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Time was something that always flew past me without a second thought. When I was little I used to ignore all the clocks in my house, simply because I felt as if they were lying to me.

I was lied to a lot growing up. Such damaging, callous lies from the people I trusted and loved the most.

Mother. Mother never seemed to tell me the truth, no matter how young or old I was. She would tell me that she loved my father. She would tell me that she loved and cared about me—but she didn't.

I know now that she didn't, and a great deal of unthoughtful rage and sadness stems from this. Displaced anger that shouldn't even exist—does.

But this is just another thing I can channel into this fight. I use this anger, this rage inside of me to keep myself and Brago going. I use it to push on forward, because without it, what am I left with?

What does this world propose I use to get me through this battle?


No. No, of course not. I don't love anyone. I don't love Brago. I don't love myself. Love is something that just gets in the way; it's something that will tear you apart if you let it.

But I fear that it already has. I feel Brago brush up against my arm and a wave of tingled emotion was sent through me, goosebumps ravaging my skin for dominance over it—what is this? What is this chill that's enveloping me?

I shook my head minorly, focusing my attention on the task in front of me.

Wait…what was I doing again?

God dammit! I couldn't even remember why I was in the kitchen!

"Sherry?" I heard his voice question me, and I simply raised my right hand and twirled it around a bit, as if to tell him it was nothing. He didn't say anything, he didn't do anything—he just left.

Then it hit me why I was here. There was a note on the counter I had written for myself weeks ago. I quickly grabbed it, crunching it a bit in the process as I brought it up to read it.

My face drained from color. My voice went hoarse and my throat stung.

It was the date we were supposed to meet Zatch. It was the exact time and place we were going to, and it was tomorrow.

My right hand moved to cup over my mouth to keep the gasp from escaping. How did I lose track of time so fast?!

Where had the weeks gone?!

Training. Yes. I remember it now. We had spent countless days training—so much so that I would collapse of exhaustion the minute I entered my house. I somehow managed to wake up in my bed every morning though, and that was nice.

I just assumed Brago took the time to move me. The thought brought a small smile to my face, brushing the note in my hand as I threw it out. My eyes meandered over to Brago's book in my right hand, gripping it tightly for a minute.

The thought of losing Brago tomorrow…the idea of seeing him disappear into nothing right before my eyes paralyzed me. My fingers began to tremble and I gripped the book as hard as I could, my knuckles turning a dazzlingly pale white as I did.

I closed my eyes. I had to get a grip. I had to find a way to calm down. I took in a few deep breaths, not being able to feel the trembling in my body cease.

I let my feet carry me to the couch in the middle of the living room, finding my way to a seated position with the book on my lap. I stared down at it.

Something odd about my house was that even though there were maids in it all the time, a constant buzz of noise from their cleaning, it was still so lonely.

The noise was nothing but a substitute for the suffocating silence. There was nothing personal of comforting about the noise. It was just…empty, barren noise.

Even right now, there was noise. There was a maid vacuuming behind me. There was another cleaning the railings going upstairs. In the kitchen the chef was preparing dinner for me—it was already dark out.

And then there was me, sitting alone on the couch, staring at a book that only I could read.

I was surprised my butler hadn't sent me to an insane-asylum yet, or something of the sort. Maybe he trusted me. Who knew. I didn't particularly care, as long as he didn't interfere with Brago and my fight.

I heard him come into the room and stand a few feet away from the couch, not saying anything.

Charles was my mother's butler as well, so I guess he always felt over-protective of me. But still, I hated when he did that. When he simply stood there, with this sad, disapproving look on his face.

Who the hell was he to judge me? How dare he. How dare he pass down this pseudo-parent like look upon me as if I were a teenager getting in trouble.

"Not tonight, Charles." I said to him, my eyes getting heavier as I continued to stare at the print in my lap. I didn't hear him move or anything, and my annoyance ticked.

"Do you need something, Charles?" There was a slight sway behind me, him shifting his weight from his left foot to his right probably.

This was when my annoyance peaked. I growled, getting up and raising my voice.

"God dammit Charles, I don't have time for you're an-"

But when I whirled around, it wasn't Charles, it was Brago.

My face heat up a bit and then drained of color, embarrassment and uncertainty flooding within me.

"Oh. It's you, Brago." He nodded small in response to me.

There was something about his red irises tonight. They were…piercing, dangerous, and their gaze hurt. I let my own eye send an icy glare back at him.

"Is there a problem?" His eyes narrowed at me before he spoke up in a monotone.

"No. Dinner is ready." I felt a little stupid, but I nodded to him anyway.

I watched as he began to turn around, but I didn't want him to.

Brago had been acting so angry, so emotionally detached lately and I didn't know why. I don't even know what my mind was thinking, but I quickly made my way over to him as he began to walk away, my hand clasping down on his forearm to keep him here.

"Why are you doing this?" My voice was quiet, probably stricken as well.

"What?" His voice was just a detached as always, and I growled audibly at him, pulling him so he had to face me.

"That! Why are you suddenly so…so distant all of the time?!" My anger had peaked and it was evident. My cheeks felt hot and there was a lump in my throat I didn't have the will to swallow.

"That's why, Sherry. You've become too emotionally attached to me. That's why."

And then he pulled from my grip and walked away, leaving me there with nothing but my thoughts.

We didn't speak for the rest of the night.


How did we get here already.

How did this happen so fast.

Why am I dodging a bolt of lightning and calling out a counter attack.

Why is everything so numb. I don't understand. I don't know what's going on. I don't know how to process any of this.

I don't usually sweat in battles. Sometimes I get hurt. Sometimes I bleed.

But I never sweat like this until now.

Every move was taken in stride, every action measured out carefully. Every step Kiyo and Zatch took I surveyed like a hawk. Every single movement was recorded in my mind and played back for hints of their next attack.



The attacks clashed head first, their opposite nature causing a dim explosion that dulled down fast. I spoke up as Brago joined me at my side, feeling the sweat drip down my neck.

"Come now Kiyo, don't go easy on us." I grinned at him as our own book let off a wicked black glow, my eyes narrowing as he smiled at us.

How could he smile right now? How is it possible to be happy about this at all?

His smile enraged me. It made me grit my teeth in anger, growling beneath my breath as I let out another spell.

"Bidom Gravirei!" The large-scale gravity ripped through Brago's hands, smashing down on all the earth beneath it. I saw Kiyo and Zatch dart to avoid it—when had they gotten so fast?

No matter, because Brago was faster. He was behind Zatch in seconds, sending a violent knee straight into his back. I heard the blonde boy yelp in pain before whirling around and sending a punch straight at Brago's cheek.

"Brago!" I yelled out, my voice in a panic as I lost sight of Kiyo. Brago and Zatch rebounded off each other, kicking up a wave of smoke that enveloped the field like a blanket. I stood still for a minute, not hearing anything.

I let me senses hone in on everything around me. The rustle of the grass. The whisper of the wind. The feeling of a rain drop on my nose.

And then there was another spell.

"Rauzaruk!" A shot of blinding lightning smashed down on Zatch himself, causing the smoke to retreat like a sickly gazelle running from a panther. What kind of spell was this? Why would he hit himself with a bolt of lightning?

Then I figured it out. I saw Brago fling from him and meet eyes with me. I don't know what the panic was that filled me, but I felt more sweat bullet down my neck as I flipped the pages of the book rapidly.

When I found the spell Zatch disappeared and I closed my eyes, feeling the aura of the book explode as I screamed out the next spell.

"Digou Gurabiruku!" There was a midnight-black light that erupted from the ground beneath Brago, the power coursing through him as he disappeared as well, easily matching Zatch's speed.

I couldn't see them. I couldn't hear them. I could only watch as little blurs of colors seemed to dissipate from one another in mid-air.

I couldn't help but shake violently. Dirt, dust and small traces of blood were flying through the atmosphere and my mind began to cave in on itself. My eyes were racing back and forth between nothing, trying to see what was moving too fast for my weak human senses.

I had to get a grip on myself. I began to breathe in and out through my nose, waiting, listening. I could hear them; the small grunts, the tiny whimpers whenever someone was hit. I waited until I could think clearly to look around for Kiyo.

I saw the slightest hint of a red light behind me, and quickly I lunged in the opposite direction. I skid to the side and down onto my knee, seeing Kiyo walk out of the forest where I just was.

He looked like hell, as did I. There was a large scrape running down the side of his face. His shirt was unbuttoned and unraveling with the fight. I looked down at myself now, and was shocked to see my own appearance.

My skirt was torn more than halfway and fell limply down my legs. My shirt was ravaged and broken, my hair matching it as it fell in putrid curls around my shoulders. I could only imagine the black beneath my eyes, matching the ones that Kiyo had.

I guess he really did have something to lose here.

But once more I got lost in my thoughts and only awoke when I heard a crash in front of me. I darted to the side, skidding on my knee once more and drawing blood. When I looked to my right though, Kiyo was right there.

My heart jumped ten feet out of my chest, meeting eyes with him. I could tell that when he went to go for my book that it was slow, not serious. My cane flew up and crashed into his fist, grunting as I pointed the book downwards in my right hand. When he spoke his voice was rough, urgent.

"I can't lose this battle, Sherry…!" I growled at him, applying more force against his fist.

"I won't lose him, Kiyo, I won't!" And then we were both pushed back away from each other. Brago appeared in front of me and Zatch in front of Kiyo. Everything seemed to go silent for a moment, save for the ragged panting of the mamodo.

Brago's left arm was ravaged, and I didn't know why. It hunt limply at his side.

Zatch had a matching wound in his leg, making it difficult for him to stand.

A flicker of hope emerged within me. He could barely move! We could win this now! We could actually win it now!

"Brago! We have to finish it now!" I called out as I ran to the side, Brago lunging in towards Zatch and Kiyo.

Then I heard a spell unfamiliar to myself.

"Maazu Jikerudon!" Zatch launched a large sphere of electricity towards Brago who tried to lunge backwards. It had the same type of feel as one of our own attacks, seeing it have a similar gravitational pull that tried to suck Brago in.

"Not this time! Borutsu Gravirei!"

Our most powerful gravity sphere crashed head first into Zatch's, and there was such a large explosion, the light blinded me and the electricity whipped through the air and into the ground like ribbons.

It was so deafeningly loud I almost missed the next spell called out.

It was Zatch's lightning dragon, I knew this one by heart. Brago appeared in front of me and held out his right hand.

"Sherry!" His voice held such desperation in it, such a weakness that I had never heard—I couldn't hold back the lump in my throat and tears began to storm down my cheeks like a thunder storm.

"Shin Baberuga Gurabidon!"

Our strongest spell, fueled by all the emotions streaming down my face was launched by Brago's right hand. The gravity was so powerful and completely overtook the area of the dragon, the lightning and black lights clashing and screaming in protest of each other.

I reached forward and grabbed Brago's hand, twining our fingers as my eyes shut and my voice hurled itself into the spell.

There was the brightest light I had ever seen—

And then there was nothing.

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