A/N: Just a little something I thought of after I had finished playing Lux-Pain. What happened in Kisaragi City must

have made him happy. A little bit, anyway.

Atsuki: She doesn't own us.

Ryo: Otherwise, Saigo and I would end up as a couple.

It was always a cycle. The same thing, day in and day out. I would go to one city, destroy the Original Silent, and move on to the next place. All of the friendships I made? Broken. The numerous people that I could have started a family with? Either dead due to an attack from a Silent infectee or was an infectee themselves. Either way, their memories would be erased by a FORT operative. But Kisaragi City was different. The friends that I made will never forget me. And I will never forget them. Silent will never truly disappear. That is why I must continue this cycle. It is how that merciless God planned it. And so, if I ever tire of exacting my revenge on Silent, I will settle down there. With my friends. With my family. I'll finally be home.