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Ten Days

Ten days. That's how long it took before he broke down.

Ten days in which he saved worlds, ran for his life, basically did what he had always done.

And every once in awhile he would forget what had happened. He would call her name and wait for her. He expected to find her in the kitchen with a cup of tea. He held out his hand and waited for her to take it.

Only to be disappointed. To remember she was no longer there.

He fought himself through the ten days without shedding a single tear. Until he accidentally opened the wrong door. The door to her room.

He froze and looked at the messy bed, the articles of clothing scattered on the floor, the open magazine on a table. She could have been there just yesterday.

Pictures decorated her wall. Some were of her and him with the big ears, the blue eyes and leather jacket. Others were of him, this him, with the big hair and the brown eyes. He couldn't help but smile. She had always been surrounded by memories whereas he kept running.

On the nighttable was the most recent picture of them. She had persuaded him to take her to the 65th Intergalactic Ball on a planet near New Earth. She was so beautiful she had taken his breath away. He reached out to touch the cheek of the smiling Rose on the photograph, and suddenly he felt the wetness on his own cheek.

He hastily wiped the tears away, but he couldn't stop them coming. His legs were shaking and he sank to the floor.

Heavy sobs wracked his body, feeling heartbreak he had been pushing aside the last days. Their final words played through his head again and again.

"I… I love you" She was crying, but she had never been more beautiful to him. It was killing him that he would never see her again. That this would be the last time he would even talk to her.

"Quite right too," If only he had known. If only he hadn't been too blind, they could have been together. If only he hadn't been so scared of getting too attached to her, always fearing the day she would no longer be by his side. But this, this was it. For one moment he would stop running, stop being afraid. He could do that for her. "And I suppose… if it's my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler-

- I love you," the Doctor said and clutched the photograph to his chest. "I love you so much. Please-" another sob overtook him. "Please, I need you. Please, come back."

But she couldn't. She was gone forever, and he would never forget her. Never forget how much he loved her and never forget how much this hurt.