Rumor Has It- February 11th, 2012 9:04 p.m.

It only took one day before word was out.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson were dead.

Of course, they weren't actually dead; it was just a rumor. They were very much alive, just a little shaken up. Scratch that, very shaken up. Kurt had refused to go to school for the past two days, and Blaine wanted to be wherever Kurt was. So they stayed at Kurt's house, the shock of what happened still not wearing off.

It was obvious on how the rumors had been started. The newspaper article covering the event had an awful format, reporting that two teenage boys (left unnamed, because of the fact that they were minors) had been shot and killed along with three other unfortunate victims at the Citizens National Bank in Lima, Ohio. Beside the article was a picture from Blaine's phone that a man had taken for him and Kurt, the only photo that had a clear view of the killer's face. Unfortunately, for the couple, the men had been captured on the phone only in the background, behind Kurt and Blaine smiling at the camera.

Face it, if you were to read a newspaper article about how two teenage boys were "shot and killed", and then see a picture of two teenage boys in the same article, and then realized that they weren't showing up at school, you would assume that those were the one's who died. At least, that's what students of McKinley thought. Most of the high-schoolers attending knew who Kurt and Blaine were. And so, as of that moment, everyone was convinced that the two gay teens were dead. The only ones that knew the truth were the teachers and the glee club, who all knew that they were just taking a break from school for a week or so.

Kurt was curled up on his bed, ignoring the constant buzzing of his phone. Rachel, for some odd reason, had decided that it was a good idea to text Kurt everything that happened at today's glee club meeting, every word that someone said, every lyric of every song that was sung. He wished that Blaine would hurry up and get back from the kitchen with the iced teas already. Painful images flashed through his mind. He stared down at the bandage wrapped tightly around his leg for a moment. He jerked his eyes away, not wanting a reminder. He let his eyes flutter closed, his arms holding a stuffed bear tightly to his chest.

A door creaked, light footsteps treading cautiously across the carpet. Kurt rolled over, wincing at the sharp pain in his leg and side.

"I'm not asleep, you know." He muttered. Blaine gave him a sad half smile.

"Well, good. I didn't one-handedly carry two glasses of iced tea all the way here from the kitchen." He handed a glass to Kurt, who sat up to gulp down the cold beverage. Blaine grabbed his own with his non-dominant hand, his other bandaged and held in place by a sling. "Now scoot over, I can't stare at you and lay on my left side at the same time." Kurt complied, shifting to the other side of the bed. Blaine plopped down, staring at his boyfriend. "Are you okay, Kurt?" The paler boy shook his head, setting his drink down and rolling onto his side. Blaine frowned, sticking his left arm out from under him and stroking Kurt's hair lightly, the most he could do at this angle. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Stop sounding like a freaking therapist and more like my boyfriend and I might." Blaine sighed, moving in closer and kissing the back of Kurt's head.

"I'll try." Kurt's chest rose up and down with his breaths. He gulped, flipping over and resting his forehead against Blaine's.

"I- I thought I was going to lose you."

"I know, babe. But look, we're both here now, and we're both alive. Nothing to worry about anymore." Kurt groaned, sitting up and throwing his hands in the air.

"How are you so calm?" he shouted, pushing his hair out of his face. "He held a GUN to your head! HOW are you okay with this?" Blaine heaved himself up, leaning against the headboard and wrapping his good arm around his boyfriend's shoulders, pulling him in for an awkward half-hug.

"Kurt, he missed. Its fine, it only got my arm." He thought back to how a man had tackled down the robber just as he had pulled the trigger. God, he just wouldn't stop shooting.

"No, it's not fine! You- you could have died, Blaine!" He turned, wriggling out of Blaine's embrace and scooting to the end of the bed, about to hop off. "Damn it!" he cursed, something that rarely happened, running his fingers through his hair. His eyes shot to the other side of the bed. "Blaine, hand me my crutches." The curly haired teen shook his head, stretching his arm out and tracing light patterns on Kurt's bandaged thigh.

"Come here." He said, patting the pillow beside him. Kurt refused, crossing his arms and plotting how he was going to get ahold of his crutches. Blaine sighed, lying back down. He stared at Kurt's back for a moment before starting his speech.

"Kurt, haven't you noticed by now that when I'm scared, I go numb?" Blaine could see Kurt's tense shoulders droop a little bit at the words. "I don't get over-the-top upset, unless I'm angry… Or drunk…" he paused, realizing he was getting a bit off topic. He reached over, putting a hand on Kurt's hip from behind. "My point is, Kurt, is that I get calm when I'm nervous. I get calm when I'm scared."

Kurt laid on his side, still not facing Blaine. His hip smooshed Blaine's hand, but the former warbler didn't care.

"Kurt, I was terrified. I still am, don't worry about that. I'm just a different type of terrified." Kurt sighed, flipping over and pressed his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be." A shrill ring pierced the air. Blaine fumbled around for his phone, pressing the pick up button and bringing it to his ear.

"H-llo?" he mumbled.

"Anderson? It's Santana. Sorry to bother your boy time, but Brittany refuses to go to glee club. Could you talk to her?"

"Uhh, what? Why us?" he asked, sitting up. Kurt opened an eye, mouthing 'what's going on?' Blaine gave Kurt a look that meant hold on.

"She's curled up in the corner of the science room crying about how her dolphins are dead."

"Ohhhh. Okay, put her on the phone." Kurt groaned into his pillow.

"That better not be Rachel." Blaine held his hand over the phone receiver.

"It's Brittany." He moved his hand, talking into the phone.

"Britt? It's Blaine."

"What?" the voice sniffed. "Y-you have cell phones in heaven?"

"Uhh, no Brittany. I'm alive. Me and Kurt are both alive." A sigh emmited from the other side of the bed. Oh, the many times Kurt had to send texts to his glee friends saying yes, I'm alive. Calm the fuck down.

"Oh, okay."

"Now go to glee club, Britt." Kurt heard the blond happily give a confirmative before hanging up. Blaine set his phone down, exhaling dramatically. He pressed his forehead to Kurt's again, closing his eyes.

"I love you." He said softly, hidden under his breath. Kurt smiled the slightest bit, the first time since the incident."

"I love you too."

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