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Chapter three

Arthur jumped and awoke with a yell and was panting as if he had just ran for hours without stopping.

Arthur stood up and made his way to his bathroom, peeling his t-shirt off him that had stuck to him after he broke out into a cold sweat after a dream he never wanted to have again.

Arthur turned his shower on, stripped down to nothing and stepped in. After his shower, Arthur dried and slipped some boxer briefs on and was about to turn all his lights out and head to bed when a knock sounded at his door.

Arthur sighed heavily and opened his door, planning on yelling at who was ever on the other side for knocking on his door so late, but his words were tapped when he saw Merlin standing there smiling only in his dressing gown, Arthur could see through the gap and saw that Merlin was indeed naked.

"I've lived next door to you for two years and you never even knew."

Arthur pulled Merlin into his home and crushed his lips to Merlin's. Arthur pulled away and held Merlin as close as he could and buried his face into his neck.

After the dream he just had he couldn't be happier than to see Merlin. He never wanted to let him go.

"Arthur? Are you alright?"

"Stay with me tonight?"

"Arthur what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just something silly."

"I am not moving until you say."

Arthur sighed and told Merlin about his dream. As Arthur told Merlin of his dream, he went from standing in front of Merlin to being in his arm with kisses being placed on his temple.

"Let me just go and lock up and I'll be right back." Arthur nodded and only had to wait a couple of minutes before Merlin was back again.

Arthur closed his door and locked them both inside his flat for the night. "I hope it doesn't bother you that I sleep in the nude Arthur."

"You'll hear no complaints from me Merlin."

Merlin smiled. "Take me to bed Arthur."

"To sleep?"

"I'm not tired." Arthur smiled and crashed his lips upon the brunets and dragged Merlin towards his bedroom.

Merlin pulled away. "I love you Arthur." Merlin said smiling.

"And I love you Merlin." Arthur smiled and kissed Merlin again as they both fell onto Arthur's bed making them laugh as they broke apart. Merlin took his dressing gown off and chucked it carelessly to the floor which was quickly joined by Arthur's boxer briefs.

Arthur crawled on top of Merlin and started with his lips, gently kissing them before moving them across his jaw and down his neck. He stuck his tongue out and let his tongue move down Merlin's chest. Stopping at his nipples which he took into his mouth to gently nibble before continuing his way south.

He reached Merlin's groin and grinned when he saw Merlin's erection, pre cum leaking from the tip. Arthur blew lightly over the tip making Merlin moan and shudder with pleasure. "Arthur please."

"Yes Merlin?"

"Do something please."

Arthur took pity on Merlin and swallowed him whole. "Ah Arthur." Merlin groaned, burying his fingers in Arthur's hair.

Arthur brought one of his hands up and lathered his finger in Merlin's cum and started to move Merlin's legs apart until Merlin got the idea and opened his legs for Arthur.

Arthur circled Merlin's entrance with a finger before pushing it in which was quickly joined by and second and third. Soon Arthur started to fuck Merlin with fingers as his head was bobbing up and down.

"Ah...Arthur… I'm cumming...ah" Merlin gasped as he came, spilling all he had down Arthur's throat who drank greedily. Taking advantage of Merlin in this state, Arthur pulled his fingers out of Merlin and crawled back up Merlin.

He lifted the brunets legs up so they rested on his shoulders and moved forwards so his cock was fully in Merlin. "Gods Merlin you're tight."

Merlin could only hum as he held on as Arthur started to thrust in and out of him. Merlin screamed out when Arthur hit that spot inside of him. Arthur smirked and continued to hit that spot again and again until Merlin was cumming a second time, this time spilling all onto his self.

Arthur seeing Merlin come undone for a second time with his head lolled back and his eyes fluttering close caused Arthur to cum, shouting out Merlin's name as he emptied himself inside the man under him.

Merlin's legs dropped from Arthur's shoulders and Arthur quickly cleaned them both up with one of his tops he knew needed washing and without pulling out of Merlin, Arthur laid them both down so he was spooning Merlin and went to sleep with a smile on his face.

"Love you Arthur." Merlin mumbled sleepily.

"Love you too Merlin."

The next Morning Arthur awoke from his wonderful dream to find his bed empty and Merlin's side felt cold, it was like Arthur had dreamed it all.

Did I only dream that Merlin was alive? Did I dream that we made love last night? Arthur thought.
Arthur sat up in bed and sighed sadly. It must have been dream, Merlin's not here Arthur thought as a tear ran down his cheek.

"Hey, what's wrong?" came a voice from the door.

Merlin rushed over to Arthur placing the tray he was carrying on Arthur's bed side table before pulling Arthur into a hug.

"You're here." Arthur said holding tightly to Merlin.

"Arthur, look at me." Arthur slowly lifted his head to look at Merlin.

"Baby I'm here, I'm safe it was just a dream." Merlin said wiping Arthur's tears away with his thumb.

"Why were you not here? I thought it was all a dream and that you were really dead." Arthur sobbed.

Merlin smiled and kissed Arthur. "I was getting breakfast ready for us, sorry I upset you." Merlin kissed Arthur's forehead and leaned over to pick up the tray once again.

"I guess that my dream has me really scared that I'll lose you." Arthur replied.

"Arthur now I know how you feel about me I am afraid you are stuck with me."

Arthur looked at the tray and smiled at the sight, there on the tray was a two BLTs with brown sauce and a nice cup of tea for each of the them.

Once breakfast was finished and Merlin had licked a bit of brown sauce off Arthur's lips before kissing him, they made out for the next ten minutes before Arthur reluctantly suggested that they stop so they can shower. Merlin wanting more suggested they shower together.

So here they now were both in the shower. Once clean, Merlin stood facing the tile wall, his hands pressed against the tiles and his legs spread. He looked over his shoulder at Arthur. "Shower sex?"
Arthur smiled in answer and moved forward to prepare Merlin.

They were that caught up in their shower sex that they had not noticed the time. Merlin was the first one out of the shower and as he walked back to Arthur's bedroom to grab his dressing grown, he caught sight of Arthur's clock.

"ARTHUR." Merlin yelled.

Arthur feared the worst since his nightmare and rushed into his room ready to protect the love of his life.

When Arthur ran into his bedroom, he did not see something trying to attack Merlin or Merlin lying in a pool of his own blood, all he saw was Merlin rushing around like a headless chicken.

"Gods Merlin don't do that to me." Arthur said pulling Merlin to his arms and kissing forehead.

"Arthur we have no time for this we are fifteen minutes late for work." Merlin informed Arthur.
After some swearing and rushing around, Arthur followed Merlin to his flat just to be sure that he was going to be safe. He knew in a way he was being a bit silly but he would rather be safe than sorry.

Once they were both dressed they walked down to the car park and as Merlin walked over to his car Arthur grabbed his hand.

"Where do you think you're going?" Arthur said.

"To my car Arthur. We have to get to work." Merlin said trying to pull his hand free.
When Merlin said that, Arthur's mind took him back to his nightmare and his heart almost stopped at the pain, his dream had felt so real and the pain was proof of that. "NO." Arthur yelled making Merlin jump.

An old couple two cars down stopped and turned to look at Merlin and Arthur. "Sorry." Arthur said nodding to the old couple.

"Arthur, love it was just a dream, I'm alive and here with you, see alive." Merlin said lifting Arthur's hand to where his heartbeat.

"See live" Merlin smiled.

Arthur smiled. "Yes, but you're still coming with me. I'm not letting you out of my sight ever." Arthur said pulling Merlin towards his car.

Merlin waited before Arthur was in the car before asking his question. "You do know that I have to go home at end of the day." Merlin said.

"I know, but I want you with me Merlin, last night opened my eyes. I don't want to spend another night alone, when I wake up I want to see you, when I close my eyes I want you to be the last thing I see, I want us to spend the rest of our lives in each other's arms." Arthur said not taking his eyes off the road as he drove toward Pendragon and son.

Merlin smiled. "I would like that Arthur, I would like that a lot."

When Arthur pulled up at his and his father's company he turned the car off and leaned over to give Merlin a quick kiss.

"Come on we're late enough as it is." Merlin said opening the car door and laughing at Arthur's pouting face.

As Merlin walked into his office he found Morgana sitting in his chair smiling like she just won a gold medal. "Get lost Morgana" Merlin said smiling.

Morgana laughed and stood up from Merlin's seat. "Good afternoon Merlin" Morgana said walking out the door, smiling as if she knew some big secret.

Merlin shook his head and went over to his desk to start his day.

It was an hour later when Freya knocked on Merlin's office door to inform him that Arthur wanted to speak with him about the reports did Merlin realise that he had finished off everything on his work desk.

"Better not keep his highness waiting." Merlin joked.

Freya and the rest of the IT department laughed at Merlin's jokes, because it was true. Arthur did act like he was the Prince.

Arthur had sat through a boring office meeting with his father, but for once it didn't seem so boring after all. Arthur kept his mind occupied with images of Merlin wet and naked of course that brought on a whole lot of other problems. Like getting a hard during your father's business meeting.

"Arthur?" Uther asked when he saw that his son was not paying attention.

Arthur had to blink twice to bring himself out of his day dream. "Yes?"

"Son the meeting is over, has been for a few minutes now." Uther said giving his son a sly smile.

"Is there something on your mind son?" Uther asked watching as his son got up slowly and tried to hide the tent that was growing in his pants and made a bee line for the door

"Or someone?" Uther said.

As Arthur made his way to his office he could still hear his father chuckling. Once Arthur was in the safety of his office, he made his way over to his chair and fell into it.

"Merlin." Arthur moaned closing his eyes.

Arthur called the IT department and asked for Merlin to come to his office, he could hear someone yelling that the Prince was calling.

Arthur just shook his head, he so wanted to fire that Will guy. A few moments later Merlin walked into Arthur's office without knocking and closed the door.

"Arthur, you wanted to see me?" Merlin asked smiling at Arthur sitting there a little flushed

"Come here baby." Arthur said opening his arms for Merlin who wasted no time in going to Arthur.

"You still worried honey?" Merlin asked resting his head on Arthur's shoulder.

Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and kissed the top of his head. "I just needed you baby." Arthur whispered.

Merlin could feel just how much Arthur needed him since it was digging into his arse.

"Arthur we're at work" Merlin whispered back.

"I just want to hold you Merlin that's all." Arthur kissed the top of Merlin's head.

Meanwhile with Morgana and Gwen.

"I'm telling you they are a couple now, you should have seen Merlin this afternoon." Morgana told Gwen on their way to Arthur's office.

"Lancelot did say that Merlin was in a cheerful mood and was late for the first time ever." Gwen giggled.

"Father said Arthur was totally lost in his thoughts during the meeting and didn't hear a word he said, he told me that Arthur seemed to be having a problem down there." Morgana gossiped.

The two ladies gossiped and giggled the whole way to Arthur's office. Morgana stopped Gwen from knocking once they stood outside his office. Morgana put her finger to her lips silently telling Gwen to be quite as she opened the door.

Back with Arthur and Merlin

The two men were so content with being in each other's arms that neither one noticed Arthur's

office door open.

"AW." Morgana and Gwen said together when they saw Merlin in Arthur's arms resting his head on Arthur's shoulder.

Arthur looked up shocked to see his sister and the girl he once fancied.

"MORGANA!" Arthur yelled.

Merlin turned three different shares of red before hiding his face in Arthur shoulder. If Merlin had not been in Arthur's arms he would have been chasing Morgana around the whole building.

The two ladies in question just giggled as they left Merlin and Arthur alone.

"I told you they were together." Morgana said in between giggles.

"I never doubted you." Gwen replied giggling.

When Arthur's door was closed, Merlin got up and smiled at Arthur. "Well that was fun." Merlin said walking toward the office door.

"Hey, where you going?" Arthur asked wanting nothing more than to just hold onto Merlin longer.

"I have work to do Arthur and so do you." Merlin smiled and closed the door behind him.

Later that evening as Arthur was walking out of his office to meet Merlin at the car when he was cornered in the elevator by non-other than his father.

"I hear that Merlin is staying with us, that is wonderful news." Uther said fishing for information.

"Um… yes father it is wonderful news." Arthur said smiling at just how wonderful that man was.

"Arthur about this afternoon would you like to talk about it?" Uther said giving his son an all knowing look.

Arthur started to turn red and suddenly the button on the elevator was more interesting.

"Arthur?" Uther said watching his son very carefully.

"I… Me… him…" for the first time in Arthur's life he had no idea what to say and was reduced to stuttering.

"Arthur, you OK son?" Uther said smiling at the look on his sons face.

Before Arthur could answer the doors dinged open and Merlin stood outside them smiling. Arthur looked between both Merlin and his father.

"I… Merlin… You…" Arthur continued to stutter.

Merlin could see just how much Arthur was staggering and came to his rescue. "Uther, your son and I are in a relationship. I love him and he loves me." Merlin smiled when he saw Arthur who was still trying to get the words out nodding his head. Uther smiled and pulled both men into a hug.

"About time boy, we can only watch you daydream about my son for so long." Uther said as he stepped away from both men.

"Now Arthur, you better not let him go, he's the best this company and you will ever have." Uther said walking toward his car

"Oh and Arthur, your mother and I look forward to seeing you both this weekend." with that said Uther got in his car and drove off.

"Come on Arthur you own me a drink." Merlin said dragging Arthur to his car. Arthur stopped Merlin just before he could get into the car.

"You're staying with me tonight, I won't be able to sleep without you now." Merlin smiled at the love he could see in Arthur's eyes.

Merlin kissed Arthur softy on the lips. "Don't worry I'll keep the nightmares away. I love you Arthur."

"I love you Merlin."

4 years later

Merlin woke up to someone climbing onto the bed. "Daddy wake up" said a soft voice

Merlin blinked and looked up and saw his beautiful little girl Three years ago Arthur and Merlin got married and started a family of their own.

They first adopted little Gemma into their family two and a half years and just last week they took home little Mason.

It should be fun looking after a baby since Gemma was two when they adopted her, but even though they were never there for her first words it warmed their hearts when she called them daddy and dada for the first time.

"What is it princess?" Merlin asked smiling up at his little angel.

"Dada said it was a special day, but it's not my birthday." little Gemma looked so confused.

"Sweetie today is mine and dada's anniversary." Merlin smiled as he remembered the day they got married.

Morgana was the one to pop the question as Arthur was hit with a case of stuttering that left him unable to make any kind of sense.

"What's an anervary?" Gemma asked just as Arthur walked in with little Mason asleep in his arms.

"Dearly today is the day daddy and I got married." Arthur said as he settled himself and Mason on their bed.

Gemma smiled and cuddled up to her daddy.

"Happy anervary daddy."

"Thank you baby." Merlin kissed Gemma on the head before kissing Arthur on the lips.