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With a Blind Date comes Love

Chapter one

Arthur never noticed the raven haired man always watching him, never saw the love and longing in the other man's eyes.

The raven haired man could not understand why Arthur acted this way. The night before he had shared drinks and even had a nice chat with Arthur, but this morning Arthur didn't even know his name and that hurt more than if Arthur had told him to 'get lost'.

But not all were as blind as Arthur, his sister, Morgana had known for a while now that the raven haired man was madly in love with her stupid prat of a brother. And she planned on showing Arthur just what he has been so blind about before it was too late.

Arthur sat in his office working over some important documents when there was a knock on his door.

"Enter." Arthur said without looking up.

Merlin had been working up his courage all day and was now standing in front of Arthur with a blank mind.

Arthur looked up at the man standing in the middle of his office, the only thing Arthur knew about this man was that he worked in their IT apartment and also teaches the new ICT nerds when they join Pendragon and son.

His father would not stop talking about just how wonderful this man was, and it really annoyed Arthur, so any chance he got he would make the man's life hell.

"What do you want?" Arthur hissed.

Merlin could never understand why Arthur always had hate in his eyes whenever he looked at at him.

"Um well I have this month's reports for you." Merlin said chickening out at the last second.

Arthur snatched the papers out of Merlin's hand and placed them under his pile to look at later. Normally people would leave at this moment but Merlin was going to ask his question even if he got fired.

"Yes?" Arthur said rudely.

"Um… well I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime, we could have drinks and go to that nice Chinese place …" Merlin never got to finish the rest of what he was going to say because Arthur interrupted him.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" he growled.

Arthur could not understand why this fool was asking him out, Arthur might be gay but there was no way he would go out with Merlin, he disliked him too much.

"Yes, I mean I've been…" Once again Merlin never got to finish as Arthur laughed which made Merlin stop before he said anything else.

A knock on the door finally stopped Arthur from his little chuckle fest. "Enter." Arthur chuckled out.
Morgana knew of Merlin's plan and wanted to get to Arthur before Merlin. Her plan was to have Gwen, her and Merlin's best friend, stop him with a computer problem. But as Morgana had entered Arthur's office she saw Merlin standing there looking heart broken and she knew Gwen had not be able to stop him.

"Ah… Morgana, what can I do for you?" Arthur asked his mood changing.

Morgana smiled sadly at Merlin, she could see the tear that wanted to fall in his eyes.

"I wanted to talk to you Arthur." she said looking back at her stupid brother.

Arthur nodded. "That's all Mervin." Arthur said dismissing him.

Merlin walked back to his office and hid for the rest of the day, when someone came in or asked for help Merlin would snap at them making them run from his office.

Toward the end of the day Merlin was all cried out and had said sorry to all the people that he had upset and was about to call it a day when his phone rang. "Merlin Emrys." he stated, picking up the receiver.

Arthur had just come home to his apartment, and found the dark quiet apartment was once again getting to him.

Arthur thought back to what had happened during the day.


"What was that about Arthur? His name is Merlin and know that full well." Morgana yelled at him.

"Morgana what is the problem, so I call him the wrong name, he's just some guy that works for our IT department." Arthur said looking at Morgana as if she might be crazy.

"Just some guy that works for our IT department, Arthur he is the head of the IT department and you know that." Morgana screamed.

Her brother was beginning to annoy her to the point where she wanted to push him off the top of Pendragon and son roof.

"And why were you laughing at him?" Morgana knew the reason but she wanted Arthur to say it out loud.

"He asked me out Morgana. Can you really see us as a couple?" Arthur asked once again laughing his head off at the idea.

"Yes, I could really but you know what? Merlin is too good for you Arthur if you cannot see what we all see then you deserve to be alone." With that Morgana walked out the door.

End of Flashback

Could Morgana be right? Can people really see him and Merlin as a couple? Arthur could not see it himself, but there has never been a day where Morgana has been wrong, and she never let him forget it. Could he possible like Merlin?

The next day at work Morgana and Gwen found Merlin sitting in his office having his lunch

"Merlin?" Gwen asked.

She had a feeling that something was wrong, Lancelot even said Merlin was yelling at Will this morning.

Merlin looked up from the computer parts he had on his work desk. "Yes?"

"Are you OK? You have been weird since yesterday." Gwen said sweetly.

"You mean since Arthur bloody Pendragon laughed in my face when I asked him out?" Merlin snapped.

"Merlin." Morgana yelled.

"NO, I'm tired of being in love with that man. I don't want your pity; I don't want anything from anyone." Merlin yelled slamming his fist down on his desk.

Morgana took Gwen's hand and lead her out, before closing the door Morgana turned to Merlin.

"We'll be here when you're ready to say sorry." With that she closed the door.

Gwen went back to her department before Lance could see her so upset.

"You didn't go in there did you?" Morgana turned and looked up at Lancelot.

"What's wrong with him Lance?" Morgana asked turning back to Merlin's closed office door.

"Well beside Arthur laughing at him, Cenred called yesterday. Will said it was about some job offer and now Uther is planning on giving Merlin a raise to keep him here." Lance informed him.

Morgana shook her head. "He wants to leave, to get away from Arthur but at the same time he doesn't want to leave all his friends. He's at war with himself and that's got him angry. You know Merlin, he won't leave if there is any way him and Arthur could be together."

Morgana nodded her head to what Lance was saying but she knew Arthur would not give Merlin that chance. She had to do something and fast.

Uther walked into his son's office and closed the door behind him. Uther was not fool and he could see just how much Merlin loved his son, that was one of the reasons Uther liked him so much. Well, that and he was a great IT leader. Well yesterday and today included of course.

"What can I do for you father?" Arthur asked once the door was closed.

"Why is Cenred calling up our Head of IT and offering him more money if he leaves Pendragon and son and goes to work for them?" Uther asked his son.

Of course Morgana had already filled him in on what had happened yesterday; to say Uther was disappointed in his son would be an understatement.

"I have no idea father, if Mervin wants to leave I'm sure we can find someone better to replace him" Arthur said.

Arthur was half happy about the fact that he might be able to get rid of him once and for all, but the other part of him wanted to cry, wanted to run to him and make him promise to never leave Arthur.

Where is this feeling coming from Arthur thought

"Really? So it has nothing to do with you laughing at him when he asked you out?"

Arthur stared at his father; he had no idea his father knew about that.

"I'm going to kill Morgana." Arthur hissed.

"Yes well while you're doing that I'm going to kill you if you lose us the best head of department we have had." Uther hissed back.

Uther did not give his son a chance to say anything else on the subject because he walked out the door leaving Arthur with his thoughts and once again Arthur's thoughts turned to Merlin. Would he leave? And more importantly would he leave me? Wait.

Where did that question come from? Arthur thought.

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