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Enjoy Chapter Nine: [Yet Another] Escape Attempt.

Hikaru buried her face in her hands and groaned. She was still shaken from her dream about Kyoya. Even though it was true that her heart yearned for him, she knew that everything had only been fake, or at least, that's what she thought. She definitely wanted to get things cleared up. That would happen soon.

"Hikaru? Is everything all right?" Alice's voice was soft and slurred from sleep.

"I'm fine," Hikaru lied, turning to meet Alice's gaze. She got to her feet and padded over to the other blader, her hand poised to grab her bet launcher. "I think it's time."

Alice's milky blue eyes widened. "Now?" she asked in surprise. She swallowed, blinking several times when Hikaru nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure." Hikaru had her beyblade launcher in one hand a d Aquario in the other. She glanced up from what she was doing, her smile getting bigger when she clicked Aquario into the launcher.

"If we fail, they'll take our beys for sure," Alice murmured, unconvinced, but she stood up and walked over to Hikaru's side.

"We won't fail," Hikaru told her confidently, waiting patiently for the shy girl to get her bey ready. "Besides, I don't understand why they wouldn't take our beys anyway."

Alice sighed, holding her bey launcher out in front of her. "Three..." she said softly, clearly filled with fear and uncertainty.

"Two." Hikaru narrowed her eyes, her gaze fixed on the strong metal door.


"Let it rip!"

Hikaru pulled the rip cord, her eyes flashing with excitement Aquario touched the ground at the same time Alice's Virgo did, and both beys began to rotate at an unbelievable speed. She savored the rush of the wind, her hair flopping wildly. The wind whistled in her ears as she called out an order to her bey.

"Aquario, go now!"

"Follow it, Virgo!"

The beys tilted forward and headed toward the door, leaving deep gauges in the floor from the performance tips.

"Aquario! Infinite Assault!" It's spread into several illusion beys, speeding toward the metal door with the high wave of water rising up behind them.

"Go Virgo!" Alice's bey charged at Aquario's side.

The beyblades crashed into the door, instantaneously flooding the room in a thick cloud of smoke. Hikaru shielded her face with her arm, surprised by the force of the bey.. She squinted, trying to see the metal door through the smoke. Two big dents were left, a huge accomplishment for such small beyblades.

Alice met her gaze excitedly, but Hikaru knew they couldn't celebrate yet. After all, Aquario was barely keeping its balance, and Virgo was very weak as well.

"Again!" Hikaru shouted, holding her hand out in front of her and clenching it into a tight fist. "Aquario!"

"Virgo!" Alice called out to her bey, following Hikaru's lead.

Once again, the beys clashed fiercely into the cell door, a deep echo filling the room. Both girls covered their ears and squeezed their eyes shut.

"That had to have done it," Alice said, squinting at Hikaru through the smile.

But the door still stood.

"Ugh! No way!" Hikaru gritted her teeth. "Just one more time, Aquario!"

"Go again, Virgo!"

Spinning quickly, the beyblades struck the door once more. The force was strong enough to send Hikaru and Alice back into the wall. The whole room shook again, followed by dreadful echo and crash

The smoke cleared relatively quickly, flooding the once-dark room with a brighter light.

"We did it!" Alice spoke first, racing toward the gaping hole in the wall. "I can't believe it!"

Hikaru smiled, the momentary happiness fading when she saw Aquario broken into pieces beside a smashed Virgo. "Well, that's a way to destroy a beyblade." She bent to pick up the crushed bey and turned to Alice, expecting to see the shy girl distraught by the damage to Virgo.

But Alice shrugged as she took the battered bey in her hand. "Now would be a good time to visit that friend of yours. Madoka, is it?"

"We'll have to get out of here first," the ice-blue haired blader replied, tentatively stepping around the smashed door. "We need to go now, before any guards come to stop us."

"Good point."

Both girls padded cautiously around the mess and into the dimly lot hallway. Hikaru turned to the right.

"This is the way I came from," she said, taking a step forward.

Alice grabbed Hikaru's wrist. "Then that's the way they'll expect you to go. Let's go this way."

Hikaru shook her head. "What if it's a dead end?"

"Dead end or not, it still makes more sense to go this way."

"No, it doesn't-"

"Could you girls quit bickering and get me out of here?" A voice echoed from the next cell; from the sound of it, an anxious boy.

"We don't have time. Come on, Alice." Hikaru started to head down the hallway, but Alice held her back again.

"We should let him out," Alice insisted, her milky blue eyes boring into Hikaru's violet gaze. She lowered her voice. "If we run into any Dark Nebula guards, our beys certainly aren't strong enough to endure a battle. We may need him."

Hikaru narrowed her stormy violet eyes. She had to admit that this shy, dark haired girl had a point. She continued to look at Alice but raised her voice so that the boy could hear her. "What's your name?"

"Shuske Masamori. I would say it's nice to meet you, but I can't because, well, you know." There were two raps on the metal door as he tapped his knuckles against it.

"Yea, yea." Hikaru rolled her eyes even though she knew he couldn't see. "How are we supposed to get him out of there?" she whispered. "We can't blast down the door."

Alice turned to scan the door, her gaze resting on the lock. "See? It doesn't even need a key. "She nodded at the rusty old bolts.

"Really? Why don't you try to open it," Hikaru retorted, sarcasm edging her voice. She crossed her arms.

"Okay. "Alice shrugged, reaching out to grab the top lock. She started to slide it to the right, clearly surprised when it didn't budge. With wide eyes, she looked at Hikaru. "Oh."

"See? They're so rusty, it'll take a miracle to get them open."

"What's taking so long?" Shuske sounded impatient.

"We're working on it," Hikaru snapped back, grasping one bolt with both hands and pulling it right with all her might. Slowly, it started to move with a loud creeeeeeak. "One bolt down," she muttered as it clicked.

"Two more to go." Alice took the next one, pulling it as hard as she could as Hikaru has done, gasping with relief when it gave a little click.

"Alice..." Hikaru stopped the girl before she could take the third and final bolt. "Do you hear that?"

The two slowed their breathing, listening hard. Sure enough, somewhere in the halls, was the echo of slow footsteps. It was impossible to tell which direction they were coming from.

"Hurry!" Hikaru hissed, snatching the bolt and turning it, ignoring how badly it hurt her hands. She could feel blisters forming as she gasped, "How the hell did those other boys do it so easily?"

At last, the bolts were turned. Now, they just had to slide the door open.

"Shuske! Help us!" Hikaru ordered, pulling at the door as hard as she could. And even though all three bladers were gasping and grunting with the effort, the door wasn't budging. And the footsteps were getting closer and closer.

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