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I'm going down the family line with stories on how Maureen, Derrick, Francis, Gerald, Patrick and Kate see their father. Im doing this Mother first and then the oldest to the youngest.


Throughout time

"He seems acceptable as a husband Maureen, your father and I approve."

A young woman of twenty one was pale with flushed cheeks at the compliment of her fiancé, she was a timid thing, always so quiet and polite. Her parents had been worried she'd be led astray in Liberty city however, as luck would have it, she had met a nice young man; also Catholic with the same standards.

Maureen's mother had been worried at first, hearing rumours of men, violence, drugs, alcohol and sex and feared for her only daughter's future. She made sure she knew where Maureen was and who with and if that person or people had bad images or habits. Her husband was more laid back but he had other fears on his mind such as finding work.

They had arrived from Ireland to the land of the free and home of the brave; a place of opportunity. It had seemed overwhelming at first but the three of them settled in and after a few months everything had found a normal pace. Even better Maureen was to be married.

"I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage." He asked solemnly.

Maureen's mother gushed and hid a small smile behind her hand. Finally her daughter's future was secure.

"Of course," Her father smiled broadly back and shook hands at his new son-in-law.

He was mature for his age, serious and a good provider; Maureen had told us he worked as a builder whilst later he told us he was an office worker. Her mother assumed her daughter had been too starry eyed to listen properly about his work, she chastised her; a wife listens to her husband's worries. And as always remember the vows you will take because you must stick by him.

Two years of engagement and they married and the now Maureen McReary moved into her own house with her husband.

The parents now in the background her husband was different; no longer charming and sweet but silent and angry. Often slamming doors or smashing things in his temper. Maureen grew even quieter in these times and did not leave the house very much nor see her family or few friends she had.

And his 'friends' in his mob; him the leader, the boss and the man

Then, as those material objects weren't enough anymore, he started hitting her. It was the first slap to the face that shocked her into complete and utter submission immediately. He could control her without a problem.

This new routine continued until one day in September Maureen fell pregnant; her husband was happy and the violence stopped although it hadn't stopped her from flinching at every move he had towards her and she prayed he would never hit her in the stomach or hit their unborn child in the future. She prayed to God that everything would now be alright.

Derrick McReary, a boy, a perfect little boy was given to them by the Lord.

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