Violet POV

I woke up in a lot of stress this morning. I had to go back to school from winter break. I was gonna get laughed at by all the other girls because I wasn't "pretty" enough. I was gonna bump into my worst bully, Trevor. And he was gonna almost kill me today.

Trevor is the stereotypical badboy of my school and is my EX best friend (and anything of a positive relationship, as well.) No, we never dated or had something that went towards "Love" because this "friendship" was ALL BEFORE MIDDLE SCHOOL! But all the girls like him because he threw a firecracker at a Police Officer's car and the Cop was still in the car. Ever since 6th grade, he's been a player towards ALL the girls. Well, except for me.

I don't have any friends anymore. Nor do I want to. If you don't like me, screw you. If you like me, I'm ACTUALLY surprised.

I have never dated. I just don't wanna take any chances in being broken again and again.

Honestly, I hate my life and I wish I was never born…

Kyle POV

Middle school is back! WOOHOO!

Middle school is great! Well, besides the work, teachers, and Trevor.

But we won't talk about them…

I ate my breakfast and ate cheerios. Yes, I am almost 12 and I like cheerios.

I also like to annoy my older brother, Jack. He is still asleep. Haha…

I walk in his room and sneak to his bed. Standing right in front of him I jump on his bed and yell "Ya-kabba-wabba-wow-skeeeeeeeee!"

Jack wasn't too happy about it and I just knew what was gonna happen…

Jack POV

I got woke up by Kyle and I'm really upset.

I yelled "GET OFF OF ME!" and threw him on the floor.

I knew that startled Leena but hey, Kyle was the one to blame.

I think Kyle broke his back because he was laying there but then he started laughing and jumped on my back. I threw him off again and Leena said, "So Jack was telling the truth all along."

Kyle got his cell phone taken away and I smirked.

Kyle just said to me "Little fattie."

I always thought this to myself even when Kyle was born.

When will Kyle shutup?

Leena POV

I'm really sick of Kyle.

Now I'm starting to wonder if I want a baby seeing how he is.

I felt my cell phone vibrate and I got a text message.

It said these harsh words:

*Come to me and kill yourself, or stay here and I burn this house with everybody in it even YOU!

This family.

Live or Die.


Die or Die.

Make your choice.

Choose wisely…

-Claus Barthren

P.S. Maybe you shouldn't have run away.*

I had to make my choice. And fast!

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