There can only be one survivor!

Narrator: Tension grows. Starblazer vs. Kirby. Who will win?

Kirby: Obviously I am.

Narrator: How can you be so sure?

Kirby: This story is about me, bro… -.-

Narrator: So?

Kirby: I'm the star! I always win! No pun intended.

Narrator: …

I do not own "Kirby" as it is owned by HAL Laboratory & Nintendo. Starblazer is my character, so it's created by me (unless somehow it was copied and is used in another story).


Their blades collided.

"Why are you even here, Starblazer?!" I was trying to push him back.

He didn't budge. "Don't talk to me like you've known me forever."

"Don't ignore the question!" My anger was rising again; this pushed him back.

"It's my mission; either you comply with it or you don't." His saber had a change of color. Previously, it was a Sky Blue-ish color; now it's turning Hot Orange. This doesn't look too good.

With the new color change, Kirby felt the room heat up by the second. It was like 90 degrees before these guys showed up; now it's almost 100!

"Gah!" I refrained from dealing anymore sword attacks and did a sliding kick. The kick had little effect on the robotic leader.

Starblazer looked down on Kirby's round image. "Don't tell me that's all you got."

He was in for a surprise. "Shoryuken!" Starblazer was unprepared for my uppercut, sending him up about a foot or two in the air.

He crashed into my dish washer. "N-nice shot." The robot rubbed his head.

"Ready for round two?" I shot a glare at him.

Starblazer retained his posture. "Don't get so cocky. This was only a warm-up."

"Glad you're up. Didn't want any more scrap-metal lying around." The pink puff ball wave-dashed across the ground and attacked.

Starblazer blocked Kirby's attack and countered with an uppercut. Kirby recovered quickly as the next attack came from the saber. They clashed blades with the impact breaking the sound barrier, shattering glass only moments later.

The Pink Hero's energy was depleting quickly. Not only did their clash shatter glass, it also pierced his hearing a lot and messed up his stance.

Starblazer took his open window opportunity to swat his target.

Kirby's cheek turned red and cried out in pain only to be attacked again by the saber this time.

"What's the matter?" The robotic leader kicked the downed-Kirby across the kitchen, right into the TV. "You talk big for a small fry." Starblazer's enemy fell from the TV and the said object, fell on him.

The TV was being lifted up by my sword. "I-I'm not giving up…" It finally gave me a gap to get out of. "And don't you EVER call me a small fry again!"

"Or else what, chump?"

I threw the sword up in the air along with my body. With a second, I inhaled my sword and gained my Link-like hat and a bigger sword. "You'll regret it!" My feet touched the wall and then projected myself at the robot.

Kirby's new power had enough energy to knock down the robot. On the ground, Starblazer attempted a counter-attack, but Kirby cut the arm of the saber off with one mighty swipe.

"Grahhh!" The Robotic leader shrieked.

"It's over, Human-Sized Gundum!" My sword met inches away from his face. He had no way out of this mess.

"N-never!" His other arm transformed into a laser-like canon and fired at point-blank range. Kirby smacked the ceiling and returned to the ground with a loud "THUD!"

"Mama Mia…" I rubbed my forehead and adjusted my Link hat. "That's cheating! You're supposed to die when I did that!"

"No one said there were rules to this fight."


Kirby jumped back up on his feet again and with a sudden glowing sword, he swung towards his foe. Starblazer rolled away and fired at Kirby again. He jumped up and pointed his arm at his target, ready to attack… until…

"Stop!" A very husky man rushed inside and pointed his gun at Kirby. "Freeze!" Both Starblazer and Kirby paused and looked at the man. Though with gun in his hand, his legs were shaking.

"Dude! This is not fair now! It's 2 vs. 1!" I whined. Then I noticed he was shaking. "Umm… what's wrong? You're shaking…"

"I GOTTA GO POTTY REALLY BAD!" He was practically doing the potty dance now.

"…Bathroom's the first door to your right in the hallway…"

"Oh God, thank you so much!" The poor man ran over there as fast as possible. Well that was awkward.

"Now where were-?" Starblazer launched a rapid fire assult before I could finish. I swung the sword around my body like Metaknight does in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. "Why do you keep interrupting me whenever I say something?"

The Pink Hero started making his way towards Starblazer while swinging his sword to cut the incoming attacks. Once he was at close range, Kirby tackled and sliced the other arm off.


"This time, there's no way you're getting away! It's over!"

"Yes… It is indeed over… FOR YOU!"

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

"Oh-" Starblazer had a time bomb on his chest… and well, I had no chance to dodge and was blown away, knocking the sword and the power-up out of me. It wasn't long until I hit the ground pretty hard…

"We…him…" A faint voice said. Kirby had imagined it was the robot… but it was not him…

Kirby tried lifting his head up but ultimately failed and fainted right there and then…

2 Months since the last chapter… Dudes and Dudets! I'm so sorry! I haven't had the brightest ideas for story writing for half of my stories! It really sucks when you want to write stuff down but then other things comes up like homework and school and w/e. That's my biggest concern right now and I hope you guys can forgive me for that… D=

There isn't much plot development besides some-what of a better fighting scene if I say so myself. I literally googled up how to write a good fight scene and this was the results. Originally, if I had not googled it up, it would be describing everything and that's really bad to do for a fight scene. So you get this instead lol.

Plot Summary:

Kirby battles Starblazer, who has the upper hand at first by beating Kirby up, but then Kirby takes his revenge and defeats him… well, Starblazer dies and Kirby gets defeated. Pretty much your average DBZ fight scene and w/e =P

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