Rest in Peace

A fanfic about Chester Stoddart, the jackass that makes you sorry for him in the end. I own nothing.

"There's something I must do first...I'm sorry Elena." Chester said as he dressed himself, freshly recovered from his wounds. He quietly sneaked around the Mayor and the others and stole a boat. He sailed toward Genos Island.


"Adol...Take care of her..." He said as he tearfully watched them on the platform. The platform lifting them up enough only for him to barely make up their figures. "I'm sorry but it seems your unlucky day..." He focused and lifted the sword up activating the device. "Mother...Father...Everyone I hope this can atone for the sins I've committed..." Then everything was white.


He woke up to the pain of his leg completely crushed under some boulders, bleeding uncontrollably. He laid there just breathing heavily, and then he closed his eyes, awaiting his inevitable death and enduring the unimaginable pain in his leg.

He remembered the events of that day. The day their clan died. A tear escaped his eye as he began to sob, recalling everything. Then he suddenly felt lighter and didn't feel the pain in his leg anymore.

"Chester?" Came a feminine voice. He tried to speak but then he couldn't move his body, not an inch of it. "Chester?" Came the voice again and then he opened his eyes.

There was a gentle breeze blowing at him. He was with other people in a field of white flowers and trees with white flowers. They were all happy. They all had the same purple eyes he did. Most of all, they were all smiling at him.

"W-where am I?" He asked them.

"You're home now, boy. And you can rest now, just like the rest of us." Said a man that slightly resembled him.

"...Dad...Mom..." He almost cried tears of joy upon seeing them. Chester held them tightly and they did him. "What about Elena?" He said letting them go.

"She's not with us anymore, but we will see her again. For now she has to take care of herself ." Said Chester's father.

"I-I..." Tears escaped Chester's eyes as he breathed the air and felt the wind. He felt at peace now. He was at peace now. "I have nothing to worry about anymore...Oh...Oh this feels so good...I am...happy..." He cried out tears of joy as he lied down on the flowery field. "Elena...I know you can do it...Keep on living, for me..." He closed his eyes. The feel of the wind against his face and the scent of the flowers in the field made him feel like he could be there forever.

"Rest now love..." Came his mother's voice.

"...Rest...Yes..." He smiled. He felt happy, at peace. A peace unlike anything he ever felt. This was the first time he ever felt happy in a long time. The first time he ever felt such immense happiness and comfort. "I-I...I'm so happy..."

"I feel that now he's truly at peace Adol, Dogi..." said Elena as she laid the flowers at his grave.