Chapter 1. Fancying and Interest

Author note

Damn, first chapter is always rough or in my opinion, a bit crap so sorry if it is. Anyway, enjoy this story and Tom doesn't come in just yet so patience.

The whole team was gathered together after 1 year of their previous mission. A close call it was in the end. But, the Extractor, Pointman, Architect, Forger and Chemist were all fine to join another mission. Ariadne, the youngest but who was in her last year of university, found it great to be reunited with the others. Particularly, one person.

Make it two people in particular because she wanted to make sure Cobb was going alright after she discovered his deepest secret. It turns out that Cobb is recovering fine and taking care of his kids. She's happy with that result. Back to the main person she wanted to see. During the first mission, they didn't exactly have close contact in comparison to her and Cobb but he informed her well. He taught her on architectural skills possibly required for the mission and there was even a moment of a kiss that happened. Yet, no word was made between them on that particular action. It was just focused on work for both of them afterwards. Was it wrong for her to feel that there was a little spark during that moment? She wanted to find out but in due time.

She greeted most of the guys in the warehouse saving the particular person for last. She first talked to Cobb then talked to Yusef who was serving as a medicine maker and supplier. Eames was still with the gambling game and with women. She finally strolled her way over to the person she wanted to talk and listen to: Arthur.

"Hey Arthur" Ariadne greeted. He turned around and gave a small smile. "Hey. How have you been?" Arthur began. They conversed on general things such as where they had been during the year after the mission. Arthur was staying stateside in the US which was where he originally was going to stay before the mission they did and Ariadne was still obviously in Paris.

"So last year of university huh?" Arthur examined. "Yeah, last year of study then I go off on my own way" Ariadne answered. "You still good to go with researching and all that?" Ariadne added. "I should be" Arthur replied. Ariadne was itching to bring up topic of their 'romantic contact' but it would have to be a bit longer till it'd be wise to do so. General conversation is what she had to settle for. "Well, I hope the best for you for your last year. You'll be entering the real world after that as a young woman" Arthur granted. Ariadne smiled in thanks before all the conversation had to stop and everything be brought to business.

Everyone sat down listening to what the mission was about. Ariadne listened but switched between the mission talk and her thoughts about Arthur. She had to admit, she was into mature guys (Not absolute old guys) but most of them thought Ariadne was younger than she actually was. That always was a set-off but Arthur to her respected her. He didn't treat her as she was some kid so might be it part of the answer if he's interested in her? Only time could tell. Ariadne was getting impatient waiting around to see if it were real or not. Arthur was always a private, devoted to work but closed off person. She wondered if she could change that. Maybe she could. Over these next couple of months, she could in fact try.