Harry's POV

I don't know what to do. My best friend is kissing me. What do I do? Suddenly Louis pulls away instantly and tries to unwrap my arms from around his waist.

" I'm sorry. So sorry. I didn't mean t-" I interrupt him with a kiss. I place my lips on his quivering ones. I taste the salty water from his tears. I pull away to let him come to terms with what just happened.

" Harry. W-why?" he manages to squeak out.

" I - it just felt right " I say and smile contently. I plant a soft kiss on his plump lips. Fireworks explode in my stomach. I'm not gay. Right? It's just Louis. It's always been Louis. From the moment I met him in the bathroom, to now. When I just kissed him.

" is that why you were crying" I stupidly say. Louis pulls away and looks at his feet. The shadow of his face showing me this.

" leave it Harry" he says coldly. Not like Louis. At all.

" why not?" I ask. Louis is obviously hiding something. Why isn't he telling me? I mean we're best friends? Maybe something more.

" I-I" the tears fall down his face. I cup his cheek with my hand and wipe them away with my thumb and kiss his nose.

' he's beautiful. ' I think when I look at him. Although his skin is red and blotchy and his eyes are red, he is still the most gorgeous thing on this planet. I feel Louis tears fall on my hand.

" harry?" I hear a small voice ask

" yeah pumpkin?" I reply.

" I love you " Louis says and looks at me. His eyes have glistening tears rimming them. There was only 4 words I could reply.

" I love you too " and finally my life was complete.

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