More Bad Wolf poetry . . . could you tell?

I traveled on forever,

Until the end of time.

Then back again, and all around

So any world was mine.

Until the day we met again

Our bitter enemy

To make myself, and all I love

I had to become me.

The second time I was to live

While others were to die.

Neither time did I agree

And never did I stand by.

The first time I was ignorant

And caused the loss of more.

A drastic change, a constant time,

A note left from before.

This time I knew just what to do

To save my love and mine

My only choice to save the world

Was farewell for all time.

We almost had another ten

Or twenty years to be

A happy pair of - who knows what?

Perhaps just you and me;

But instead, we save farewell

So no one has to die.

I will save the world, and you

Will burn a sun to say good-bye.