Hey. Sorry for the screwup! The website messed up my document not me! I double checked everything on Chapter 4 and there were no mistakes, so don't give negative reviews about that issue please!

I know things haven't sped up to the big stuff yet so don't complain about that. This is a longer story and there may be another story as a third part.

This story will probably NOT be rated M. There is NO sex and the only romance developer (maybe) is Trevor & Violet (aka "Trevlet"). They are 13 years old and are waaaay too young to be in that form of relationship (they may not even kiss and I mean in real life)! There may also be a relationship with Abby and Jack comin' up but I don't know yet so stay tuned!

Here is Chapter 5…

Leena POV

I sat there, my heart pounding faster and faster in fear. I run fast as I can, trying to escape the fear. Sweat is running down my face and blood is too. I want to cry for help but I know no one will EVER save me. I am Leena Klammer, a mass murderer…

I head in a tunnel of darkness running slower as I am losing more energy. I bump into a man about 5'6. It was Claus. I scream but he covers my mouth and says "Time to go to heaven my dearest Leena…"

I wake up screaming in fear. I realized it was just a dream.

I decide to take a bath and 30 minutes later I go to my room and lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling.

"It's the end for you, Leena" I say to myself. "It's the end for you…"

George POV

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Voicemail.

Leena has not answered 15 of my calls.

Is she dead?

I can't call 9-1-1! She'll get arrested!

I go to the car and drive home in fear.

What if she's dead?

I'll be put in prison! As an innocent man!

I pull in the driveway and go up to the porch and realize the door is bolted. I bang on the door.

"LEENA! LEENA!" I yell. There was no response.

"LEENA! Open the damn door! LE-"

"Mr. Sommers?" A male voice asks.

I turn around. It was Trevor. The troubled Donovan teen.

"Is Violet here?" Trevor asks with concern. He seemed nervous.

"No." I answered. "She's at a friend's house. Why?"

"I needed her help with something." He replied. "Was the friend Abby?"

"It is none of your concern." I stepped towards him. "Stay away from my little girl do you understand me?"

He looked down at his feet. Why did he seem so shy? He's been downright disrespectful to me many times.


He looked back up from his feet to me. His face looked like he just started crying. He nodded and walked away and kicked the porch carpet to the muddy dirt as he left.

What was with this kid?

Trevor POV

I went in my room and locked the door. There was this song by Seether called Broken that Violet did a cover of. The recording on my phone of her singing I watched over and over again singing the words that made me feel more depressed.

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph, I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

You're gone away

You don't feel me here anymore…

Was this what I have done to Violet?

Did I give her this much pain?

No wonder Abby defended for her.

Violet would never love me.

Her heart is now stone.

It's all my fault…

Awwww…. Poor Trevor! This is actually the first time I did'nt have Violet in any dialogue in the chapter. I wanted to surround more with George's life and Leena's. I also wanted to show Trevor's sadness and depression and realizing he can't be forgiven…