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Maria sat in her room lying there so still that most would think she was dead but she was just thinking about how much she hated her parents and wished they would die, but she could never kill them herself, she was to weak from the beatings they gave her and they burned her with candles by pressing them to her skin and letting the flesh burn. She didn't really care for the candles she had gotten used to the pain yet her room always was lit by candle light. Maria actually loved how the flames glow made her look so beautiful though, she loved how it made her milky white skin seem like the glow of the moon, it also made her wavy Black hair so mysteries looking and it made her Amber eyes glow, it was about the only thing she could think of at that moment because she only had boxes with candles set on them and a cherry wood mirror .She stared at thee reflection of herself sitting on her low, small bed to observe what she looked like at the moment. Maria was wearing a black short sleeve t-shirt and black jogging pants, she stopped thinking about her looks and glanced at the door to see it was ajar so she could slip out and runaway.

The skinny girl walked up the stairs and then Maria with only her Black shirt and pants she was wearing, ran out the door being as quite as she could and then she slowly crawled behind the corner of a wall to see her dad and mom walking into the kitchen and she knew this was her only chance to escape everything she hated so with her heart pounding like mad she darted for the door but Maria was caught before she could open she door and she looked at her father and kicked him in the stomach which made him tumble backwards which let Maria escape through the door and then she ran for maybe an hour then she saw a town was only two miles up ahead, Maybe someone there can help me when I reach Gatlin she thought but as she approached the town she felt herself tense up and she felt someone watching her but she just ran into the town to find it abandoned then she clenched her fists in pure fear as she whipped around to see who had screamed, "Outlander!" she heard the person yell again but she didn't see anyone until Maria saw a red head boy which he looked about a year older than her but she then saw he carried a massive knife butt as Maria turned to run she was already surrounded by three others and she saw that she couldn't run and she screamed and tried to get out anyways as the redhead grabbed her arm in a death grip and dragged her towards the cornfield.

"I'll let Issac deal with you" he grunted and Maria had stopped struggling but as they entered the cornfield and then they came upon a clearing with many others sitting and there was a creepy kid with short black hair and beady little eyes and he also wore weird preacher style clothing and when she saw everyone wielded a weapon except for the preacher guy who she assumed was Issac, then she started struggling only to have another guy grab her arm and drag her to the preacher kid but soon they shoved her on the ground and the red head took his knife and pressed it against her throat asking Issac, "Shall I end her life?" but Issac shook his head. "Do not harm Maria unless she refuses to stay with us Malachai" he said in a weird and creepy voice.

She jumped up and pushed Issac to the ground only to watch many of the others get up and attack her,"How do you know my name!" Maria shouted and she took out her small pocket knife and set it where his heart was, ready to drive it through the little creep.

He shook his head. "He told me" Issac answered and the way he said 'He' was really weird, and who was this he anyway? She wondered then asked, "Who is this He?" she hissed and he only replied. "Our lord Maria, He who walks behind the rows" and as she was about to say something else the pocket knife was thrown from her hand and onto the ground and she was grabbed in Malachai's death grip.

Malachai looked at Issac waiting to see what he said. "She will be put under your watch until we are sure she'll stay so now she has to live with you only for a week though and you may only cause harm to her if she disobeys you" he finished and dismissed us and Malachai led me to his old broken down looking house but it was actually really nice on the inside well for a crazy murderer it was nice but she would only have to endure it for a week.

He threw her on the floor and she grunted and got up and started to annoy him.

"Why do you hate me?" Maria asked but he just sat there and started to doze off and she mumbled, "idiot" and she smiled and started for the door only to be thrown on the floor again but this time she grabbed Malachai's leg and suddenly he screamed loud enough for Issac to come and see what happened.

He looked at Malachai's leg and saw a burn mark were my hand had been but then he grabbed my hand and examined it only to find my milky white hand was fine.

Issac started being creepier as he started talking again, "You are special I see"