Ages: The girls and Marlin are fifteen, Lorren is sixteen, and Zach is seventeen.

It had long been speculated that Ravenswood Manor was haunted. When asked, Adriane would scoff, and laugh as if the very notion were the most ridiculously idiotic thing she had ever heard.

'Don't be stupid,' she'd say in that brutally cutting tone she used much too often 'Ravenswood isn't haunted,' after all, she'd know, right?

She'd lived there since she was twelve. Explored and re-explored the grounds time and time again. She had scoured the halls of the manor for interesting artifacts, and cool nooks and crannies. She left no secret doors unopened. She adopted reading spots, and crying spots, and I-need-to-get-away-from-the-world spots. She knew about the tiny staircase that branched from the library, into the observatory and she had been the one who found the wine cellar, which was hidden in a back room in the basement. Never once had Adriane ever so much as perceived the shape of a ghost. No mysterious wisps of smoke, no disembodied moans of anguish, and definitely no phantom foot steps.

It wasn't for lack of belief, of course not. Their journey had started when they were thirteen and after all she had seen and done, the prospect of spirits felt so possible, so probable, that she thought that she wouldn't even need solid evidence to believe. Not that it wouldn't have been welcomed, but her grip on scientific beliefs had been broken long ago. She supposed that she just didn't posses 'the sight', the talent for it. She had always assumed that Emily, who was so in-tune with auras, would be more suited for it. She never asked, but she guessed she didn't really have to. Emily would have told her. They had had a no-withhold contract since they had met in the forest all those years ago.

Don't worry, everyone. I'm still working on all of my other stories. I just had this idea and I had to run with it. I actually have most of it planned/written, but it was WICKED LONG so I thought I'd break it up into sections. This is just the Introduction.