So this is my first Larry Fanfic! I hope you enjoy it!

I do not own one direction! I wish i could though! ;)

Hugs. Kisses on each others cheeks. That's it. Nothing more nothing less. Oh how he wants it to be more. Every time he kisses his cheek he wants to turn and catch his lips. Every time they hug he wants it to let it linger.

But he's too god damn cowardly to do anything about it.

Harry walks into his and Louis flat with Caroline. She clings onto Harry like there is no tomorrow, he smiles and looks at her. He leans down and presses his lips to hers. A tang of jealousy runs through Louis veins. He doesn't want to feel it. He wants to congratulate his friend on his new girlfriend. But he can't. He's too head over heels in love with him.

' sickening ' Louis thinks as he looks up from Meltdown by Ben Elton. Louis gazes at his friend, best friend. His hair, the way it can perfectly curl around his finger. His perfect lips, plump and moist, but are currently occupied by the women that only cares about fame. Not his feelings. If Harry was his, harry would come first. He always has.

How he misses his best friend. The fun they usually have together but Harry is too caught up with Caroline to notice his best friends sadness.

Louis notices Harry's slide his hand around Caroline's waist. She throws her arms around his neck. Louis longs it to be him , he could kiss him when ever he wanted, act like a couple and mean it.

' piss it ' he thinks and slams his book shut. The couple break away, Harry looks at him worriedly. Louis stands up and takes a quick glance to Harry then turns his gaze to the door. He heads to the door. Tears forming in his eyes. He's never felt like this. He knows he's gay. He has since he was 16. He wasn't openly gay in school, no one knew. Not even Harry. Not even his parents. Not even the diary he used to keep.

" Louis? Lou you alright?" Harry calls after him.

' he cares ' Louis thinks and a smile forms on the elders face. Course he cares, they're best friends. The smile turns into a frown. That's all he thinks of him. A best friend. At that point tears fall from his eyes like a waterfall.

Seeing Louis run out confused Harry. He saw the tears, the tears threatening to fall. It hurt him to see his best friend like that.

Harry pulls Caroline off him and runs straight after his best friend

" Harry?" he hears Caroline call. Why do he get himself caught up with her? She doesn't care about him. Not many girls do. They just know him as HARRY STYLES! Not Just Harry Styles. A normal guy.

" LOUIS?" Harry screeches through their massive house. He was fine with the apartment. But Louis insisted on the house. It was near the guys. " LOUIS!" Harry screams again not getting a reply the first time. He runs up the stairs and hears a faint sobbing from his best friends room.

Louis hears a knock at the door.

" can I come in Lou?" his beautiful best friend asks him. Louis doesn't want Harry to know that it's him he is crying about. He doesn't want Harry to know how he feels about him.

' but you do ' he tells himself.

'No, no. Harry is not going to know that I love him ' he argues.

" Lou? Are you alright? I can hear you crying" Harry says through the door. Desperate to find out why his best friend is crying.

Louis wants Harry to comfort him, tell him it's going to be fine and put a smile on his face. All he had to do was walk in.

" n-no I-I'm f-fine" Louis says between sobs.

" right I'm coming in" Harry barges though the door, making a large bang as the door is nearly knocked off the hinges." babe " Harry coos and takes Louis in his arms " why are you crying?" Louis shakily wraps his arms around Harry's neck and looks at him, getting lost in his green eyes. The green eyes that make people weak at the knees.

" please Lou tell me what's up " Harry pleads. His eyes and words filled with concern. Louis leans forward and presses his lips to his.