Blue is the colour of male innocence. Blue is the colour of the sky, the top of the world. Blue is the colour he wears.

She stands behind the stacks and just looks at him. He's wearing his blue-and-copper tie and she can't help but think it matches his eyes. His eyes are dark blue and she remembers reading in some muggle magazine she stole from Granger that one time that all newborns are born with dark blue eyes to help the mother's maternal instincts kick in. she thinks she has far from maternal instincts and feelings for him.

She imagines pulling him closer by his tie and snogging him senseless. But she's a proper pureblood girl and even though she would give all she has to him, she was taught not to give anything up before marriage.

Her blond hair is falling in her eyes and she pushes the locks away, behind her ear, and continues to stare intently. He's brilliant and he'll probably be the next Head Boy and he's dating Susan Bones and he'd never even look at a Slytherin like HER with anything but disgust.

And she loves him with all her heart. And every night she has to remind herself to put the silencing charms on her bed because she talks in her sleep and it wouldn't go well for the whole of Slytherin to know that she dreams of HIM every night.

After all, Pansy Parkinson and Terry Boot would never be, she knew that. But why would she have to be reminded of that every single day by others, too?

She decides to go out. It's already getting dark and the sky is becoming the shade of his eyes. Dark blue. She'll lay on the grass and fantasize about those eyes looking at her for once.

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