Vivio would see the sadness in those burgundy eyes but she needed to break Fate away from the motherly role she'd been playing in her life. Placing distance between them that was necessary if she wanted to get Fate to see her not as a daughter, but as a woman in the future.

At age 15, Vivio realized that she had a rival. That rival was none other than her own mother. Vivio had suspected for quite sometime that her mother and Fate had something going on between them. She couldn't see how the two women lived with each other and even slept in the same bed but had never done anything except sleep. She'd thoroughly investigated the two women before jumping to any conclusions. She'd determined that her mother did not seem to hold any special feelings for Fate other than that of friendship. Fate on the other hand, she'd discovered held a love for mother that burned so strongly, that she feared she'd never be able to overcome it. Then, something completely out of left field turned things in her favor. Nanoha had agreed to date Yuuno Scrya. They kept it a secret, however, which Vivio didn't understand why until she found out that Fate had actually confessed to Nanoha before but was rejected.

Things slowly began to fall into place for Vivio but her heart broke to see Fate's life seemingly fall apart. It didn't take long for Fate to figure out what Nanoha was doing in secret. She wasn't an Enforcer for nothing after all. She remembered when Fate packed her bags on that stormy night and moved out of the Takamachi's home. Vivio had practically begged the blonde not to go. Fate may have been gone from home most of the time, but the fact that she always came back to them, to her, always made waiting for her return much more bearable. There would be no one to welcome home anymore.

Yuuno Scrya slowly began to make his presence in the house more noticeable and Vivio hated it. She may have been trying to get Fate to notice her as a woman but that didn't mean she wanted Fate to be miserable. It was only for this reason that Vivio hated seeing the blonde male in her home, trying to act like her father. Nanoha was not ready for the teenage rebellion that struck. Her once well-behaved daughter began to talk back, disobeyed her rules and would disappear during the night whenever Yuuno was around. Vivio of course was not stupid enough to just go anywhere on the nights she would escape her home. She'd always go to one place and one place only.

Fate's apartment.

The younger blonde would spend the night, catching up with the older blonde since Fate hardly visited them anymore. When Vivio asked why, Fate would always answer with a sad smile.

"It's for the best."

Vivio didn't buy it, which is why tonight she was going to make her move. She knew that no one else loved Fate as much as she did. Perhaps her mother was the only other person that could rival her love, but the kind of love Fate needed wasn't that of a friend. The older blonde deserved a bit of happiness in her life too and Vivio was going to do her best to try and fill the void her mother had left.

Squaring her shoulders, Vivio marched over to Fate who was sitting on the sofa with Hayate on one side of her and Signum on the other. The three had been talking about the mission she'd just returned from.


The older blonde stopped talking and smiled at the younger girl who stood before her.

"Yes, Vivio-chan?"

Vivio's cheeks suddenly burned and she felt her heart beat faster than before. Hayate noticed the change in the younger girl and grinned. She had a feeling something scandalous was about to happen. She held back an evil laugh from just thinking about what was about to go down.


Fate tilted her head to the side confused. Vivio almost fainted from seeing how cute Fate looked like that. How was it that she managed to look so damn gorgeous even when confused?

"Is everything okay Vivio-chan?" Fate stood up and placed a hand on Vivio's forehead. "You look a bit flushed. Are you feeling well?"

Fate's intoxicating scent was making Vivio dizzy. She had to lean on Fate for support but that only caused her to become even more flustered. If she didn't know any better, she'd think that Fate was doing this to her on purpose. Using whatever bit of strength she had left she pushed Fate away from her body.

"V-Vivio-chan?" Fate felt even more confused. She knew that Vivio was going through a rebellious phase with Nanoha and she feared that Vivio would be doing the same with her. It had been hard enough when Vivio distanced herself from her but they had at least gotten to a comfortable place where they were friends since Vivio had made it clear that she didn't want Fate to be her mother.

"Viv…" Her goddaughter's name died in her throat when Vivio grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and brought her down to her level. She soon found a soft pair of lips over her own.

Everything came to a screeching halt. All the guests in the Takamachi home could only stare in stunned silence at what was happening. It seemed like ages before Vivio pulled away. Fate was too stunned to do anything except remain frozen in her spot. Vivio shot a look over towards her mother, who was standing off to her side with Yuuno. She couldn't help the smirk that made its way to her face.

"Mine." She said without breaking eye contact with Nanoha. She then placed one more soft kiss to Fate's lips before skipping off to her room. She figured she better seek shelter before her mother exploded. Her friends, who were at this party as well, quickly ran after her. They were afraid of what the White Devil was about to do since she looked ready to murder someone.

"Holy shit! Fate you're a cradle robber!" Hayate exclaimed.

The only response she got was Fate falling back on the couch. Unconscious. Hayate laughed until tears came out of her eyes. She'd seen this coming for sometime now. The only question was would Nanoha take this lying down? She knew that Nanoha was giving Yuuno a chance but last she checked they were on the rocks. The strain of raising Vivio on her own had been showing ever since Fate had moved out and it was becoming increasingly evident that Yuuno was not going to be able to replace the blonde Enforcer in the Takamachi home since the two Takamachi woman wanted only one person in their lives and that was Fate. It was a shame though that it took Fate leaving for Nanoha to come to her senses. This, however, would definitely turn into a blood bath with how…aggressive mother and daughter could be.


Yup, Hayate was certain a blood bath was sure to ensue from this.

AN: Again, not sure where this is going or where I could take it. I'm going to leave it as a one-shot for now, but that doesn't mean there isn't a possibility that I'll come back to it and make it into a full-blown story. If I do decide to go the route of a story then I'll probably need to decide whether to make it drama filled or more humorous. Could always try to go for both since I think I managed to do it with this one shot. Let me know what you guys think.