Harry sits on a wall, knowing that someone will find him at some point. Not wanting it to be soon he pulls up his hood and puts his face in his hands. An uncontrollable sob escapes his lips, and another, and another. Soon he is just sobbing hysterically. He can't of just lost his best friend? It didn't matter that he was gay.

But it does. He's in LOVE with you. Just because you two act like it, doesn't mean it's true Harrys brain told him

It doesn't matter! Your best friends, does it really matter? Harrys heart told him

"URRGHHH" Harry grunted loudly, confused as to which side to take. Everyone says listen to your heart, but you end up heart broken. If you follow your brain, you end up unhappy. So either way you lose.

Louis balls up his fist and rams it into the walls

"FUCK!" He screeches when his hand almost breaks. "He hates me" Louis breaks down, he leans against the wall and slides his hot back down the cold paint. The sobs take over, you know that thing people say that when you cry hard you run out of tears? You heard that? Well, it's true. Well, true in Louis case. His sobs still took over, but no tears fell out of his red, puffy, swollen eyes.

He hears the doorbell and runs to the door "Please be Harry" He mutters as he flings the door open.

"Louis? What the fuck happened?" Zayn exploded. Louis dissolved into tears again, Zayn wraps him up in his arms and rocks him gently

"He hates me. Harry hates me" The words fly out of Louis mouth involuntary, Zayn's arms wrap tighter around him.

"He doesn't hate you, him and Liam are in the exact same position as us" Zayn rubs soothing circles on Louis back. They can't hate each other can they? The question doesn't leave Zayn's mind, they like the apple to each other's pie, the straw to each other's berries, you take the both of them and they're the perfect two. Yeah, he got that from a song, but it's true.

"I don't hate you" A voice says behind the two men. The one dissolved in tears looks over the composed ones shoulder, to see a curly haired boy. In the exact same position as the older lad. Red face, puffy swollen eyes and a sad smile on his face. They looks at each other, no words were said. But all the words that were needed to be said, were.

Zayn let go of Louis and slowly walked to the side, Liam joined him and rested his head on his shoulder. Zayn kissed the top of the man's head and then rested it where he had just placed his lips.

"It's not going to be that hard for us right?" Liam asks and lift his head and looks at Zayn with pleading eyes.

"Of course not" Zayn presses his lips to Liam's

"You two?" The other two ask in unison. "No wayyyyy" Harry says, sounding so young. Zayn and Liam break away and see Louis and Harry wrapped up in each other's arms.

"Awwww" Louis says and tightens his grip on Harry

"Owies" He says and slaps Louis, hard grasp on his waist, away.

"Sorry" Louis blushes and looks at his feet. Harry places both his hands on Louis crimson cheeks. Louis looks at him with wide eyes. Harry leans forward and Louis eyes flutter closed.

Thats it! Last one! All finished! Hope you enjoyed it!

LoL Phoebe x