Title: Caught in Transition
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Bonnie/Klaus

Summary: A vampire-witch hybrid with a grudge starts hunting down female Bennetts. Bonnie goes to Klaus for help.
Disclaimer: This story is based on the The Vampire Diaries series, with which I am not affiliated in any way.
Warnings: Sexual Situations, Adult language, Dark

Bonnie hated Seattle. She complained about it every day. She hated the shops, the restaurants, the people. The weather was horrible; mainly the rain. Fire was more her thing, and she was not a fan of water. Pools maybe. They were as controlled as water could get. But rain was unpredictable, and cold, and wet. It's soaked your clothes and made you stink. She hated it. Always had, and probably always would. She'd made that clear, so why they came here of all places was beyond her.

She'd went to the library to calm her nerves. She'd been waiting a long time for this, so for her to say that she was excited would be an understatement. The smell of old books was comforting, and and sometimes she just liked to sit and think, it was perfect. She also needed to return the books she'd borrowed on her last trip. When she grabbed her bag and filled it with the books there was no room for the umbrella.

When she checked the news, the weather man said there was almost no chance of rain, so she should've known that it would. If she ever saw Brett Chase on the streets, she'd probably give an aneurysm. Thank God, she'd gotten over that pesky 'no killing humans' thing.

She'd been devastated before, during, and after her first human kill. Bonnie Bennett was a murderer. But the thing about doing something enough is that practice makes perfect. It becomes easier. As the body count rose, the easier it was for her to deal with.

"Compartmentalize it Bonnie, or it'll drive you mad. War's aren't won by sitting around and mourning the loss of your enemies. And if they're not with you, they're against you... this is business, don't let in interfere with your personal life."

She takes off her boots at the front door. Strips on the way to the bedroom. She can't hear him, but she knows he's following right behind her picking up her discarded items.

"Bonnie, must you throw your things all over the floor? Water ruins the wood." She rolls her eyes and pops of her bra.

"Klaus...I. Don't. Care. We're not living here permanently. It's only a couple more weeks."

She's in the bathroom waiting for the shower to warm up when he sits on the counter. She tosses her panties into a corner. "It's like you were raised by wolves."

"You act like you would know." She smirks and steps underneath the spray. "I love that my parental issues amuse you so..." Bonnie knows the he still feels anger over Mikael killing his real father, but Klaus acts like he didn't have other family that cared about him. Ones that were still alive. That he could still speak to. He had a truck full of coffins that proved that. She had no one.

"As if you and your father are kisses and hugs." She had father issues. Mother issues. She knew this, and it hurt. He knew this was a sore spot. But she started it, and she knew how it got to him when she did, so she just sucked it up. "That's because I haven't been close enough to my father to give him kisses and hugs in years, and if I knew I was leaving, I would've loaded up on them." She did miss her father. Missed everyone. Six years since she'd seen them. Six years since she gotten to hear their voices.

A long time.

She runs her head underneath the warm water, turns away from the hybrid.

"Are you going to bring up childhood negligence the next time you see him? It's known to bring out the warm fuzzies." She flicks her wrist, tossing water on the floor, and lights the bottom of his pajama pants on fire. He just laughs and stomps the bottoms out the flame with his feet. He slides them off. "You always revert to type when you're angry." She doesn't have to see him to know that he's folded them up. He's weird like that. Blood and dead bodies fine. Unfolded trousers would set him off for hours. She's already prepared for him to throw a hissy fit.

She runs a soapy loofah across her shoulder. Looks back. "Fuck you." His face cracks into a grin. "Yes you should." Bonnie laughs despite herself.

He's in the shower with her before she can think of a response. Not that she was going to say no. She never said no.

"You're gonna load up on kisses and hugs from me before you leave?" He takes the loofah and lathers up her back after pecking on her shoulder. She tenses. She didn't want to talk about what would happen when she left. Their agreement had ended months ago. He guaranteed her protection as long as she needed it, and she guaranteed she'd be his witch on demand, until she could go home. The plan was to always go home, but she needed time to regroup. Little Bonnie Bennett wasn't little Bonnie Bennett anymore. She'd seen things and did things that she couldn't have imagined herself doing. Things that barely made her bat an eye now.

She needed to be sure she could handle going back without going into a lifestyle shock. She'd been so uptight. So naive. Now she was so... everything. She wanted to experience everything. Do everything. Had done almost everything.

She needed to bring herself down from the edge before she went home and scared all of her friends. She'd stopped killing. Period. She didn't think it'd be so hard, but during her time with Klaus she developed a temper. Not that she was always happy and bubbly, but it could get out of hand pretty quickly now. She was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted. If you were in her way, you were just an obstacle to be moved. She knew she couldn't go back like that.

Then there was the issue of them even wanting her there. She could be putting herself out there for rejection. She sent cards, and letters with no return addresses. There were no phone calls. No emails. Nothing to track back to her. She did a spell that could blocked all spells that could track her down. This would be the first time she'd see them. Hear them. Add in Klaus making occasional visits for more blood from Elena, and not telling them he was with her. There's a chance they'd be furious when they found out. She had to make sure she was calm enough to react appropriately if they rejected her. Bonnie still loved them. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she hurt them.

"We won't talk about it now." He slips a hand between her legs. She takes a deep breath. Pulls his wrist away and turns toward him. "Have you eaten today?" He smirks and when he starts to go to his knees, she dragged him up by his wet hair. "Eaten? Food? Blood?"

He laughs. "Oh, well no."


"Are you on vervain or wolfsbane, or both?"

"Neither. Why would I tell you to drink if I was on it?"

"It wouldn't be the first time." She laughs. It wouldn't be.

"I haven't done that in years...I just— I'm just gonna miss it. Do it." He presses her against her cold tile of the shower. Slinks up to her neck. When she feels his fangs drop, Bonnie's soapy hand drops to his crotch. Drops her head to his shoulder. Water splashing her face. Eyes slammed shut. She fists her hand around his cock and strokes.

She winces a when he's finally in, but relaxes immediately afterwards. "It always feels so good." He moans in agreement and she grasps the skin of his shoulder between her teeth when he starts to suck.

He sucks.

And sucks.

And sucks some more.

Bonnie stops stroking. He never takes too much, but there's this moment right before she orgasms, when she's babbling and whimpering, when she's so blissed out that she almost tells him to take it all. But then she comes and her sense of self preservation kicks in. He had his chance to kill her years ago. If he killed her now, she'd haunt him for eternity.

He leans back to look at her. He's got rivelets of water rolling down his body. He darts his tongue out to swipe his lips. Smirks. Klaus is a beautiful bastard if nothing else..

"You're beautiful when you spend."

"You're beautiful when you make me spend. You look so good to me, right now." She starts to move her hand again.

"Just right now?" She laughs and pulls him to her lips. When she presses her lips to his she worms out her tongue to taste his mouth. It's coppery. Salty. It's her.

Klaus groans and she speeds up. She leans back and watches her hand. He watches her.

She pulls the foreskin all the way back. Swipes her thumb over the head. "Bonnie." She does it again. Then goes back to stroking. Adds a twist that brings him to his tiptoes. "You like that." She knows he does. Bonnie adds her other hand to fondle his balls and it doesn't take long before he starts making these noises signaling he's close. "I'm about to—"He throws his head back.

She takes her hands away. He looks at her, breathing hard. Entire face scrunched. A full faced grimace.

"You cruel bitch."

"I hate you." She laughs when he jerks himself off to completion. He shudders and spurts. Some shooting on to her belly, most into the air and she watches them swirl down the drain.

"I thought you were gonna fuck me."

"Oh I am." He turns off the water, that had gone from hot to almost freezing. He yanks her out of the shower to the floor. She's giving asking why he does anything he does. He usually doesn't know. "On your knees." He points to the rug in front of the tub. She looks back and rolls her eyes. "Doggystyle, how original coming from you."

"You have any better ideas?"

"On my back."

"Oh, that's daring."

"That way I can see you."

"Because the only time I'm attractive to you is when I'm giving you orgasms."

"Exactly. I have problems looking at you any other time." He laughs and tips her back. Slides into her with a squish that makes her giggle. He churns his hips and it's not that funny anymore. Ohhhhhh.

Klaus fucked her hard, rug bunching beneath her back, beads of water from the shower, turning into beads of sweat. Watching her watch him. Fucked her hard while he leaned down to tongue her nipples. Fucked her hard while he licked out her armpits, which made her thrash and giggle. He fucked her hard when he felt her cunt start to quiver. Fucked her hard when she snaked a hand between them to rub against the slick bud between her legs. Fucked her until she started to her voice got shaky. "So close."

He stopped fucking her then.

Her green eyes pop open. She sounds frantic when she asks him what he's up to. "What are you doing?" A chuckle bubbles from his throat. "It's not so nice when other people do it, is it?" She huffs out huge puffs of air. Rolls her eyes. Her hand intended to stroke her clit is suddenly pressed into the floor. She tries the other one with the same outcome.


"No." She groans and bites hard into her lip.

"I won't let you come."

"You wouldn't dare."

"I would."

"I'll light your pubes on fire." She really wouldn't. Atleast she doesn't think she would.

"You know how to make a bloke feel appreciated."

"I'd appreciate it if you let go of my hands and fucked me." He doesn't and they stay in that position for a few minutes.

"Well it seems we reached an impasse." She tries to wiggle out, but she knows she can't. "We can do it wolfstyle if you want." Which makes him laugh and he lets her go. She gets on her all fours and wiggles her ass. Lets him slap a couple times before she threatens his pubes again. He slides into her with a groan. "Hard like before." For once he listens.

Bonnie's rocking back into the thrust, ass slapping against his pelvis when he starts to laugh.

"You're like a bitch in heat." Years ago this might have seem like an insult, but now it was high praise. She loved when he talked to her. "Oh . Oh God. Oh—!" He pulls her up by her arms. Brings her flush against his chest.

"Whose gonna fuck your quim when you're home? Stefan's surely still in love with the doppelganger. Damon...his hair is horrid." Bonnie laughs and grinds down harder into his lap. "You are too much for a mere human."

"Set me up with a hybrid."

"He won't be me though, will he?" He wouldn't be. "No." Her runs his tongue over his bite and it stings. She likes it.

"No one is going to match my skill set."

"Then you should probably set me up with a couple hybrids." He chuckles into her neck.

She takes his hand rested on her thigh and moves it to her center. Holds her hand down over his. Presses it to the bud. Keeps hers there when he swirl his fingers around it. He moves his other hand and cups a breast. She throws her idle arm around his shoulder. He wears her like a shawl. She leaves a kiss to the side of his mouth. "I'm about come." Riding his hand, her nose and mouth mushed against his face, she does."Klaus— Klaus. Yesss. Yesssssssssss."

"Stop." His hand keeps moving.

"Stoppp." Bonnie grabs his wrist to still his hand. Burns it. Klaus laughs, but he stops his movement and just holds his palm to the triangle. She undulates on his lap until he groans and jerks into her.

When he's helped her up off the floor and they're about to hop back into the shower, she looks at Klaus. Really looks at him.

"After sex like that, you're looking good enough to be seen with in public."

Later, after Klaus has yelled at her about leaving the wet towels on the floor, and they're sitting across from each other on the bed playing Monopoly, which is his favorite (because only truly evil enjoy this game) he asks her how she's feeling.

"I don't know. I'm excited, but I'm a little sad about leaving." She lands on his property and pays him the ninety dollars.

"It's actually 160. You're forgetting about the house that you moved when you tossed the board." He takes this game too seriously. She rolls her eyes and gives him the seventy dollars. "You could always come back. You'll always have a home with me." She nods and her mouth quirks into a smile.

"I know."

Bonnie was just as happy as she was to go home, as to get out of Seattle. They'd been all over the world: Paris, France. Paris, Texas. Brazil. Toronto. But Seattle was her least favorite. It was mainly the rain. It reminded her the first few weeks after she'd left Mystic Falls.

She'd been having dreams about Klaus for a couple of weeks. Two weeks of playing hide and seek with Klaus, various places. Around homes she'd never seen. At her school. At a bar. She didn't know what they meant, so she tried to ignore them. But when she woke up one Friday morning and looked at herself in her vanity she knew.

There was a letter taped to the mirror.

"Hey Bonnie,

This is Lucy.I hate to speak to you again only to bring bad news, but I didn't know if you were warned yet. You need to get out of Mystic Falls. ASAP. There's this crazy vampire witch hybrid bitch, knocking off female Bennett's left and right. She's got some kind of mother abandonment issues, or something. The elders of the family are working on it for now, so don't worry that pretty little head of yours. But she's crazy powerful, so you should probably get out of town. Everybody else is hiding so I suggest you do too.

P.S. Keep who you tell down to a minimum. She's sneaky, she'll try to find you through any means necessary. I'll keep in touch.



She read it for the third time. Why was her life so difficult? How did they expect her to just drop everything and hide.

The first thing she does is cry. She sits on her bed, paper in her hands and sobs. She didn't ask to be a witch. She loved it, no doubt, it was a part of her, but she wasn't cool with it ruling her life. Then she stops and gets started trying to interpret those dreams. They have something to do with this.

Vampire witch hybrid. Klaus was the only hybrid she'd heard of. Go into hiding. Hide and Seek. She was supposed to hide Klaus. No. Klaus would help her hide. Ugh.

She needed to find Klaus. Or she could just stay and die. She almost the second option.

Bonnie goes into the witch mode. Puts her emotions on the back burner. She had these dreams for a reason, and she needs to listen to them.

No school today then.

It takes her an hour to find him, which is pretty good considering she had nothing that belonged to him. She finds him sitting at a bar. Staring out the window. She walks up to him, chest out, back straight. She knows he senses her presence. Bonnie takes a seat next to him.

"Ms. Bennett."

"Klaus." He motions for the bartender to give her a drink. She downs it in two big gulps.


"No problem. Now, what is it you need, and you must need something because you wouldn't come looking for me." She's going to lie, when she realizes she's wasting time.

"Your help." He lifts a brow and takes another sip. He motions the bartender to refill her glass.

"There's this hybrid— not one of yours. A vampire witch hybrid."

"I did not know that was possible."

"Well me either, but she's after me."

"And why would that be?"

"Because she hates her mom or something, who I'm assuming was a witch— I don't really know. But I'm a Bennett and she wants me dead... I've been having these dreams, about you..." He smiles. "Have you?"

"Yeah. Witch dreams. Where we play hide-and-seek. So I know you're the one I'm supposed to come to for help, and I know you're supposed to help me hide."

"Why would I help you? Weren't you trying to kill me, not too long ago?" She rehearsed this in the car. She knew he would ask. Bonnie felt humiliated enough asking for help. But bartering her magic for it was really the lowest she could go. If she wasn't having those dreams, this would've never crossed her mind. She hated him, for everything he's done to her friends. What he did to her. She hopes those witches were right.

She juts out her chin. Ignores the tears aren't running her face.

"I did, but only after you killed my friends... that doesn't matter now. You lost a witch before. I'm a witch. " He smiles.

"You'll be willing to be my witch in exchange for a little safety—"


"So you'd do spells and kill on command?" That she hadn't thought about.

"Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural stuff sure."

"What about humans?"

"I don't know if I...please don't make me. " He pretends to think it over, but she knows she's got him. She doesn't know if she's more happy that he said yes, or sad that he said yes. She's just given herself over to the devil.

He pays the bartender. Sticks his wallet back into his pocket. "Shall, we go now or do you need to say goodbye to all the kiddies?"

"No goodbyes. I'm all packed and ready."

"Let's hit the road."

She'd left Caroline and Elena a letter the same way Lucy left her one. She wrote it out, and magicked it into the rooms, where she'd know they'd see it. They were basically the same, I love you, I'm sorry I left like this. I don't know how long I'll be gone. I still love you. Be safe. Sorry I'm such a coward and couldn't do it face to face. On Caroline's she told her to go compel her father when he got into town on Sunday. Think of something, she was good at that. In Elena's she told her to tell Jeremy she still cared about him. At the end she signed it, your friend Bonnie.

Bonnie stopped crying by the time she loaded her bag into the car. She packed light. "We can get you more things settle somewhere." Klaus ditched her car in the parking lot and they hopped into his SUV. "We're gonna be great friends, I can already tell." She highly doubts that.

She knew they weren't when he tossed her phone out of the window. Criticized her music taste. Talked endlessly about nothing. She hoped these elders that Lucy spoke of, stopped that maniac tonight.

Bonnie had never been to Paris. She'd never been outside of the country. But this wasn't the full expense paid vacation Klaus wanted her to pretend it was. She was running for her life.

The first month it rained everyday. She barely got out of bed. Didn't roam the city. Stayed in her room and moped. "I hate the rain."

Klaus said it was her fault. Moody witches caused bad weather. She believed him.

They'd gotten the honeymoon suite, much to her dismay. "Don't worry about your precious virtue, you reek of depression," he sniffs her which makes her jump back, "...and cheap body spray. I will be staying as far away from that room as I can." She hates him.

They'd signed in under Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He told her that people would ask less questions this way. She didn't know who'd be asking questions, but she took his word for it, he was the hide and seek champ.

She didn't even like pretending she was married to him. But at least the staff didn't call her by his last name, if that was even real. He looked like he had one name. Like Prince or Cher. Klaus. Niklaus. They were known as the Englishmen and his American wife. And if they ever spoke to her which was rare, it was just Madame.

After staying with Klaus for a week, she was ready to divorce him. Klaus was basically the most annoying creature to roam the earth. He enjoyed hearing himself talk. No matter how many times, no matter how many ways she shushed him, he still talked. "Shut the hell up."

"Well aren't we pissy."

"Aren't you tired of talking?"

"I'll never tire of hearing such a commanding voice." She rolls her eyes. "You'll be happier once you do a couple spells...let off some steam...get the juices flowing." Eww. She's sure she wouldn't be that much happier.

Her first spell is a mind invasion, like the one she did with Mason. She does it on a vampire so it takes away some of her guilt. Not that much though.

"Finish him off, Love."

She doesn't even think about it. She just sets him on fire and walks out of his house. "Good job, you passed my test."

She does a lot of those. Getting into people's minds, stealing information that didn't belong to her. She didn't know why Klaus needed it. But she asked no questions.

At first she hated the feeling of violating someone like that, but it started to get easy. Then it started to get fun.

"What are we doing today?" She's watched him put on his watch. "I am going out. You are doing whatever it is that you do when I'm gone."

"You don't have anything for me to do?" She sounded sad. Why was she sad about not hurting people?

"Sweetheart, you need a life." Bonnie frowns and sits next to him on the couch.

"I don't know anybody here."

"Make some friends."

"I can't speak French."

"Well learn." She sighs.

"I don't think I should be walking around on my own when I'm supposed to be hiding." She can tell he's getting frustrated. Good. Maybe he'll take her with him. She was starting to get lonely. And bored.

"Just because you're hiding doesn't mean can't enjoy life. You'll be fine." He stands up and walks to the door. "I'll leave you some money, you can go visit the shops."

"I don't want to go shopping. Can I just go with you?"



"You're beginning to be more trouble than your worth."

"If you thought that I'd be dead." He smirks. She knew she was right.

"I'm still not taking you."

She pouts. "I can't wait to go home."

"And I can't wait for you to leave."

Bonnie went shopping. She went to brunch. She went to all the touristy places, she should've gone the first few weeks she was there. That's where she meets a couple of American college students, and finally she has someone to talk to. But then the tour ends, it's getting dark, and she doesn't want to beg them for company, she still has her pride, so she walks home.

Being catcalled is universal. It doesn't matter what language it's in, you know when it's happening. She also knows how to avoid it. Just smile and and keep walking. But as she crosses the street, she can see the tall curly haired boy from the corner in her peripheral. He starts to speak and she shakes her head.

"I don't speak French. Sorry."

"No? It is fine because I speak English." She turns to him. Looks at his face. He's cute. And there's no harm in just speaking to someone. "You are American?" She nods her head.

"I did not know American girls were so beautiful." Bonnie blushes and thanks him. "I am Gabriel."

"I'm Bonnie."

"Well it is nice to meet you." He walks alongside her for a while. She's a little bit creeped out by it at first. When he finally speaks he asks her if she's single. For a second she almost tells him she's married, and she doesn't know why that almost spilled from her lips. "Then you should let me buy you dinner." She agrees. It's just a little bit of fun. She never had time to do this when she was in Mystic Falls. There were a few stolen moments with Jeremy, but as far as them really getting to spend time alone, just laughing and flirting, it wasn't that often. Paris might actually be good for her.

After dinner he offers to walk her back to her hotel, which she's grateful for, because she'd didn't know where she was.

They're walking and talking and everything's going great when he starts leading them into an alley. "You sure you know where you're going?"

He chuckles. "Of course. This is a...shortcut. Here take my hand." She's skeptical but he reaches out his hand and smiles. Gah, he's so cute and so sweet. She takes it.

And you're so fucking naive.

Because she feels it. Death. No matter what death always finds her. She stops walking.

"You're a vampire." He looks over at her, and grins. "You are smart for an American." He slams her against a wall and pushes his face to her neck. Doesn't give her the courtesy of showing his face.

She could kill him. She's done it before. She knows how but she panics. Bonnie never got over that fear of being bit. She can still remember the way Damon's fangs felt when they broke skin. She starts to scream.

It's cliche and she's a witch, so she shouldn't be afraid, but it's not like she can control it.

"Be afraid. Fear makes the taste that much better." Then there's fat tears rolling down her eyes. She ran away from death just to die. That's the kind of luck she 's shaking and crying, and she's going to die in an alley with a vampire she can take down.

Then there's Klaus, coming from who knows where and ripping out his heart like it's comes naturally. It probably does.

And she's wiping her eyes and double checking to make sure she's not imagining things. She walks over to the body on the ground. Not that she's mad about his death, but it's a little disturbing to see everyone you liked dead.

She staring at the corpse when Klaus slams her so hard into the wall she feels her bones rattle. "What good is a witch that can't even take care of herself?"

"I panicked."

"What good are you to me if you get yourself killed?" God she hated him. It started to simmer into a strong dislike but now it was back on full heat. "Go fuck yourself." She gives him a couple of aneurysms, and tosses him aside. She walks home alone.

Bonnie had stopped crying completely by the time she's back at the hotel. It took bad directions in bad English to realize that she was right around the corner. When she opens the door he's sitting on the sofa watching tv. He speaks to her but she ignores him and walks into her room. She tried her hardest not to slam her door.

She plops down in her bed. "Knock. Knock."

"Go away." He opens the door.

"I pay for this room, I'll come in if I please." She rolls her eyes.


"You're cross with me."

"I hate you."

"Well, duh." It sounds so odd coming from his mouth that she almost laughs. "What happened back there?"

"Oh besides almost dying—I have an issue with vampires biting me." He sits down next to her.

"You've been bitten before."


"And why would he bite you?" Because he's a child that can't stand not getting what he wants. She tells him of Emily's possession. How she ended up with no physical scars but emotional ones.

"That's a liability, Love. You need to get over that." She knows.

"I didn't know it was still a problem."

"Calm down." He runs his hand over her neck and she flinches."I'm going to help you." He slides over to her. Wraps his arm around her back and pulls her closer. She's prepared to throw him off but then he puts his lips to her throat and she freezes up. Again. Twice in one day. New record. Her heart feels like it's going to thump out of her chest. "Relax."

"You're go—gonna bi—bi—bite me?" She takes a huge breath. He doesn't speak just nuzzles his face into the place where her neck meets shoulder. "Klaus, please don't."

"Please...I swe—swear I'll get over it. Don't do it. Please." But then he slides his teeth in and her flight or fight response kicks in. She starts kicking and punching and Klaus holds her tighter against him. "You psychopath. Get off me." She gives him one hard lop to the head and he detaches.

"I'm going to shred your neck. Calm down." Blood is all over his lips. Her blood. She keeps struggling to until he pins her to the bed.

"You bastard... get off me."

"There are good bites, and bad bites. You are making this a bad bite. Stop struggling." He holds her body down until she exhausts herself.

"Be a good little girl and hold still." He lays all of his weight on her. Sinks his fangs back into her neck. Laps at the dried blood on her skin. And sucks.

"Oh my god." It feels...amazing. Her body's all warm and tingly. On edge. The harder he sucks, the better it feels. He's got her pinned down and he's between her legs, and she thinks that if Damon did it like this, she might actually like him.

Bonnie doesn't even realizes it's her moaning until she feels him chuckle, and distinguishes the tone. She's a little embarrassed because she can't control it. And even more embarrassed that her body's doing the whole sex motions things without the sex. Like rolling her hips and coming. Things like that.

Then she's laying there, eyes shut, when she feels the hybrid beside her. "Here have a drink." When she opens them up he's waving a bloody wrist in front of her face. He brings it down to her mouth and she latches on.

He pulls back when she's had enough. She can feel the bite marks knitting up when Klaus pulls her on to his chest and she falls asleep.

Bonnie wakes up in the middle of the night. Looks at her position and frowns. She runs over everything in her head, trying to figure out how she got here. She slides away from his body. Gets up and looks around. The lights are still on. They're still dressed. And there's blood stains on the sheets, but when she touches her neck, there's nothing but unmarred skin. I let Klaus bite me. Gross.

She feels weird. More alive, maybe? Klaus' blood is zipping through her veins making her feel more powerful. She's had the power of a hundred dead witches, so of course she knows the difference. Which was stupid on his part because she remembers the alley. Gabriel. Klaus throwing her against the wall. And that's what pisses her off the most. How dare he?

The terrace doors swing open. Klaus pops up in bed.

She sets him on fire.

"Apologize." He's trying to pat out flames, and she makes sure that they don't go out.

"You're mad, for what?"

"I don't like to be manhandled."

"Bonnie. This isn't funny. Stop." It actually kinda is. "Are you trying to burn down the hotel?"

"Apologize and I"ll stop." He looks like he's about to slap her, when he mumbles something. "I didn't hear you." His blood has made her stupid. She's sure he's going to kill her. She's prolonged her life a few hours, how great. But he just frowns.

"Sorry." She extinguishes the fire. Grimaces at the burns, but she doesn't apologize. Walks outside to sit in one of the patio chairs. Ten minutes later Klaus is there, mostly healed. Skin slightly pinker than usual. A new change of clothes. He takes the seat across from her.

"Thanks for saving me." She doesn't ask how he knew where she was. She doesn't care. She's thankful though.

"No problem. We have a deal."

"I'm glad you remembered." He looks like he's about to say something else, but she grabs his wrists and starts to warm them up. He flinches and pulls them back.

Klaus cackles."You are insane." She glares at him. "That's just how I like my witches." She smiles and they watch the sun come over the horizon.

Bonnie never really gets to test out if that helped her or not. She never, ever lets another vampire get that close.

She was in the mirror prepping herself for her flight. This was it. She was going home."Did you buy a motorbike?" Bonnie looks at his reflection and frowns.


"With all that leather I assumed you were getting on a motorbike." She rolls her eyes and pulls her hair into a ponytail. "It's not that much."

"I'm sure there's less leather in the interior of my car." She laughs.

"I always wear this jacket, and these pants make my butt look good."

"Your bum always looks good."

"Flattery will get you nowhere." He palms the globes of her ass. "It's already gotten me all the places I want to be." She smiles. Seconds later she feels her eyes start to water.

"You're not about to cry are you?" She shakes her head and tries to walk away but he grabs her. "You're not being sentenced to death. If you don't want to leave, you don't have to leave." She took a huge inhale. "I need to."

"I know. I'll come with you if you like..."

"I don't know about my own reception, If I show up with you on my arm..." He nods his head.

"Come before you miss your flight."

They talk the entire way to the airport. Bonnie can't shut up. Do you remember this? What about that? We had fun in Berlin, didn't we? I don't remember Denver. I will always hate Seattle. He pulls up to the curb and stops the car.

"Where are you going?"

"Around. Haven't decided yet. I've always preferred the east coast...I'll let you know." She looks at him. This is harder than it should be. She should be happy to get away from him. All she can think about is how much she'll miss him.

"Bonnie, you can always ring me, yeah?" She nods her head.

"Considering you're the only one with my number you can ring me too." He chuckles.

"One last snog for the road?" She leans in to kiss him. Seconds turn to minutes and she's climbed halfway into his seat, and probably going to miss her flight. But she's been with him for six years. Six years. He pulls her off. "Bonnie."


"One last drink for the road?" She takes his hand and brings it to her mouth, bites until his skin pops and he cries out. She pushes out her hand for him to do the same. They start sucking at simultaneously.

She can never get that much when she bites him, her incisors aren't that long or sharp, and it's more of a lapping of whatever comes out than an actual suck. She always ends up shredding the skin trying to get more. Klaus does it with finesse. Licks the skin around the fangs. Pulls the blood into his mouth slowly until she comes. Fuckkk. Takes his fangs out. Then he detaches her from his arm, bites into it to give her a good flow. And lets her suck to her hearts content.

He pulls her off again. Her arm heals immediately after the fangs are out. "You're going to be late." She licks her lips and checks her face in the mirror. Still cute. Pops a stick of gum in her mouth. Looks at him again and nods. She wants to say something, anything. "Don't tell me you love me."

She scoffs. "I wasn't... can we get over ourselves?" But she grins. "I hate you."

"I hate you too." He pecks her lips and walks her luggage to the door. He embraces her first. She pulls one last look at his face. He's smiling. She takes her thumbs and lays them against his dimples.

"Take care of yourself, you insane bitch."

"Keep in touch, you psychotic asshole."

"You think Mystic Falls is ready for you?"

"Probably not."

Then he's gone.

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