„Something is wrong. Something is really wrong here." Trudy let her questioning look wander from Jay, her boyfriend, to Amber, her best friend. „Tell me", she demanded, but suddenly it began to dawn on her and she no longer needed clarification.

Even before Amber started to stutter her name, she knew exactly what was going on. She knew that what she had feared the most had arrived. She had lost Jay. She had lost the man she loved, the man she felt save with, the man she planned to have a future with, the man she wished to be her beloved daughters father. Again, Amber could be declared as the winner. Then she had won Bray, now she claimed Jay.

„Oh my god. No." Trudy still hoped to awake from this horrible nightmare. Maybe it was like when she had dreamed about Zoot taking away her child with the only difference that now it was Amber that took away Jay from her. But then Jay reached out to touch her shoulder and Trudy realized that it was real, that her life was falling to pieces right in front of her.

„Don't touch me. Do not touch me", fury gained control of Trudy's body, of her senses and of her mind. „No. No", was all it allowed her to say. There seemed to be just one thought left in Trudy's head. She wanted to go away, she couldn't stay where she was, next to the people who betrayed her, who hurt her, who broke her heart. Just hours before it was her who had led everyone to save Jay and now heartbreak was what she got in return for her troubles.

Leave. It was the only way for her to save herself, to keep herself from going crazy. The decision was made in an instant. While Amber and Jay couldn't gain enough confidence to talk, Trudy was for once the braver one. She went to her daughter's small bed and lifted the dozing girl in her arms.

„Get away from me." These where the last words the purple haired girl said to the shocked couple before she left the Mall. Trudy heard how Amber shouted after her, how she begged her to stay, how she apologized, but she didn't care. Actually she liked the thought that the feeling of guilt would make the lovebirds suffer and bother their relationship. It even made a small smile appear on her lips.

Trudy wasn't sure if she was ever coming back to the Mall, to her home, the place where she had given birth to the precious little girl now lying in her arms, the place where she had found so many friends, the place where she had felt welcomed and loved. Of course, these memories made her sad, but at the moment it wasn't possible for her to stay there, it would destroy her.

„Say goodbye to the Mall, Brady, maybe we won't come back." With that Trudy set her feet onto the empty streets of the city.